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  1. Thanks Martin. Glad you like It's a team work.
  2. Wonderful images! How did you managed the stars?
  3. A detail of soul nebula HSO. 4+4 hours Ha and O3. Mix of techniques in PI and PS. This has satisfy me. As usual, a special thanks to my "eyes" Tiziana. Her suggestions on colours are invaluable.
  4. An experiment in tone map, with 4+4 hours in Ha and O3. 200mm Nikon and asi1600mm Cropped. Work in progress
  5. I'll sure give a try on this! Amazing hint! This weekend, work in progress!
  6. Uhm... You make me thinking. I always got that cmos give no improvement but your explanation has some base to be considered. As soon as weather will allow me, I will try to gather O3 (that is always weak) with bin2x. Thank you!
  7. Thanks Vlav for the detailed feedback. I really appreciate. I agree about binning but with my cmos there is no advantage unlike ccd. I will try to darken a little the background. Just a note, I explain maybe in a bad way. 6 hours and 40 is the total H and O together. Again thanks for your suggestions.
  8. Undecided if post it or not. Let's say I'm satisfied about this image but not as much I would. I feel it can be improved. Maybe also on colours but honestly, with my eye colour blindness, not easy. TS80ED flattened and asi1600mm. Eq5 (I want a better one...) And postprocessed in Pixinsight. 80 light of 300" in Ha and O3. How to boost the already captured O3? How to improve the process? C&CC really appreciate. Clear skies!
  9. Woah..... Seems both are good.... I've done the starless in artistic way (different colours that doesn't match the SHO palette) mainly because I have some kind of colour blindness. But the result, at the end, is not so bad....
  10. Hard choice here Someone like the artistic some other the more traditional one... Could you help me in the choice? From this, will continue the project.
  11. Thank you Alan. Really appreciate. As soon as I have some time I would like to manage the stars that always give me trouble.
  12. Here we go with another project. At the moment only the starless version of this beautiful subject. Suggestion always welcome, with thanks
  13. Thanks Ragnar! The first idea is a bicolour Ha-OIII, but will see at the end about the RGB. This especially for the stars. The acquisition data are my usual: asi1600mmc over a EQ5. All from a bortle 8 urban area. About guiding, I always use a 60/240 guidescope with a qhy5l and phd2. With this setup and a baader 7nm Ha filter I can go with 600" light at gain 200 without big problem.
  14. The idea of a teddy bear is a new one but you are right! I'm also in with continuous fine tuning but sadly the weather.....
  15. Wow... This idea is mind blowing! Congratulations! I should consider the wood, maybe a hard one.
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