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  1. Hi Rob, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Claire, welcome to SGL
  3. swampy


    Hi Batman, welcome to SGL
  4. swampy

    Hi all :-)

    Hi and welcome to the lounge
  5. swampy

    Hello from Endor

    Hi Andrew and welcome to SGL
  6. swampy

    Hello everyone.

    Hi Nigel, welcome to SGL
  7. Hi Inkpen, welcome to SGL. Sounds like you have got an excellent viewing spot lined up along with a nice scope. Happy viewing
  8. swampy

    Hello all :)

    Hi Mel, welcome to the lounge
  9. Hi Rob, welcome to SGL. My wallet is feeling the pain just anticipating what's going to happen!
  10. swampy


    Hi Dmac, welcome to SGL, plenty of friendly help and advice around here.
  11. Hi Tony, have a look about three sections down from the for sale section banner, between equipment discussion and equipment reviews - it just appeared ..... honestly
  12. Once again - thanks Alan. Now I'm back to square one I intend to carry on sniffing around SGL whilst I save up some funds. I am sure that whatever budget I have (and more) can easily be swallowed up in a couple of mouse clicks. All the advice is worthwhile and keeps the little cell in my head busy
  13. swampy

    Hi Guys!

    Hi Oscar, welcome to SGL
  14. Hi and welcome to a very friendly group (in my relatively short experience)
  15. Thanks Alan, I must admit that I am leaning towards the mak option all things considered, then maybe trade up later on - like yourself. I suppose this will just put the cat back amongst the pigeons for Kaminovs (the OP).
  16. swampy

    Saying Hi...

    Hi Jonjon welcome to the group
  17. I've made it in at last - it's very interesting
  18. I must admit I am having similar issues. If it were just for me I would be going for the biggest newt I could afford. BUT I have got to remember the rest of the family. The children will want a look at some point and I've go to store the thing and if I want to take it on holiday and ... and ... and So I think I'm going to end up with a mak 127 - but then a 180 would be nice (and it starts all over again - I know you get the idea) Looks like it's going to be toilet roll centres all round!!!!
  19. swampy

    Newbie Do

    Hi Scott, welcome to SGL. No shortage of opinions here, and all delivered in a friendly manner.
  20. Cool. thanks for this Stick - some lovely pictures there.
  21. If you want bulk IPA (and acetone - leave my liver out of this) a good place is http://www.biostain-on-ebay.co.uk/ If one is in the Manchester area, personal collection is possible from the trade counter. Super
  22. Thanks - great almost chatting at last. Hope work is not too bad tonight.See you tomorrow.
  23. Man there are some talented people around here - Shibby's creation is wonderful. Nice one, thanks for sharing
  24. I'm with Haitch ... recline with some lemonade and enjoy astronomy unplugged.
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