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  1. The only way to judge is to try one..all this is subjective as conditions do change through the night.we all see differently anyway. Think I will stick with fixed focal.yes zoom has its place in astronamy.but not in my eyepiece case.we all strive to improve on what we have.but I sometimes think we loose the reason why we got into this astronamy in the first place .and to enjoy what's up there instead of wanting better all the time.enjoy your scope and the views.that's why you bought it.isn't it.???.
  2. Looks very nice.I must admit I did contemplate buying this.but I chose to buy fixed focal. How does it measure up against it really that good.l want to hate it but the more I read I'm trying to keep my wallet hidden.arggghhhh
  3. Hi.are there any watchers near wisbech/kings Lynn /peterborugh/.
  4. Hi.I'm also cambridgeshire based welcome to the dark side of life.
  5. Nice work.very neat.where did you get the setting circle from.???
  6. Well I've decided to buy a set of bst eyepieces. Which are.8mm 12mm 18mm.will add more soon .thanks for comments replys.will be selling my supplied skywatcher ones if anyone is interested.
  7. Thanks for all the replys.going to give this some thought.I want to make the correct choice of eyepieces. As I will only do this once.
  8. I'm not sure abut a zoom.are they as good as a fixed .has anyone compared zoom v fixed focal .
  9. Hi.looking to replace my supplied eyepieces .can you recomended an improvement .I heard bst are a worthwhile upgrade.will these stand me in good stead for many years .I'm thinking 8mm.18mm.25mm.32mm.
  10. OK. Thanks for replys.will order one tmrw.looking forward to using it.
  11. Hi.I was thinking of buying one of the above.but what my issue is are they fitted into the 2"part of the focuser using the screws .I get that you rotate the part to lock the eyepieces. so how do you know it's central.???.
  12. This is now great very smooth .I'm very pleased with it.makes a world if difference to the scope .😆.I will be road testing for 25 years now.hope you like it.leave a comment if you wish.
  13. This is now finished .
  14. Well it's finished.I'm happy with it.easy to use.and totally removable.makes a world of difference to the scope.It has cost me £ do alt/az.and that's a bargin.just got to do 25 years of road testing now.😆
  15. Getting is a picture .but it's by know means finished yet.still got Alot to do.but I'm happy so far.