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  1. Unused Altair Astro Mini Guider with Autoguider Webcam focuser, tube rings, Multi purpose base. £95.00 inc P&P
  2. Altair Astro 60 Mini Guider with web cam focuser, tube rings and multi purpose base...…..unused, £90.00
  3. Altair GP-camera ARO130M mono camera....... unused £95.00 Altair Astro 60 Mini guider with auto guider web cam focuser, tube rings & multi purpose base..... unused £95.00
  4. 1) Altair GP-Cam ARO130M mono camera …………..Never used £95 2) Altair Astro 60 Mini Guider with Autoguider webcam focuser, tube rings and multi purpose base ………………...never used £95 3) Dew Tape for Autoguider………….never used £10SOLD
  5. I agree completely, I wish I could get a darker background but I always seem to suffer with a ‘grey / Black ‘ background!?
  6. I imaged this last night. It was 30 x 30 second Lights, plus Darks and Bias. It was unguided so I’m quite pleased with the result.
  7. Now Xmas/New year out of the way; I`m keen to get this `cigar lighter` problem sorted. I am highlighting my ignorance here but I'm still not totally sure how and where to fit in the XLR connectors/Aviation plugs. At the moment I have a Leisure battery; to this via crocodile clips I attach a double `Cigar lighter` (for Mount & Dew heater) . The Cigar lighter connectors from the Skywatcher mount and dew heater that push into the double adaptor are of course `fused`; does the Skywatcher plug and the double cigar adaptor from the battery all get discarded and simply replaced with a 2-pin xlr type connector (where does a fuse now go)? How do I then connect to the dew heater? I'm sure this is all very obvious to most but I don't want to make an error and cause a further problem.
  8. What device/s do you recommend as an alternative, as I do use the cigarette lighter type quite a lot!
  9. I still haven't mastered getting rid of the little squiggly hot pixel streaks in my images, but this was done the other night; 20 x 30 secs + 15 Darks & 15 Lights., unguided. At first I was disappointed a little with the result, but I think it`s growing on me now. Ideally it wants cropping, but then of course I`d loose some vital components! It`s still a bit of steep learning curve, but good fun.
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