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  1. So last night i headed out to a spot thats not so popular very little known and hardly and shots with astro done. There was an amber aurora alert for this location but when i arrived it was clear but just clouding over. It was a long 3.5hour wait. lucky the car wasn't to far away as it was raining at times. spent around 8 hours at this location, and headed back the car at 4:45AM (2hour drive home) only to be met by some local police officers saying there have been reports of suspicious behavior they intrigued by what we where doing. once we explained what it was we where doing they where more than happy to get back in their warm vans as 2 of them where shivering while taking details Milkyway over a lovely little Tarn by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  2. just saying.....last night was epic. pics to come later

    1. jabeoo1


      Show them already !

    2. Daniel-K


      check the wide field section


  3. If this forecast gold right for Wednesday something special should be produced ! 

  4. I’m after a little wide field scope mate for some fun. Just gunna pop a kid on eBay I’ll message you when it sells
  5. had to buy new tyres for the car would have snapped this up mate
  6. Welcome fellow Liverpudlian
  7. can always invest in better EPS a later date, better to get the scope you want and not have that thought of regret.
  8. the baader one is for for visual and so is the explore scientific
  9. could always buy a coma corrector, the baader and skywatcher ones do a pretty good job, that would allow yo to go down to F4.5 or even F4.
  10. Have a drive over to deleamere it’s a lot darker than any where else in that area. The milky way is visible by eye.
  11. pictures added. tip top condition.
  12. Skywatcher SA for sale, only used twice. reluctant sale excellent condition. comes with a manfrotto ball RC2 ball head . i'll post some pics in a little while. collection from L26 £220 Cheers Danski
  13. To the Lakes!!! astro & landscapes roll on!!

  14. stargazing with Aurora Isle of sky F4 ISO 3200 25SECONDS stargazing in skye by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  15. Orion peaking over the summit of a moonlit mountain in Glencoe. ISO3200 F4 16MM 30SECONDS orion rocks by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  16. The three sisters of Glencoe under moonlight ISO 1000 F4 16MM 30 SECONDS three sisters long exposres by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  17. storm eleanor images inbound tonight

  18. Im currently in Glencoe for a few nights/days doing some photography with a few friends. when we arrived it was clear and rather than go to the hotel and get some sleep before the sunrose like any normal people would do, we stopped and took some nightscapes at the Three sisters im pretty tiered now having 2 hours sleep from getting up wednesday morning, heading back out for sunrise hurah!!! enjoy Danny three sisters long exposres by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr three sister light trails by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr orion rocks by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr orion by moonlight by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  19. on route to glencoe. Forcast is clear sky's woopp

    1. mapstar


      :thumbright: looking forward to the photos fella 

    2. Lockie


      Have fun..hope you've got some warm gloves!

    3. faulksy


      take it easy dan. look foward to your pics mate :headbang:

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  20. +1 for the 6D its low level noise for astro is stokningly good this chap here uses one https://alynwallacephotography.com/brecon-beacons-astrophotography/
  21. Daniel-K

    NGC2903 (crop)

    Alan your images are truly amazing. great work and dedication
  22. new pictures up tonight form a -8 trip to the lakes 

  23. there is no reason to be using it that low unless you have less well built tripod. my profile picture was taken in 25MPH winds on Anglesey, the manfrottos are absolute tanks even in wind. legs fully extended = polar scope at nice height and makes finding targets a lot easier. OP needs to make sure that the head they choose is capable of handling the weight of the camera lens combo. no point in having a cheap head that wont hold friction on a tripod that will hold 9kg.
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