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  1. Hello, I have a Celestron X-Cel LX x2 Barlow eyepiece for sale. Boxed, with both endcaps and in very good condition. I'm asking for £55 posted. Payment by Paypal or Bank transfer. Thanks for looking Dafydd
  2. Hello, I have a 8mm and a 12mm BST Starguider eyepieces for sale. Boxed, with both endcaps and in excellent condition. I'm asking £35 for each posted. Payment by Paypal or Bank transfer. Thanks for looking
  3. Arrived today from @FLO. Essential reading I'm told before I invest in some proper imaging kit.
  4. Had (yet another) go at Pleiades this week. I upped the integration time (about 150x25s light frames) and used ISO 1600 instead of ISO 800. I also bought some step down filter rings off Aliexpress to get rid of the big diffraction spikes caused by the lens (thanks @alacantfor the suggestion). I have also invested in Photoshop and the Astronomy tools plug ins to help with processing. These are the final results, the first image being heavily cropped. Thanks again everyone for their suggestions and help on this thread. I am now saving up to buy a proper mount and telescope so I can
  5. Third attempt at capturing M45. Combined some more data to the one above, and took a slightly different route while processing. Finding this hobby very addictive and rewarding
  6. Hello everyone. After all the advice I received on this thread, I've managed to find a couple of hours of cloudless skies to try out this lens again. This time, I took some flat and dark flat frames (not that hard after all), and used some noise reduction plug ins for gimp. I also took more care when stretching the image, checking that the noise wasn't getting to bad as I went along. This is my new image of M45, which I think is a slight improvement on the one in the OP. Thanks again everyone for their tips and advice
  7. This is very interesting and informative. I also noticed the notches on the diaphragm, wasn't sure if that was normal for vintage lenses, as this is the only one I've used. I also get red halos around bright stars when focusing, and like you, focus by making sure these disappear. I would definitely be interested in a vintage lens thread, as that's all I can afford for the time being
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I would have been overjoyed with those images when starting a few months back, but I suppose you become more self critical as you gain some experience.
  9. I bought this lens a few weeks ago. This is what I've managed with it so far. Don't be put off with these images though, as I'm a complete novice, and my processing skills aren't the best
  10. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into some kind of mask to aid with focusing, as I must admit, there is some degree of guessing going on with my current approach. I've read that Y lord is maybe more suitable for dslr lenses, as they let more light in? They also look easier to make than a bahtinov mask(don't want to be spending more money at the minute)
  11. That's also what I've found in the short time I've been using it
  12. I've thought about making a Y lord mask, it might be worth a shot, and I will have a look at the videos you mentioned when I have time. I followed one of Serif's (I think) when trying to process andromeda a couple a months back. Regarding a dslr controller and android app, how would that aid focusing?(excuse my ignorance) Thanks again
  13. At the minute, I'm focusing using live view at x10 magnification. I suppose a bahtinov mask would help?
  14. Thanks again, everyone has been very helpful! Up to about 2 months ago, I had done zero image processing. Feel like I have learned a lot in that time(mostly from reading and getting advice on here), but also feel I have a LOT still to learn
  15. I've only used free software to do my processing so far (gimp and siril). I'm guessing they don't have the features you've described above?
  16. Yes it is the f3.5. Thanks for the help, that makes sense now
  17. Thank you for taking the time to look for them Where/how do they attach to the lens? Does it have to be specific type for a specific lens? (Sorry for all the questions)
  18. Thanks everyone I'll have a go at taking some flats next time. Thanks for that, will have a go with that software. Where could I get hold of a filter ring?
  19. I thought someone would suggest this. I've been putting off doing flats, mainly because I don't really know how to, and it seems very fiddly. I will have to look into it and give it a go
  20. Thanks the suggestions! I will definitely try these out next time. With regards to processing, what do you mean by 'blurring out background noise'?
  21. A couple of clear nights gave me chance to try out my new Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm lens. Managed to capture pleiades and Orion belt with m42. My other equipment include the omegon minitrack lx2 and a canon 600d. Pleiades was taken at iso800, and I took about 45 light frames, which were 25 seconds each, also took 15 dark and bias frames. Orion was taken at iso 1600, light frames 10 seconds x100 along with dark and bias again. Both pictures were stacked in dss and processed with siril and gimp. Although far from perfect, as a complete novice, I'm quite happy with the results. I'm al
  22. A cheapish vintage lens to try out with my canon 600d and omegon minitrack. Waiting on an adapter to fit to the canon now
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