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  1. cheers guys i think ive sussed it now. although i forgot to take my UV filter off for this one so my apologies for the ghost.
  2. yeah last year i was there at the right time, this year i missed the first show so everyone knows about it now. that place will be busy for weeks.
  3. Yesterday i took a trip to my favorite spot on Anglesey. Theres been quite show going on over the past two/three nights with the Bio luminescence showing up. I manged to see it twice last year which was slight better than this years appearance. it was a busy night at its been well shared on social media but it was a fun night and some NLC's made a showing early hours.. _DSC3745-2 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr _DSC3738 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr _DSC3723-3 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr _DSC3702-2 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr _DSC3688 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr _DSC3685 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  4. from midnight, these where seen at 12:30
  5. got a good chance tonight Hobsey. conditions have been prime all week
  6. I was out shooting around Liverpool yesterday evening for a client. on the way home i noticed a small display of NLC's, so far ive missed them this season but i decided to head to a spot not far from home to see what i could capture. i actually took a time lapse of the big knot moving and twisting but it doesnt seem to have saved to my camera strange as i played it back before i packed it away. ah well will have to give it another try tonight please click on the images to see the true colours and hi res images. Light trails NLC by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr NLC by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr NLC display by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr NLC cloud scape. by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  7. First NLC's  of the season, images in bound later 

  8. have a look at this https://petapixel.com/2018/06/01/these-modded-cameras-have-sensors-extracted-for-extreme-cooling/ ??
  9. still great effort. if you reduce the orange saturation is PS ( filter-camera raw filter- HSL ) should help tone it down a tad
  10. Daniel-K


    another great image Alan
  11. Ive just come back from the Llyn Peninsula with the kids after a few days camping great location for astro its so dark, the only place that iv been thats darker is Skye. spent a nice hour watching venus set in between the rocks. Last night i got up and the sky was so clear so i sneaked out the tent and took a quick snap of the milkyway moon & venus split rock by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr car milkyway by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  12. DXO 11 is free in digital camera magazine this month

    1. RichM63


      Get it, if you don't have it already. DXO 11 is now being replaced by DXO PhotoLab inc Nik collection.

  13. EXTRA 8GB of ram !! woooop 16GB of ram in my laptop I7 Quad core now im cooking baby!

    1. Daniel-K
    2. Daniel-K


      @Uranium235 i was top 2% on xbox for years 1&2 on destiny tracker logged over 3000 hours. just to much grinding for me the social side was fantastic and i enjoyed it while it lasted. bring on ANTHEM !

    3. Uranium235


      Xbox?...lol. Try D2 on a gaming PC ;) totally different experience. No aim assist, since mouse and keys are far superior  (headshots galore!). The new updates made heroic strikes more difficult than a nightfall  (which is utterly bonkers).

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  14. I’ve got few mates who shoot with it and it’s awesome. Can’t wait to get one.
  15. The BATIS is next on my list. Dave. Unfortunately I’m in work tonight but I’m heading back on Saturday with the family for a sleepover so I will sneak out if it’s clear. The Sony raws are really nice and my laptop just about handles the 13 vertical panes !! Im really pleased with the Sony glad I’ve moved systems eventually. Dan
  16. I went out last night to a spot which pretty good to catch aurora if theres a geomagnetic storm, there was a slight purple tinge early on but the sky was not dark enough to really capture it on camera. ive recently got my Sony a7rii and last night was really the first real go i had of using it. unfortunately i think ive forgotten to take the steady shot off so as the wind has blown slightly the sensor has shifted during a couple of exposures but you really cant tell unless your a pixel peeper . so heres my first MW of the year with mynew camera I also captured this young couple sitting under Jupiter enjoying their technology rather than the sky both images resized down to 60% quality as the files on this camera are huge!!! SONYA7RII ZEISS 24-70 F4 for the pano 12 vertical panes ISO 3200 20seconds each
  17. bag packed, two night wild camp with the new camera. exciting times! 

    1. Lockie


      Enjoy yourself, danny, it's lovely up there! 

    2. Daniel-K


      @scarp15 famous last words. had to come down the mountain as it was awful 

    3. scarp15


      Oh dear sorry to here that, complete contrast to how it is in the east then, hope to do an overnighter wild camping in the cheviots on Sunday.

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  18. Skywatcher SA wedge head and ball head. i still have the box so it will all be posted in that. in excellent condition, just add a tripod and away you go! reason for sale, new camera and i need a few new bits and im doing less and less astro. its been used less than a dozen times so is still in excellent condition. £175 ono i will split the postage also Danny
  19. finally after a lot mishaps i will get my perfect camera and lenses tomorrow :)

    1. Lockie


      Alpha mkIII ? ?

    2. Daniel-K


      A7RII, theres not much of upgrade for a landscaper to MIII and the MII i got a bloody good price

    3. Lockie


      It will be a lot more compact for a start :) Do you know if they've fixed that star eater issue yet? Have fun playing with your new camera today :) 

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  20. @faulksy youd be mad to sell it with the EP's for that price. sell the scope and EP's separately. if need be mike i'll sell them for you pal
  21. thats a great way to test it Dave did you come up it with that idea?
  22. make sure your on polaris! i can get 300 secs @ 200mm with my star adventure just by placing polaris in the center of the cross hairs. it can do 420 secs @ 24mm
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