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Walking on the Moon

Wonderfull Mars from Last Night


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HI Everyone,

I managed to get out last night and image Mars 20 hours before opposion and got a cracking view dispite the clouds and poor seeing.

Couldnt resist imaging it of course so here's some images for you rather happy with the results :clouds1:. Would of got more but for those pesky clouds...


I can see dust storms on these image's or at least thats what i think they are..

Here's a pic from September the 17th using the same setup and shows it's increase in size and the image is of the same part of Mars well nearly. I think my imaging got better :clouds1:.



James :clouds1:

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Oh they are fantastic James!!

Damn, I'm jealous! Tonight is a possible, although we are out for dinner, I've everything ready!

It's a bit blowy, but if the clouds keep off, I will be out when I get home

:clouds1: :clouds1:

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Don`t forget guys early tomorrow morning when it`s still dark you know about 12345ish Mars will be making one of its closes or close approch to our sexy planet.It won`t make it this close again for another 13 or 16 years so make sure u are out with your cameras and best equipment,Especially james :clouds1:

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james, those images, i hate you! :-)

I think i observed something like it myself. I did try to make a sketch, then it started to rain. That is another story.

Out at 4am i was last night barely a cloud in the skie and it rains!!!! i mean where in the name of wotsit did that some from.

So much i could have done. Wanted to zap the pieades as well, then perhpas saturn. blumming weather. Don;t you just wish you had a giant fan to blow all that away!


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Great set of images James. I was hoping to get out there myself tonight (cloud central down here :clouds1:). Maybe tomorrow. I still have the sc1 and hope to bag a shot with the 127 mak!!


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