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  1. Had a go at the owl cluster... think i have over processed it Skywatcher 130pds, EQ-5 with dual axis motors Nikon D3500 un modded 62x60 sec ISO 400 40 flats 40 bias Processed in photoshop with astronomy tools and astroflats pro Thanks
  2. Ive just bought it.... Just need to figure out how to use it... Only cost 17 quid
  3. Yes that proDigital... I use a debt card i havent got paypal
  4. Can i buy astronomy tools in the uk... It has a price in dollars and i use pounds
  5. I use dss... Can i just add them all to last nights and stack them all as 1 file
  6. I was out with my 130pds last night for the first time in months... So i got about 80 30 sec of andromeda... Could i go out again tonight and add tonights data to last nights
  7. I dont have the eqmod and i dont no much about it... I looked on youtube but looked all complicated... So where do oi start with it and how much is this going to cost, also can this make my manual EQ5 in to goto
  8. The handset has a st4 port...
  9. I use a SW 130pds, EQ5 wirh the dual axis motors, ive got a guide scope but havent got the camera at the moment and i use either the 450d or the d3500
  10. Thanks so its more equipment needed
  11. How do you dither... Do you need a guide camera to do it.. Thanka
  12. The stock focuser on the 150p is good but i ended up replacing it with the dual speed crayford because i image and found it difficult to fine focus with the stock... But for just visual its good
  13. Never managed to get out clouds destroyed my plans
  14. Thanks im going to have a go tonight... I will be using sigma 70-300 dg lens.... not the best i no
  15. Can anyone tell what setting to use on my nikon d3500 to image the comet thanks
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