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  1. fiestazetecmk2


    Yeah I've got an st80 brilliant scope.nice grab and go scope.
  2. fiestazetecmk2

    Stock eyepiece vs BST

    I have bst eyepieces. And are very good performers.unless you want to take out a second mortgage to buy top end eyepieces. Bst are worth every penny.IMHO.
  3. fiestazetecmk2

    Best telescope Under £450 for DS0s?

    Dobsonian. 200p .is a fabulous choice. Will do most things.and at a reasonable cost.IMHO.
  4. fiestazetecmk2

    skywatcher autofocus screw

    Hi.can you bea bit more specific what length bolt as I may gave some spare ones but unsure which you need.ok
  5. fiestazetecmk2

    Zlomotion dobsonion

    Hi.the zlomotion video is back on you tube.check it out if your interested.
  6. 200p dob.as said may be all you'l ever need. IMHO.
  7. fiestazetecmk2


    Another vote for the 8"dobsonion. As said does most thing really good.and may last a lifetime.
  8. fiestazetecmk2

    The next step from 200p dobsonian

    Unless you'e got lots of money a 8" dobsonion takes some beating.by all means have a look at the larger dobs.if your taking it out and about then they do take up more room in your car.my ten pence worth.
  9. fiestazetecmk2

    Time for a mirror recoat?

    Hi.Orionoptics can do a what they call Hilux coating for the mirror.it' not cheap but it improves the mirror.I'd try cleaning first .if your not happy with the end result then have it recoated.have both of then done at the same time.
  10. 200p.will get you some wonderful views.and could be all you'll ever need.but go to the shop and see what dobsonions are all about.hope you get sorted out soon.try before you buy.make sure your able to lift it and fit it in your car if your going to be moble .I'd never change from my dobsonion. Merry Xmas.
  11. fiestazetecmk2

    Viewing in 8" vs 10" dob?

    A good question. Myself I chose the 8" .as I'm getting on in years. And portability. I'M sure either will last you lifetime .and give you some excellent veiws.if you can find a used 8"/10 "dobsonion in good condition then that will help with your budget. Enjoy it they are both great scopes.and in all honesty you'l need to spend a fortune to out perform it.IMHO.
  12. fiestazetecmk2

    Eye Pieces you would like to try out

    Just like more clear skies at the moment.but I'm happy with my bst eyepieces. Very good value for the money.IMHO.
  13. fiestazetecmk2

    Beginner Scope

    Another vote for the 8"dobsonion. A fabulous scope.will show you some fantastic views.and simple to use.IMHO.
  14. fiestazetecmk2

    Slowmotion control

    They slide past each other. Hope this helps.I too cannot find the YouTube video now.it is a simple idea .and not to difficult to make.I did put pics up about how I made the slow motion controls in diy astronamy section whilst.I was making it.
  15. fiestazetecmk2

    Slowmotion control

    I will try to explain. The wooden center section has 2 separate holes.which the 2 metal rods go into.the lower rod is a plain rod.and is used for large adjustments with a locking knob.the upper rod is threaded.with a handwheel for fine adjustments.this a basic explanation. Hope it help you understand.

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