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  1. Getting is a picture .but it's by know means finished yet.still got Alot to do.but I'm happy so far.
  2. Well done for building your own without any plans to look at.the sense of achievement must be great.keep going you owe it to yourself to complete this dobsonian I'd be very proud to build my own.😆
  3. Great work.I like to see passion in life an you have plenty of that with your dob.I'm already jealous that you have built your own.keep up the good work.
  4. The wheel will be in the most comfortable position for me.should be fairly central I thinks.I'm hoping to make the whole thing removable so it can be put back to how it was originally.
  5. I will try and make very smooth to wheel will be central .
  6. I won't say the same but similar.😆to the commercial one.
  7. Yup.certainly is.
  8. Just getting my ideas down for making my dobsonion alt adjustment set-up on paper.will start work on it this space.will have wheel central between 2 stainless rods 1 will be threaded.and 1 plain.set in a block .both ends rose jointed for smooth movement Should be simple really.
  9. More pics
  10. My idea was similar but having the adjuster central with a knob to turn .and using rose joints at either end for smooth movement when adjusting.but I suppose it all adds cost.
  11. Thanks it's so smooth to turn.easy for tracking.and it will rotate easy without using wheel.also can be removed completely and put back to how it was originally. Parts I used.:aluminium plate 4mm thick which are fitted to original bolts .slots cut into it for tension of belt.the belt is a gates 6pk1708 mm serpentine belt.pulley at base is an alternator 6 groove. 4 penny washers fitted to the bottom baseboard to stop belt rolling off.stainless steel bar.a black 100mm diameter wheel. black guttering with an end cap on it.2 nylon blocks fitted to aluminium plate with holes in to allow rod to be adjusted for hieght of pulley so it's in line with Base board. .that's about it. £30:00 well really is a joy to use .handwheel is so responsive excellent for tracking .so much better than trying to nudge.I'm thinking of doing the more watch this space.
  12. I got my idea from watching a you tube video of the zlomotion that's made in the states and costs about 400 dolavs. I think so far mine has cost me £30.00.but I've nearly finished. So no more cost.I runs very smooth.
  13. Hi.I've been busy making my slow motion control for my dob.just wondered if anyone has done the same.I'm very pleased with the result.will put picture up soon .