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  1. Hi.has anyone fitted a skywatcher 80st to the skywatcher dobsonion skyliner use as finderscope Many thanks.
  2. Want a skywatcher st80 mm.must be right angle model.. Need it to use on my dobsonion 200p skyliner.many thanks.I only require the eyepieces tripod .or accesores. THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER NEEDED.
  3. I'm sure my slow motion controls will handle the extra weight.but as unsure of the mount.
  4. Hi .I'm thinking of changing my finderscope on my 200p skyliner. Is it possible to fit a skywatcher st80.any information would be helpful to me.
  5. This is a massive improvement over a std dobsonion. Tracking is so easy and smooth.fine adjustments at your finger tips.I wouldn't want to use it without the slow motion now.I just wonder why skywatcher don't offer a retrofit kit for all dobsonion a reasonable price.
  6. Parts were from my garage .and the local woodyard. You can still turn it like you can normally. You can slew it in any direction. You can track so much better than nudging. There is a kit available from the states it's around £300.if you look on you tube type in zummel zlomotion there is a full demonstration.
  7. No.I made them.but there is a kit available for then in the USA.I think about 299 dolars. It cost me £55:00. To make makes the scope much easier to control in az ans alt.I really enjoy using it.the fine adjustments are so smooth.well worth it in every way.
  8. No had it at xmas 2016.been modding it.with slow motion controls.ect.
  9. 200p skyliner.
  10. Looks interesting.can't wait to see finished sundial.keep up the good work.
  11. Got my revelation self centering adaptor fitted up.well worth the cost.makes changing eyepieces much easier than a screw which marks.anyone else done this.
  12. Yes you can still move the scope in any direction. The controls allow you track objects much better than trying to nudge in alt/az. wouldn't be without it .if you get chance to try slow motion then do. I'm sure you would enjoy using it.very simple idea and very easy to build.just transforms the dob.there is a commercial slow motion available it's made in America for around £300.I wasnt prepared to pay out that much as it cost more than the scope ??.so i built my cost me around £55:00 and that was doing it all myself.I know I wouldn't want to use my dobsonion without the controls.and it will last a lifetime and without any electronics breaking down.this is manual power steering for your dobsonion.
  13. Indeed it is .money well spent.congratulations
  14. Hi.just thought I'd put this I suffer with with kneck ache and backache during long session I would think most dob users do .mus put a shout out for neil English for this .so thought I'd try and stop it.with this.hope you like it.i do so much more comfortable.
  15. The only way to judge is to try one..all this is subjective as conditions do change through the night.we all see differently anyway. Think I will stick with fixed focal.yes zoom has its place in astronamy.but not in my eyepiece case.we all strive to improve on what we have.but I sometimes think we loose the reason why we got into this astronamy in the first place .and to enjoy what's up there instead of wanting better all the time.enjoy your scope and the views.that's why you bought it.isn't it.???.