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  1. It is a shame because it is a capable camera i managed to image with it with some decent result... Just a pity theres no software for it
  2. Ive got this camera although it is a decent camera it doesnt support any software such as apt... I used mine through qdlsrdashboard but still had to sit there clicking away this was the problem. I searched the internet for months but still found nothing.. I ended up buying the nikon D5600
  3. I got it just for mainly guiding but i will use it on the moon occasionally for the kids to watch on the laptop
  4. Yes it the mono.. I read there were driver problems with the usb 2.0 version so opted for this instead
  5. 5x60 Seconds 15 flats 15 bias ISO 400 Skywatcher 130pds, Nikon D5600, EQ-5 Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop dont seem to be able to do anything with the core but im still learning
  6. 42 x 60 second lights 15 flats 15 bias ISO 400 skywatcher 130pds, nikon D5600, EQ-5, Guided with skywatcher 50ed, Asi120mm-s, but dont think it worked again Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop its not that good but i tried and its there thanks
  7. Yes the nikon... So which should i use.. Would it be the direct sunlight
  8. Everyone says that you should use daylight setting but i dont seem to be able to find it it the d5600 settings.. Can someone help please
  9. No the camera is brand new only object ive took with this camera is the M45
  10. I wanna try something different... Doesnt the camera need to be modifed to capture the rosette
  11. Ive probably got a clear night on christmas eve so i was wondering would i be wasting my time imaging M1 with a stock d5600 and 130pds...
  12. This is the exact way i do it with my eq5.... Easy and simple
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