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  1. Hi they are great sketches and they were all instantly recognisable well done
  2. Hi the weather forecast for this area tonight was clear skys. I set up my Celestron 6se and my Celestron 102GT refractor and set up both goto on the moon which was well placed from my location. First I viewed the Moon through the 6se and the image was spectacular , I had collimated this scope recently and was keen to see if I had been successful having used Polaris a few nights ago and all seems well. Next I used the Celestron 102 Gt at f9.8 there was no noticeable CA and once again the images were really good and was well pleased with the couple of hours spent on the Moon. The next target was Orion but the Moon washed it out. I took a couple of photos with my iPhone .
  3. Hi again earlier this evening it looked promising, I set up my Celestron se150 as I wanted to check its collimation, Polaris was visible as I use this as my target . I had just locked on to Polaris as the clouds started to roll in obliterating Polaris, but just beneath Polaris was a clear patch and a marvellous meteor zoomed past so it was worth the effort
  4. Hi Kon I really enjoyed this you were lucky to get this opportunity to see Orion or anything for that matter Pants here again. A new year and new opportunities ,heads up for 2022
  5. Hi Kon great pics lucky you ,had a brief glimpse of Orion and Gemini the other night but not long enough to set up any gear.
  6. Hi KON lucky you its been rubbish here for a while but we can hope for better skies
  7. Hi to focus this telescope go right through one way until it will not go any further, then turn the focus the opposite way and you will then notice the telescope start to focus . This is due to the focus goes through approx 30 odd turns to come to focus. set your finder up in daylight an a distant tv Ariel or lamp standard then you should be ok
  8. hi Great photo this is one of my favourites
  9. HI I agree with Alan, you must keep both, I really enjoy a night of star hopping with my 15x70 Celestron pro binoculars . The double cluster in Perseus,the Pleiades the Hyades the Coathanger are all fantastic in binoculars as you can get the whole field in view. the telescopes give you other delights such as the planets and the moon and deep sky objects .
  10. Hi very interesting topic and great images, I to have been dabbling with my I phone and will try some of the tips mentioned. I purchased a iPhone adapter and set it up in daylight and then as a previous member stated that he glued and screwed the adapter I did the same and the location of objects is much easier. Looking forward to more attempts when seeing allows.
  11. Hi I went out early at 16.50 and had already set up my skywatcher 127the moon was really sharp in my 32mm and 25mm eyepieces. Jupiter was ok but not good soon whispy clouds came over but through the gaps the moon was still ok, but soon the seeing became poor so that was a brief but enjoyable session
  12. Hi I agree with Philip R you can't go wrong with the Manfrotto tripods I have two with various heads including ball head, and video heads all purchased used on a well known auction site and all proved to be excellent. I use them with my ST80, 90 mak oat all my binoculars and camera
  13. Hi I have accumulated various planispheres over the years but they are now seldom used ,this is my favourite
  14. Hi I have used the 6se and the mak127 this week ,the mak set up is much more portable and I have tended to favour it
  15. Hi I took the photo on my iPhone I have not taken any photos with a camera for years since the days of film with my Zenith I enjoy looking at members photos they are superb but I do not possess any modern stuff it’s mind boggling I went out tonight but clouds soon arrived
  16. Hi you should have some amazing views with those ,I have a similar pair and really enjoy a night star hopping.makes a change from the scopes enjoy
  17. Hi it looks like tonight may be ok here I will set up a scope on the off chance hope you get some luck cheers
  18. thanks its been absolute pants

  19. Hi I set up my Celestron 6se early before the Moon was up the sky was clear as it has been shocking of late. I viewed the doubles Mizar and Polaris then M31 the double cluster in Perseus and the Pleiades also the tiny coat hanger. and M31. the moon started to appear and I did spend a short time viewing it but it soon became overpowering ,still tonight was a bonus
  20. HI great topics nice to see that someone can see the heavens ,reading reports such as this keeps one interested
  21. Hi I like the photo great colour
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