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  1. Clear skies to everyone! I'm off to seek better visibility.
  2. Incredible. I never imagined you can photograph ISS in such detail.
  3. So guys, a day to go. What are your plans? Will you watch the eclipse from your backyards, go as far from city lights as possible, search for a high hill or what?
  4. Yes there are adaptors for power supply cables. I bought one to fit it to a wall socket but I understand the ones used in UK are different to the one I use and this is the one I have http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/Netzteil_unbekannten_Typs_01.JPG Just make sure that the one you buy has the right voltage. I bought 220V (from socket) ---> 12V (to controller) and it had a tip-positive connection.
  5. Wednesday's lunar eclipse will be broadcasted live via internet at AstronomyLive. An alternative for those that don't have the opportunity to watch it themselves. AstronomyLive | Broadcast the Sky
  6. Great pictures, even the first black and white image looks really nice. Do you perhaps know what is the tiny galaxy in the lower left corner called? There is another recent topic in the forum by steve2310 with M13 trying to identify that object.
  7. I think I know which one you mean. There seems to be another "puff" which suggests it's a galaxy although there might be even more of them if you really study the picture and find more of them. That'd suggest your picture has more to it than you thought! Unfortunately Stellarium doesn't show anything more in that area. But M13 is well-documented, perhaps someone more advanced in photographing it could identify that. Edit: http://server5.wikisky.org/?img_source=IMG_904343:all&ra=16.717722&de=36.83278&zoom=8&show_box=1&box_ra=16.717722&box_de=36.83278&box_width=12&box_height=12&box_var_size=1 Have a look at this picture: M13 obviously in the center, NGC 6207 the blue-white at the top left and the bright red star lower is also there in your picture. Pointing the mouse left oft the NGC 6207 shows some other objects, maybe the other galaxy is somewhere identified in this Wikisky picture.
  8. If the bolts that hold the finder are long enough you might put a space like this one here to add some more pressure, to tighten things up. A piece of rubber with a hole in the middle should also work tightening the connection.
  9. Very nice picture, congratulations. There also seems to be a galaxy at the bottom left corner of the picture. Looking to Stellarium I would think that is NGC 6207. Have you looked into it trying to identify it?
  10. Very very nice images. You can even see it's not perfectly round, wider than taller.
  11. March 5th is the closest Mars gets to Earth I believe.
  12. Nice picture. Always interested in seeing others' unguided pictures as I've no guiding myself and am keep on starting taking pictures once the skies clear up.
  13. Hi Mel, welcome. Why such a depraved nick, anyway?
  14. That should be shown in scool for children at an earliest possible age where they can be taught what are quarks, electrons, dimensions and galaxies. That's brilliant.
  15. No worries, nice to know you like it.
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