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  1. Eqmod cable for my heq5 which is probably stuck on the suez canal somewhere
  2. I thought so. My plan is to run it all off the RPI(heard it's better this way, in case of any connectivity issues), and then use VNC on my laptop from the house, beer in hand
  3. I think there might be a few questions, coming from a position of zero experience! Question number 1 - I understand what kstars and ekos are, but am I right in saying that INdi is the equivalent of ascom? (Sorry if this is a stupid question)
  4. Raspberry pi 4 delivered today. Going to download astroberry on this to save me taking my laptop out in the backyard. Have zero experience with linux, so wish me luck.
  5. I might be interested in the lynx eqmod if you decide to sell the items seperately?
  6. Wow, thanks for the detailed reply! I had a feeling that it was not quite as simple as I thought! I did think of getting one from amazon/ebay initially, but as you mentioned, I was wary of the thickness and quality of these cables. The cable will only be powering the mount, so I will give this a go to see how it works. Dafydd
  7. Hi, I have a similar cable to use with my HEQ5 which is also too short. I don't have the answer to your questions I'm afraid (seems like Billy has generously sorted you out anyway), but does anyone know if the baader extension cable FLO stock would do the trick? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/baader-2m-extension-cable-for-12v-cable-with-baader-outdoor-telescope-power-supply.html
  8. Sounds familiar! To be fair, I've had something delivered almost every day for the past week, I think a ''small telescope to put on top of main telescope'' was the final straw! Especially as I had a ''2nd camera to make sure the first camera is pointing in the right direction'' delivered yesterday
  9. Another day, another new toy, cheap Svbony guide scope. When this arrived my wife's said 'Is that you're new telescope?'. Had to explain that this is a telescope to go on top of my new telescope. She didn't even bother to ask any more questions
  10. Postie just dropped off a Zwo 120mm-s which I picked up off astro buy and sell. The first part of my autoguiding setup sorted
  11. I have an Omegon Mini track LX2 mount for sale. I brought from another member in October 2020 from new (it was a warranty replacement), so it's in excellent condition. I have also added an additional adapter to it which allows a finder scope or laser finder to be attached for easier polar alignment, which cost about £15. Had loads of fun with this, and managed to get 30-40 seconds exposures using 135mm lens, and much longer with shorter focal length lenses. Only selling as I have a HEQ5 mount on the way. Looking for £80 delivered. Cheers
  12. I have a Omegon Polar Wedge for sale. Bought this from new last October, I have used this with my Minitrack. Only selling due to upgrading to a HEQ5. It's in very good condition, apart from a small mark on the bottom where I dropped it in the dark (as shown in pictures), but it's barely noticeable. I'm looking for £40 plus £5 for 1st class signed for delivery.
  13. Managed to pick a second hand skywatcher focal reducer for the 80ed from astro b&s. It's like new and got it for a good price, so very happy! Still waiting for the scope to attach it to though. Hopefully it'll arrive in a couple of weeks
  14. Power supply for my heq5 also arrived today from harrison telescopes, just need the mount to arrive now
  15. That's what I'm planning to do as well. I have a power bank lying around somewhere which I've never used
  16. I'm glad you approve! Seemed like a decent and cheap option compared to buying a dew strip + controller for more than twice the price
  17. Dew heater for my evostar 80ed. Just need the telescope to arrive now
  18. Thanks for this. I thinks this is the route I'm going to take, what length dew band did you get for the 80ed?
  19. I've just seen a Dew heater with integrated controller from Rother Valley Optics, does anyone have experience of using these? Seem like a good budget option
  20. Hi, Sorry, what I meant was, straight into the mains via the adapter https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cigarette-Lighter-Adapter-110V-240V-Converter/dp/B07BHNGFGV So for 12V 10A, I would need a different controller and adapter?
  21. Hello, and sorry for yet another question. I have a Skywatcher 80Ed on order, and am looing into Dew Prevention measures before it arrives. I will be powering everything from the mains, so I'm a bit confused as to how you power the Dew Strips, which all have cigarette lighter types socket. The only solution I've found is as following: Dew strips into Dew controller probably this one from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/hitecastro-single-channel-dual-port-dew-controller.html The plug in the Dew controller cigarette lighter into the mains via this https://www.amazon
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