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  1. I've mainly been using Clear Outside, Met Office and Good To Gaze. What I've found over the past month (I'm very new to this), is that they're fairly useless at predicting anything over a day or so ahead (if that!). But that maybe because the weather is particularly changeable and unpredictable at the minute. I've been looking forward to get my scope out this weekend all week, because Clear Outside showed clear night for Friday and Saturday! Checked again this morning and is changed for the worse Haven't had a clear night for almost 4 weeks
  2. Hello Brian, I'm interested in this if it's still available?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I will get a 2'' eyepiece eventually, but want to keep things simple and just buy 1.25'' eyepieces for now, to avoid having to change adapters and so on. (I'm a complete beginner). I was swaying towards the vixen anyway. But will the true field of view be noticeably smaller in the vixen compared to the gso? If my understanding is correct, gso has a 52 degree afov and fl 32mm, giving it true field of view of 1.39 degree in my scope. Whereas the vixen has a 50 degree afov and a fl of 30mm, giving it a true fov 1.25? Is this correct, and would it be no
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    Hi Monty, welcome to sgl. I'm also a complete beginner and recently bought the same scope. I've managed to take it out about 5 times and have been really impressed! After struggling for the first couple of session I invested in a telrad, which makes life a lot easier. Hope you have some clear skies soon. Dafydd
  5. Hello. I've had my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p (which is my first scope) for about a month now, and have already upgraded the 10mm eyepiece supplied with the telescope with a 8mm and 12mm BST Starguider. I've been very impressed with both these eyepeices and even as a beginner I can see the difference in quality between these and the supplied 10mm. I'm now keen to upgrade on the 25mm, but I've heard the 25mm BST isn't as good as the others in the range . I have a limited budget (about £50), and having done some research have narrowed it down to the following eyepieces: - GSO 32mm p
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm glad that a lot of you approve of the 200p as a starter scope, I chose this mainly after reading comments on here. I have also just received an email from FLO saying my telescope is being delivered tomorrow(after a wait of over a month with the coronavirus), so I am hoping for a cloud free weekend!
  7. Hello everyone. I have always been fascinated with the skies, and during the last year I have started observing with binoculars and have really enjoyed getting to know the night sky. I have wanted a telescope since I was a child, and have finally taken the plunge and ordered a skywatcher dobsonian 200p. I'm still awaiting this because of the delays due to the coronavirus, but can't wait to get started! I have been trawling these forums recently and have learned so much from knowledgeable people on here, so I thought it was time I said hello. Cheers Dafydd
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