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  1. Our neighbour yesterday put up two of these at the side her house. So far they have been permanently switched on. The photo was taken at 4pm. It's bright. Luckily it doesn't affect me as the view here is quite restricted. What i don't understand is that she only lives in the house 2 days a week and disappears elsewhere. Why does she think it is a deterrent? No one is in the house. It's actually quite helpful for any would be chancer - light the way, come on in. The saying 'thick as mince' comes to mind.
  2. Cheers for that @HollyHound. Finally managed to give it a go and unfortunately those settings didn't work. Managed to connect though. Would really help i actually connected to the WiFi on the mount first! I really need to start making a list to remind me of steps needed when setting up. Lately i just about remember to take the scope cap off. Settings screenshot attached for anyone else if needed.
  3. Thanks. Yes much easier than i expected. It's even kept me out of the pub this weekend. Thank you
  4. Finally moved from a manual alt-az mount to an EQ GoTo. Quite pleased with this. Image is around 25% of the original size.
  5. Hi @SteveNickolls. Please do add comments around the GEM28. More than happy to change the title. Both use the same software and hand controller (i think) and no doubt additional comments will be appreciated by owners. I nearly purchased the GEM28. Read the reviews, watched the videos. However, i wanted the 1.75 tripod and this was only in stock with the CEM26. My patience is non existent which i now have what i have. Luckily i've used to use the mount the past 2 nights and very pleased, in fact delighted. Finally managed to image the moon using a barlow and to my eyes starting to see some improvements over my previous efforts. Probably being extra careful during setting up and take down, but repetition will soon set in to the speed this up. I think i've overcome the communications failure. I swapped the cable and so far the issue has not reoccured. I can live without SkySafari if needs be thanks for the comments around this.
  6. Hi @geeklee It does seem that some slight tweaks have been made to the saddle and counterweight. I read some comments around these on CN and good to see that iOptron seem to listen and adapt. Just checked the manuals and the quick start guide shows the amends while the manual still shows the version with the saddle knob. Happy to hear you seem to be getting on with the mount. Thanks for the comments around the the cable issue and the polar alignment. i agree with the controller. I think i'll add some padding somehow to it to make it a little more substantial and just in case i drop it.
  7. May as well create a thread for the CEM26. No doubt i'll have many more questions to ask in addition to the two below. Hopefully other owners chip in with any tips, thoughts, opinions. I used to have an AZ-GTI which was fantastic however needed something that would hold around 6KG so so opted for the CEM26 (up to 11.8KG) my first EQ mount. Some users (not on SGL) have commented on the CEM26 and backlash issues. Reading further it's seems to be a simple fix of tightening a couple of grub screws. The Facebook group has a slightly different perspective and seems to have quite a few positive reviews and tips. So added to the basket and purchased. To the mount itself. Looks solid. Good quality materials used, nice look and feel. Very quiet in operation. Nice touch on the tripod to have vibration pads included. I will upgrade the saddle to the ADM version just for the added security and it would have been nice to have a holder included for the hand controller. At the moment using some hook and loop velcro. Luckily FLO sell a bracket. My inexperience so not a criticism of the hand controller. It took a little getting used to owing to the 80s Casio screen - but finding my way around. Humped it up three flights of stairs to the attic where my computer is to update the firmware and do some rough testing. The mount head may be classed as light at 4.5kg but after then bringing up the mount, the accessories and tripod i needed a breather. I think next time i'll bring the computer downstairs. Setup was pretty painless. The most time taken was re-learning how to use a PC to update the software (shudder) owing to me being a mac user. Upgraded the firmware 1st attempt Installed the iPolar software (it works but never polar aligned, shall try when a clear night arrives) Connected to the ASIAIR Plus 1st attempt. Just plug in the cable from the handset to a ASIAIR USB port. Works great no more pointing to the ground when selecting send to home etc. Balancing a 460mm scope was a cinch, the StellaMira a little more tricky - RA fine just the DEC, maybe a couple of minutes but think that's due to my inexperience. So far very pleased with the mount and initial worries using an EQ are unfounded. Let's see if its still the case when used in the wild. And onto my questions - I cannot connect to SkySafari pro. Has anyone done this? I've tried both iOptron CEM/iEQ and CEM120 as suggested on the SkySafari forum however no luck. Twice when switching on the mount the Hand Controller has shown the error 'communication failure'. If i unplug and plug back in all ok. Just wondering if this has happened to others? Obligatory photos. Looking a little dark. I may have to add some colour. Cheers
  8. @callisto That's good to know. Read quite a few reviews mostly (from another forum but by Jove it's hard work). Sure it be be fine and the amateur in me will get by.
  9. Thanks @HollyHound I didn't know that. I have the app so shall give it a go. 1 question ticked off. Several dozen more upcoming in the other channels soon for you helpful lot to answer.
  10. Thank you. It feels solid. Would like to upgrade the saddle when back in stock but pleased. Really Don't get the controller (hopefully in time) like a throwback to the 80s. Classic Casio feeling.
  11. Got the idea from you from a post you added that I can no longer find. Cheers.
  12. A new toy. I had the AZ-GTI and really enjoyed it but needed something which could hold slightly more payload. So a iOptron CEM26 mount and an orange box for the electrics to help with my health and safety when outside. Now on the hunt for a cr2032 battery for the controller.
  13. A Buckeyestargazer ASIAir Pro/Plus Tripod leg bracket and a Lynx Astro cable for the AZ-GTI both from FLO.
  14. Just like when you point out a shape in the clouds to the kids. Googled it and learnt a new word Pareidolia.
  15. I also thought that too when processing some mediocre images from last night. Something like this a la Cave painting style @ScouseSpaceCadet? Or was the ball elsewhere? Could be a game of spot the ball coming on. Glad you had a good night and a few for me to try from your list.
  16. Casually browsing astronomy retailers and noticed the Asiair Plus is in stock at 365astronomy. Ordered yesterday afternoon at 2pm arrived today. Excellent service.
  17. Much more of a lighter read (not a slight) I guess to appeal to a wider audience - Although I'm sure something of interest within and something new to learn. I shall steal the Cox line very witty.
  18. The Universe. Quite image heavy (but some striking ones within). If not aware the new series starts on the BBC this Wednesday.
  19. Me too, a £20 bargain. Never felt quite right stuffing items into my pockets. Wide enough to carry a 10" tablet too.
  20. Amazon basics large camera bag. Good value for £20. To hold some other buys. Another Amazon purchase - A5 light pad. Samsung T7 1TB SSD drive to store my mediocre attempts at astrophotography, Optolong L-Pro filter and lucky for some a 13mm Tele Vue Nagler with thanks to @callisto.
  21. Forgot about these. APM flat fields. Next on my list and reasonable prices and very good reviews https://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Categories/Shop/Eyepieces__Accessories/Binocular_Eyepieces
  22. I also got the same offer from Amazon in June. A good price at £105 (seems to fluctuate between £100 - £140) for the 15mm so went ahead and purchased. They are massive but the sliding action of the retractable eyecup is a delight. I find it rather good and haven't sold it on. Yes some edge brightness if viewing the moon but for the price i'm happy.
  23. at the limit of my knowledge now. I'll let the experts chip in.
  24. Should be. Some recent comments here. For my use it's fine and extremely well built and adaptable - although i've never taken advantage of this. As you probably know FLO offer a discount on the BST's when you purchase more than 1.
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