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  1. Beginner Scope

    Another vote for the 8"dobsonion. A fabulous scope.will show you some fantastic views.and simple to use.IMHO.
  2. Slowmotion control

    They slide past each other. Hope this helps.I too cannot find the YouTube video now.it is a simple idea .and not to difficult to make.I did put pics up about how I made the slow motion controls in diy astronamy section whilst.I was making it.
  3. Slowmotion control

    I will try to explain. The wooden center section has 2 separate holes.which the 2 metal rods go into.the lower rod is a plain rod.and is used for large adjustments with a locking knob.the upper rod is threaded.with a handwheel for fine adjustments.this a basic explanation. Hope it help you understand.
  4. Slowmotion control

    I can't upload a video to this site for some reason.much to my annoyance.but it works very well indeed.
  5. Slowmotion control

    Just thought I'd add the latest upgrades.easy to spot.
  6. Show Us Your Dob.....

    Nice.put lots of pics up.
  7. Show Us Your Dob.....

    Unable to upload video. So heres a picture.
  8. Show Us Your Dob.....

    It's a 200p skyliner. And a work in progress.much more to do to it.thanks.I like the 200p. It's easy to manage.and very capable of great viewing.it will be my one and only scope.have no plans to go bigger.but I do like to look at some of these huge dobsonion scopes.
  9. Show Us Your Dob.....

    Like this.I've had no issues with collomation.works really.
  10. Show Us Your Dob.....

    It lives in the conservatory.
  11. Show Us Your Dob.....

    My modified 200p skyliner.will do video later today and put it on .ok.thanks.
  12. Show Us Your Dob.....

    My modified 200p skyliner.
  13. Accesoires for SW Skyliner 200P

    Well done and an excellent choice of scope.it will do everything you want and more.it will last you a lifetime. One of the best alround scopes on the market.enjoy.
  14. Slowmotion control

    It has no issues .very smooth and very fine adjustments. So much better than nudging .it very easy to build.compared to the commercially available setup.
  15. First night with new 8" dob

    Congratulations on getting a great scope.you'll enjoy it for years.