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Finder for WO 70

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I am looking for a bit of help and advice please.

We have recently bought a WO 70 for imaging and guiding and would like to have the option to use it as our grab n go scope.. Therefore I would like to add a finder. It is also in need of a finder bracket.

Will I need to get a dedicated WO bracket or are there other options a universal fit maybe..? Also if anyone would like to recommend a good little finder that would be welcomed..

Thank you.

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You can get a WO type of finder bracket from Opticstar which will allow you to fit a red dot finder.


If you want to use a 9x50 finder you can get this one from Telescope Service



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There are a couple of Tal 6x30 finders for sale at the moment both on the SGL for sale page


and on AstroBoot


Whilst the included finder bracket is for attaching to Tal's own scopes, the 6X30 white finder is a little gem and would look lovely on your W.O. 72.

This place has a lovely list of finder accessories too....

Robtics | Accessoires

Here's a Tal 6x30 finder, in a W.O. brkt on my Carton 60/1000


All the best, whatever you decide to do.



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You could always buy a Sky-Watcher finder base mount and finderscope and drill new holes in it to match the diagonal holes in the WO OTA - that would be a very cost effective solution.

This is what I did (see gallery) £5.00 as opposed to the £70 which WO wanted.

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