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  1. i changed my connect settings to w2apk and i tried to connect,the password is usually 123456780 and it doesnt work,im stuck,i dont know what to do guys can anybody help me?
  2. i ended up making a video of my problem after follow lots of advice online but to no avail,if you spot anything im missing please let me know,clear skies tonght
  3. i fugured it out,such a noob mistake but easily overlooked.i have to turn station mode ON within the asiair app,works great now and clear skies tonight
  4. could you please tell me how you wire things up? am i right in connecting the gti(not the quattro lol) to the asiair with an ethernet cable provided? il try what you said on sunday once i finish work
  5. very neew into the hobby,love it guys..my problem is i cant get my azgti to connect to my AsiAir,i follow this guide https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/manuals/ASIAIR_Sky-Watcher_AZ-GTI.pdf as soon as i get to the telescope settings part and follopw the guid i just get Connection failed.mount not connected.now my azgti is connected to my ASiAir via ethernet,im sure its supposed to connect via wifi but it just doesnt pick it up,its so frustrating,has anyone any workflow,tips or tricks to getting these mounts connected?
  6. whenever i try to PA with this mount Polaris looks out of focus,a big blob.is there any way to focus the scope supplied with the SA or shouls i just bite the bullet and buy a designated PS to attach to it? thanks mac
  7. Just don't have 169 big ones spare right now wouldn't a t ring and 2 inch t adapter be a much cheaper alternative to get focus on stars? I'm not looking for perfect images I just want to be able to focus and have some fun once these clouds go away
  8. I recently acquired this lovely scope and I was wondering what I specifically need to get it to focus with my canon 550d,I've read that I need to increase back focus? Sorry if I sound stupid but I get confused about different sized threads and spacers/flatteners etc,would I be able to purchase what's needed rather cheap?
  9. I have a 72ed on the way,I'm planning to use it for AP,am I right in thinking I just need a basic 2 inch extension tube to achieve focus?
  10. Hi,great picture! Do you need a 2 inch extension tube to achieve focus when attaching a DSLR to the 72ed?
  11. Thanks for the reply I'll give that a shot next time
  12. Well today the moon was out high SW in the sky so I thought I'd get the gti out,set up,level pointing north,chose moon as my one star alignment and it slewed in the total wrong direction,not too sure what to do with this mount anymore,it can't even find the moon ;(
  13. I'm guessing if I manually slew the first star alignment with encoders on then the second star should be right in my fov,I sure hope so,I love the portability of this mount and I'm going to Lithuania next month in a place where there is no light pollution at all and I'd love to get this mount accurate
  14. I might just stick to alt az mode for a while,I'm quite new to all this but deeply fascinated by space,I don't get many clear nights in Manchester so gotta make the most of it. Just one more thing,just to see if I'm doing things right. I set my home to 90 -90 and start from there with my latitude at 90 minuse my actual latitude,2 star alignment followed by polar alignment and I'm good to go in eq mode?
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