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  1. Hi! I have a astromodded Canon eos 1100d with stock lens (18-55mm) I want to start doing some (nightime) landscape milkway photography. Im not sure If I should invest in a new DSLR or just a new lens (SAMYANG 14 mm f / 2.8) Im not good with dslrs and there are tons of different versions of them... I want Canon and there are 5D,6D 7D, Eos 500d, Eos 600d, Eos 700d etc... My budget is around 400 usd, Fulframe is the "best" but also the more expensive ones... but how much better are there than cropped sensor? What would you search for on the used market?
  2. I currently have heq5 pro belt modded and I might need to buy a stronger mount and I'm looking at eq6r pro. Is that the best mount for around 1500 usd? Ive seen that there is an az eq6r and it's alittle more pricier than eq6r pro, but what's the difference? Is eq6r pro the best option for my budget?
  3. What’s your thoughts on my Heq5 pro? Do I need to regrease my bearings? https://youtu.be/RcOsqyRYs48 update: Apparently everything looks good.=)
  4. thanks for the only answer=) I went for the 150PDS with baader coma corrector, it arrives tomorrow =D
  5. How do you plan your night when shooting LRGB for galaxys etc? How many subs of each filter? Do you take one filter one day, one the next day or do you take them in a Loop --->Lum 30 subs-->Red 30 subs-->Green 30 subs--->Blue 30 subs--->Lum 30 subs etc? Is there a "rule" of how many more Lum shots you take than RGB?
  6. I have this dew heater on my guidescope, it works like a charm
  7. I'm planning on buying a new scope, its either the Sky watcher Telescope N 130/650 ( https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-telescope-n-130-650-explorer-130pds-ota/p,25455 ) or the 150 variant ( https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-telescope-n-150-750-explorer-bd-ota/p,15564 ) I have compared the FOV in stellarium and the 130 can fit more of the big objects, Orion etc, but the 150 pds has more "zoom".... Do you recommend going for 130 or 150pds? there is also a 200 variant but that's to big for my heq5 pro. My camera is Asi 1600mm pro with filters. I also need to buy a coma corrector and its either this --->https://www.astroshop.eu/flatteners-correctors-reducers/baader-mpcc-mark-iii-multi-purpose-newton-coma-correktor/p,33547 or this one --->https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/skywatcher-coma-corrector.html I think the baader is a better choice, I have read that the sky watcher coma corrector doesnt have anti glare coating.
  8. What filters do you recommend for the asi 1600 pro? ZWO has bundles with LRGB and narrowband filters for around 2000$ https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras-imaging-bundles.html How are these zwo filters? Are they good or is it better if I buy anything else? I don't want so spend more than around 2k on this kit so don't link me filters for 1k each I want LRGB and Ha, SII and oiii = a complete kit.
  9. What do you think about the zwo filters? Are they good? Are the starts nice and round and not bloated?
  10. Thanks for all the comments! I wonder how the zwo filters are, anyone know if one of these sets are worth it or is it better if I buy the cam and maybe BAADER filters instead? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras-imaging-bundles.html
  11. Convince me going MONO.... First I wanted to buy a zwo asi 294mc pro, but since the production has stopped because corona virus the stores will not get it until late mars or april, Im thinking on maybe a mono cam will be a better choice in the long run? The price difference is 1000USD more with a complete mono kit with everything I need. (asi 1600pro, filterwheel, LRGB filters + 7nm Ha,OII,SII). My skies so far have not been good the last months, only 1 clear night every 10 days or so. And because of that I think a OSC cam will give me pictures each night I image, However I have read that a Mono cam is more sensitive that OSC cams and requires less imaging time per filter because it uses the whole sensor in each filter so it produces a stronger signal in less time. A mono cam is also better if I have light pollution and neighbors that have many lights in their yard.. I have also looked at zwo asi 071, but thats "only" 3-500 usd less than 1600mm pro kit.. help...:D
  12. Im not sure but its something with the sensor. Its something that I have read from other comments so dont take my word for it
  13. does it matter if I go with 1.25" or 36mm filters? whats the difference?
  14. I´m soon going to a astro cam,my first plan was to go for zwo asi 294 pro, but since there is licensing issue and the corona virus the stocks are out. so... Im thinking of going for mono , asi 1600mm. zwo offers different kits and im not sure of what I should get. there is LRGB, LRGB+OII,SII and HA. (this is the most expensive one and it is double the price of asi 294 pro. How often do people use the RGB filters? I know that L is good for detail and OII,SII and HA is great for nebulas. I dont want to spend to much on this but in AP you always do.... Any tips on the kits? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras-imaging-bundles.html https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/asi1600mm-c-mini-kit What would you go for?
  15. I use ISO 1600 because that's the best ISO for my camera. I went for ISO 1600 x 200sec, I'll edit the image today and post it here. The only light pollution filter I have is a optolong L-eNhance Dual Narrow band, and that's only for nebulas right?
  16. Hi! Right now Im shooting M81 with my modified canon eos 1100D. Im currently trying different exposure settings and i need help. this is ISO 1600 x 300sec Do I loose data at that exposure? (overexposure) or should I go with 200 or even lower?
  17. Wow thank you for a detailed answer! Now I got even more confused.. But that's astrophotography right? Big thanks!
  18. I'm new to Astrophotography and I'm just wondering what is the "top" magnitude you image? I know that the lower the magnitude is the more visible it is, so what is your limit when imaging and how do you know if an dso has to high magnitude? Im using stellarium, skysafari etc and in the settings you can adjust the magnitude to a limit so higher magnitude won't show up, so that's why I'm asking so I don't waste any time on very faint dsos. I hope you understand my question..
  19. Are you using any filter? I just purchased OPT L-eNhance duo band filter, can I use it on starclusters is is it better if I remove it and just go with my modded dslr? And how many subs did you take?
  20. Is there a calendar to see what dso/galaxys etc is the best time to photograph? I know that spring is "galaxy season" but is there a site or calendar for the whole year?
  21. I just purchased a rowan belt lod for heq 5 pro and as of right now I'm trying to remove the small gear part... I completely missed that people bought a pin extractor.. So how do I do this without one??
  22. okey thanks, I forgot to add that I choosed a cluster of stars instead to shoot tonight, is it a waste of time to do this too?
  23. hi! Today is full moon and clear skies and Im wondering how you plan nights like this? Do you shoot star clusters or do you still do nebulas and galaxys but with less exposure? This is my first full moon with clear skies and I tried to shoot Pleiades but the image went almost totally blue on the APT histogram...
  24. I cannot go to pixinsight website, its blocked on all my browsers... I can enter it on my mobile without any problems... Any tips?
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