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  1. Hello, and sorry for yet another question. I have a Skywatcher 80Ed on order, and am looing into Dew Prevention measures before it arrives. I will be powering everything from the mains, so I'm a bit confused as to how you power the Dew Strips, which all have cigarette lighter types socket. The only solution I've found is as following: Dew strips into Dew controller probably this one from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/hitecastro-single-channel-dual-port-dew-controller.html The plug in the Dew controller cigarette lighter into the mains via this https://www.amazon
  2. It says on the altair website that you need approx 10mm space for a dslr. Does the this mean that the reducer itself provides about 45mm(sorry if this is a stupid question)? If so, is it something like this I need? Thanks again
  3. Great, that makes much more sense now. Hopefully someone who has used the same combo can give their insight, so that I have an idea of the optimal spacing.
  4. The main reason for picking the altair reducer is cost, but also because it's in stock! I thought the altair reducer was basically made for the evostar 80ed?
  5. I'm about to order the evostar 80ed, and have decided to pair it with the altair x0.8 reducer. I already own a unmodified Canon 600d along with a t ring. This will be my first ap rig, and I'm a bit lost with what I will need to connect everything together and be able to reach focus. Will I need any other adapters/spacer etc, or will the above be enough to connect everything and reach focus?
  6. Looking for a the above focal reducer for the Evostar 80ED. Would also consider the skywactcher x0.85 reducer
  7. I was initially thinking of pairing the 72ED with an OVL flattener (which doesn't alter the focal length), but after the advice I've received on here, I'm swaying heavily towards the 80ED. I think I will use it without a flattener/reducer to begin with, and keep an eye out for a second hand reducer while I save some pennies. It's good to know that some imaging can be done at it's native speed of f7.5. I'm not expecting to get amazing results to begin with, so am happy to take the time to get used to the mount, while I save for some guiding equipment and a reducer. Thanks again for y
  8. A long shot I know, but if you don't ask...
  9. Hi, this is definitely the plan eventually, however I only have one laptop, and I use it with work, so I'm reluctant to take it outside. When budget allows, I will get a cheapish 2nd hand laptop which I can take outside.
  10. Thanks for that. The power supply is something that's been bugging me. The lynx power cable seems very expensive for what it is, but coming from a position of zero experience it's difficult to know what alternatives will work
  11. It's good to now that it's useable without a reducer. I'm being swayed towards getting the 80ed without a reducer to begin with, and keep an eye out for one on the 2nd hand market. I've used dss and gimp quite a bit while imaging with dslr and lens, so at least that's one less thing I have to learn!
  12. Thanks again for the input! My only worry with using the 80ed without a focal reducer, is that it would be too slow, especially as I won't be guiding to begin with.
  13. This is my plan eventually, but I'm trying to take things one step at a time.
  14. Thanks for that, I've seen a few people use the altair ff/fr also. Am I right on assuming that any field flattener will work as long as it matches the specs of the scope?
  15. Thanks, that good to know! Looks like I'll have to invest in some guiding equipment sooner rather than later! What field flattener due you use with the 80ed? The main thing that's putting me off is the skywatcher ff/fr is about £180, which makes it a much more expensive option than the 72ed (where you can use the ovl flattener)
  16. Would the 80ed not need a focal reducer to make it quick enough for imaging? This would bring the focal length to 510mm (with 0.85 reducer which most use), which is not that much longer than the 72ed. I'm not disagreeing with you by the way, just trying to get my head around both optiins I've had a play on the field of view simulators, and while the 80ed is probably better for more targets, I felt there wasn't much in it(assuming you use a focal reducer)
  17. I have to be honest, this has been my major dilemma! Would the 80ed give much better results?
  18. Short subs - I'm assuming as I won't be guiding to begin with, I won't be able to obtain very long subs. But I take your point on needing to guide to get good results, but I want to get used to using a eq mount and polar aligning etc first, before I add an extra layer of complexity which guiding brings (plus I've blown my budget on the mount and telescope) As you say, the best thing to do is try and see what works. Thanks for your input
  19. Hi, thanks for the reply. I live in bortle 4 skies, so I'll see how I get on before investing in a LP filter. Also, as I won't be guiding to begin with, am I right in saying subs won't be long enough for LP to be an issue? I have a laptop. With regards to dew control, I 've had no issues at all with due while imaging with a dslr and lens,. Would a refractor be any more prone to dew than a standard lens?
  20. Hi, Having done a fair bit of observing with my dob and imaging with DSLR, lens and the Omegon Minitrack over the past year, I'm ready to invest some money in a more serious astrophotography rig. I've read 'Making every photon count' (twice), and I think I have an idea of what I need to get started. My logic is to start with a fairly simple setup with no guiding, and then build from there. This is what I have in mind: 1. HEQ5 pro 2. Evostar 72ED - I decided on this rather than the 80ED to make it easier to track unguided 3. OVL field flattener 4. Astro essential dovet
  21. Hi, I have a Vixen 30mm NPL eyepieces for sale. It's in excellent condition, and comes with front and back caps, however I have misplaced the box for it. I'm looking for £25 delivered Thanks
  22. I have a Telrad finder for sale. In excellent condition with sticky tape unused on base (I used cable ties to secure to my dob). Asking for £25 + p&p Thanks for looking
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