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  1. Good Morning, Last night I decided to get myself off the sofa and collect moon images for stacking. It was around 01:00 and the Moon was 3 hours after moon - rise. The viability was OK. Not perfect but I wanted data. Nikon d7200, Sigma 150-600mm Sport +1.4TC gave me a focal length of 1260mm. I was limited to f/9 160sec ISO 1OO. I know that the lens is at its sharpest at f/11 but the image seemed too dark at this aperture. I took around 100 exposures and used Asrostakkert for stacking. The image posted here is optimised for web viewing at a reduced resolution. Please let me know what you think ?
  2. Hi Rich, I appreciate your advice. I couldn't find John Foster on the forums. Could you please send me a link to his work? Thanks again, Ben
  3. Thanks for the advice, I was using a tripod and at base ISO 100...I think I need to work on my post-processing skills. Any more advice on how to reduce noise would be most welcome though.
  4. Well done, I also recently purchased the Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens and I agree with you about the weight. I definitely recommend using a sturdy tripod though. I have just posted my first attempt at lunar photography. It is certainly addictive. Ben
  5. Good Day to you all, I just wanted to share my first real attempt at photographing the Moon. This image is the result of a stack of 50 or so photos processed using Registax. I used my Nikon dslr and a telephoto lens. I would gladly welcome your critique. The image has been optimized for web, the original was over 60mb in size. Thank you Ben
  6. I thank you for your advice. I do not know when I will attempt the dis-assembly again. Soon I hope (best intentions). I will let you know how I get on. Many, many thanks!! Ben
  7. The retaining ring has two notches either side. Do I need any special tool for undoing it?
  8. Thanks!! I observed the transit from Israel, usually very hot but skies are almost always clear.
  9. Hi Everyone Captured via projection onto semi-gloss paper. You can see a bit of reflection on one of the photos as well as distortion from the paper not being completely straight. I put this post on the observing forum but I think it is better here. Enjoy!!
  10. Hi Everyone, I managed to capture the transit of Venus this morning though my Zeiss Telementor. It was magnificent to behold. The distortion is caused by the projection board being hand held and not completely straight. One of the photos has a slight reflection due to the glossy nature of the board. Enjoy the photos!!
  11. first image is with DSLR 150mm lens. Second image is photo of solar projection through telementor refractor. Enjoy........I did.
  12. Wow, Sheri......I have never seen the sun that way before. I know I have a lot to learn in the field of solar imaging and what you do is way more advanced than I intend to get. Keep up the inspiring work !! BeeJay:)
  13. :)Hi Everyone, I took another solar projection photo today using the same technique as my previous post. I have post processed it by adding colour and tweaking the contrast a little. I am getting quite addicted!! Clear skies Beejay
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