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  1. Hi.and welcome from another cambridgeshire man.hope you enjoy
  2. This is how a 200p look.and no issues with stability or tracking. Alt /az is so much better.
  3. I made mine from a yoga mat.best £2:00 i spent.
  4. Not much more than a std 200p. Im 62 and I manage it easily.
  5. If your wanting pictures then the 200p is not what you need .
  6. Conservertory always. (Well unless I'm using it).
  7. I use bst eyepieces. I like them Alot. Got a case full of them. I changed my skywatcher finderscope for the ts optics 10 x60 raci finderscope so i can use all my eyepieces in it.which was one reasons for changing .I'm ready to go tnite so it's on patio ready
  8. Nice down there.I'm in cambridgeshire. Out in the middle of nowhere. Very flat with some good veiws at times.how is it down there.
  9. Actually it's a massive improvement over the std dob.it's stable. I can track with it.the controls take all of 5mins to get used to.to honest I'd never go back to nudging for want of a better word.It sits on top of a water butt base when in use.which brings the finderscope up perfectly with my eye.it really is a joy to use.have got a dob yourself? .what part of the country you from.
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