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  1. Apologies for typos. Joys of iPhones and being manic.
  2. The clouds have come in good and proper now. Levying me with a scope up in garden looking daft. It was definitely. North. Probably nort north east in the vicinity of where rastaban would be if it was now dark. Gutted it didn't Dawn on me to grab scope For the ten mins I was gawping at it.
  3. I thought it was an aircraft at first there are Liverpool and Manchester airports and I quite often see planes on various approach angles and various heights etc so I'm quite sure it wasn't. It also appeared to be stationary. At least three planes went past. Could well have been bit it was so so strange the way it appeared to split into two at times. Scope is now set up and I'm just waiting for this cloud to vanish to see if it reappears and I can get a visual on it. Strangest thing I've ever seen. Like a double star in the middle of the day.
  4. Got scope out but a clouds moved over. Typical. Time to sit tight and see if it pops out. Was visible for about ten mins and as soon as I grab scope. Gone. Arrrggghhhh
  5. I don't think it is. Gonna get my scope on it if I can.
  6. Hi folks. Can anyone help me identify the bright light- sometimes appearing as two that is hanging in the north of the sky at the moment in the Liverpool area? It's very odd. Not moving and about the size of a star, sometimes splitting into two. Any ideas? Paul.
  7. It certainly sounds like a satellite. Perhaps it was a bit of space junk burning up in the atmosphere. Then again, perhaps it was a meteor. It was in perseus and it's the right time of year - almost. I'm not sure if stellarium shows all satellites to be honest. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will pop along shortly but they are my guesses. Paul
  8. You're both right. Was made up with it. The moons made it look amazing. Even if it was a little odd to be observing on the fly at the roadside, it was great. I was hoping To have a look last night from my garden but the clouds rolled in at one hell of a pace.
  9. Just got in from my local astro society meet up this evening. I took my 9 year old son with me for the first time. We had a great night looking at messier objects, satellites, shooting stars etc but went home gutted that Jupiter wasn't up far enough to see yet. Anyway on the ten minute drive home I spotted Jupiter low in the sky. I set up my scope at the side of the road, with quite bad light pollution from the streetlights and honed in on Jupiter. It's the first time I've ever seen it but wow. I could make out some colour bands and 4 or 5 moons through a 25mm eyepiece. My son was made up too. Well worth a roadside stop at 12.30am. We got to see it tonight and I am made up. Yay Have a nice night folks. :-)
  10. just the very mention of Hoagland's name is enough to make any sane person run a mile... Only out for himself, publicity and money that man - been know to steal a lot of other people's ideas too. Some crazy conspiracy theories have foundation. Anything with Hoagland's name attached to it - ignore it.
  11. PNB


    M13 is actually my target for tonight. I've never seen it, so if it stays clear I'm gonna hunt it out. That followed by the ET cluster. Will probably just end up looking at Albireo as usual though. :-) Paul
  12. Ditto up in the northwest. Scope is cooling, I'm drinking, gradually getting darker. Hoping for a nice night.
  13. PNB


    Sounds very interesting...will now have to focus my mind on disappating these clouds then. Cheers, Moonshane.
  14. PNB


    Well it certainly won't be me. I spent all day thinking that I'd get out in the garden tonight and now there just seems to be hazy cloud. A part of me is hoping it will shift...:-(
  15. You are addicted to buying new toys. I'm bitterly jealous. Spending is fun though. Especially when it's for shiny new things. Spend away. It makes the world a happier place. Now join with me in trying to disintegrate the clouds with the power of the mind...
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