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  1. Hi.Yes 3d printed.was bought from this site.on June 5 2019. Vicky050373 Selling as not needed now.yes it's stable.
  2. I'd also 200p.fabulous value for money.great veiws .
  3. 200p skyliner. Jack of all trades.light.easy to carry.great veiws.nuff said.
  4. I agree not everyone wants (or needs)a goto setup.I enjoy my 200p skyliner. Worth every penny.IMHO.
  5. If non goto Dobsonions are (as you stated unusable) then why are they so popular with first time buyers and experienced astronamers. .????.
  6. Another vote for 200p skyliner. I may be biased it will give fabulous views .simple to set and use.well worth considering. Budget or not.you'll need deep pockets to get much better.enjoy the sky with whatever you decide to buy.
  7. Nice scope to infinity and beyond.haha. Should get some good views with that.
  8. Hi.I have a modified skywatcher 200p skyliner. And I don't have balencing issues. As you can see from picture.I used 2bungie ropes (1 either side) to keep tension on the alt adjustments either up or down.very simple and works very well.could possibly be used on a flexi-tube.
  9. I use a 10x60 ts optics raci and love it so versatile .
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