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Some ideas?

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Evening all...

I would be grateful if anyone can suggest any interesting things to look at with a 5" Newtonian in the vicinity of Arcturus/Saturn.

I've got Turn Left at Orion, but am still struggling to find stuff. However, I do have a great view of the above stated region from my back garden at the moment.

I'm really struggling to star-hop but hope to get there. I was actually chuffed when I saw the double star in the plough through my eyepiece, even though you can see it with the naked eye. It meant I managed to find something other than Saturn. LOL

Any ideas folks?




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Cheers for that.

I have a 25mm a 6mm and a 2x barlow. Like I point, I'm a proper newbie. Which of do you think the 6 or the 25 with the barlow would be best?

Thanking you muchly in my ignorance.


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that is fantastic - thank you so much...

Unfortunately though it's gonna have to wait.

My beautiful pregnant wife has had to go to the emergency doctors...and me, like the idiot i am has had too much to drink and cant drive her...may end in hosp...gonna be long night. I'm such a n$b.

thanks again though..


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