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  1. You state the obvious. The sigma lens has its own tripod mount. Yes, I would mount the lens and not the camera on the tripod / tracking mount. In much the same way as with using a telescope.
  2. Hi everyone, I need a solid recommendation for a tracking mount that c as n handle the weight of a Nikon Z7 with Sigma 150-600 sport. Total weight 7.5lb or 3.5kg.
  3. Thanks guys for your help. I have found a Nikon Z7 adapter, I just need a T2. The camera is a Nikon Z7. I am able to mount standard eye-pieces also to the telescope. I have attached a photo if that helps. Thank you .
  4. The camera is a Nikon Z7. I am able to mount standard eye-pieces also to the telescope. I have attached a photo if that helps. Thank you .
  5. Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I posted anything here. Does any one know the best way to connect a digital camera to a Zeiss Telementor 2. I have this great telescope and a great camera but I really need some guidance with how to connect the two together. All help and advice gratefully accepted. THANKS
  6. Good Morning, Last night I decided to get myself off the sofa and collect moon images for stacking. It was around 01:00 and the Moon was 3 hours after moon - rise. The viability was OK. Not perfect but I wanted data. Nikon d7200, Sigma 150-600mm Sport +1.4TC gave me a focal length of 1260mm. I was limited to f/9 160sec ISO 1OO. I know that the lens is at its sharpest at f/11 but the image seemed too dark at this aperture. I took around 100 exposures and used Asrostakkert for stacking. The image posted here is optimised for web viewing at a reduced resolution. Ple
  7. Hi Rich, I appreciate your advice. I couldn't find John Foster on the forums. Could you please send me a link to his work? Thanks again, Ben
  8. Thanks for the advice, I was using a tripod and at base ISO 100...I think I need to work on my post-processing skills. Any more advice on how to reduce noise would be most welcome though.
  9. Well done, I also recently purchased the Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens and I agree with you about the weight. I definitely recommend using a sturdy tripod though. I have just posted my first attempt at lunar photography. It is certainly addictive. Ben
  10. Good Day to you all, I just wanted to share my first real attempt at photographing the Moon. This image is the result of a stack of 50 or so photos processed using Registax. I used my Nikon dslr and a telephoto lens. I would gladly welcome your critique. The image has been optimized for web, the original was over 60mb in size. Thank you Ben
  11. I thank you for your advice. I do not know when I will attempt the dis-assembly again. Soon I hope (best intentions). I will let you know how I get on. Many, many thanks!! Ben
  12. The retaining ring has two notches either side. Do I need any special tool for undoing it?
  13. Thanks!! I observed the transit from Israel, usually very hot but skies are almost always clear.
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