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  1. Decent mount/GOTO/ keep below f10/ try for az/eq type mount, az easier to get you going, then you can always switch the mount to EQ when familiar with it. One Shot Colour Camera, Bhatinov Mask for focus, power supply. And be prepared for frustrating clouds most of the year & a Moon lighting the sky up
  2. I had issues with this software when Win 10 updates downloaded. ( did with my previous Atik Infinity) I have a laptop that I now use solely for asi studio and turn the internet wife connection off permanent. As for new releases, I haven't seen one yet worth downloading for the difference it makes. (I am using version I have found the software reletively easy to use after some trial n error, ZWO promised a User Manual/Insructions but nothing as yet. Their Forum is hardly replied to if you have a an issue, regards
  3. IC5070 The Pelican Nebula H11 Region Alt/Az Skywatcher GT5 Skywatcher 80mm + Optolong L-eNhance filter ZWO ASI533 OSC Taken 30sec subs 60min 70% Moon Bortle 6/7 sky Target W/NW Curves & Levels in PSC2
  4. Taken last night from Bortle 6/7 backyard with approx 79% Moon out Skywatcher Az/Eq 5 Mount Skywatcher espirit 80mm ZWO 533 OSC ( cooling fan off) Optolong L-eNhance 2" Filter 2 Star align (1st Star Deneb 2nd Star Dubhe) Focus with Bhatinov Mask Sent the Mount to target ZWO ASI Image Software 30 sec Subs approx 1 hour total ( LIGHT FRAMES ONLY) (Target good position in sky so Minimum as is possible Field Rotation) DSS, Levels & Curves in PSCS2
  5. I have installed it PSCS2 on 2 PC'S no issue PI is good I tried the trial version, but, very expensive for me to buy.
  6. I have the Optolong L-Enhance 2", works fine to counter LP in my Bortle 7 skies and is excellent on most Nebula. I dont think there is a filter specifically for Galaxies, stand being corrected on that one but I havent found one as yet.
  7. If screeching it is a Barn Owl, I have one makes me jump when out in the dark, Tawny do the Twit twoo thing lol, I have one of those occasionally fly past also. eric
  8. Weather has been worse in the NW UK for at least 5yr now. eric
  9. Andy, As I have previously mentioned, the choice of Kit especially Camera for Astro is very, very Subjective, you choose what is right for you, and of course it is worth reading up on differing brands & assosciated cameras to assist you in decision making, however, at the end of the day its your choice and no one else. Eric
  10. Previous equipment was Celestron Evolution 9.25 with 6.3 FR, Atik Infinity OSC, as mentioned best quality images are gained on EQ mounts with guiding etc, I find Alt/Az suits my purpose of imaging DSO's , my intention was when I started to out to build a library of captured images, most of my early ones are very grainy with noise etc, they are now improving to a standard that I am personally happy with, If you are happy with your images thats all that matters, some really good advice on SG & Cloudy Nights, but, I have to say the question of equipment is very Subjective, what works f
  11. Back yard Bortle 7 sky, Soul Nebula 120 x 20 sec subs, Lights only, ZWO 533 pro has no Amp Glow which helps, SW Az/Eq in Alt Az mode, SW 80mm Espirit, Optolong L-eNhance filter, Cropped to cut out some Field Rotation, Stretch & Curves only in GIMP. Tip: Crop before any processing
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