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  1. Thank you to Martin and Peter for the kind comments. I tried to rerun some adjustments and the result is attached. Keep patience on me. I have some difficulty in understanding colours (colourblind) and any, any suggestions is really appreciate. Not only for colours. Clear sky.
  2. Tareq thanks for all the details. I can answer for my experience. We have similar situation. I'm under b8 sky too and can't travel outside of the city (covid limitations and no time....) So I must enjoy my backyard too. I attach here one try of the same subject, with 139/50 and 180" exposure. My telescope is a f4,8 (80/480 reduced). The shot is a stack of 20 minutes without proper calibration and without a lot of postprocessing. It is just to verify the data of the first night on the subject and correct something if needed before go on. Usually I go for a minimum of 5 hours per chann
  3. Agree. Done once. Now, I decided to pay the cost but cleaning and purge, by the shop.
  4. Tareq, don't mind if I look not polite but I think you have done the noise reduction with a slightly "heavy hand". The 1600mm don't need so strong noise reduction. Instead, try a lower gain, say 139/50 and also less light duration. With 180" you not only get less noise if your total integration time is still about 3 hours but also the dynamic range will improve. And details will jump out, especially from the Flame. Clear sky!
  5. Amazing result. Can't stop myself to watch at that tiny filament of durst
  6. I would like to share this image with you all. Finally I feel satisfy with the result. All the setup has worked in an almost perfect way and despite my bortle 8 sky, I was able to collect 15 hours in the three filter. A nice "first light" for the 80ed triplet. For sure, without the help of Tiziana I can never get the color in a good balance. She is always my eyes and my inspiration. Whenever sughestiins, all are welcome.
  7. Great one! Long integration always pay back. You should give a try to starnet++. I'm seeing good result using it on linear stage.
  8. Everybody got that info but it's a NEW reducer and the BF has been changed. Mine now is 60,5 (fine tune due filters) and all field is flat like you can't believe. More, mind to do not tight touch the fixing screw on rotators due to tilt issue. Tight the right without to much. Feel it. Clear sky!
  9. Pleasant and nice result. Still some egged star (small, top right) but easy to manage. Did you try to keep the backfocus of the 0,8x ad 61mm from sensor?
  10. Excellent! I love the sharpness and the amount of detail. Surely your sky is better than mine (bortle 8). I'm taking it with almost same setup but with the 80mm triplet but can't get the same sharpness. I hope you will add some O3 and S3.
  11. Very nice! What about to use the Halpha as luminance to the RGB? A light touch,maybe?
  12. Thank you so much Geoff. Yes, the 3D effect is something I try always to get. In this shot it is really evident! I'm happy about. I wish the weather will turn on clear sky soon because I would like to add RGB stars.
  13. Not sure how many times I try on it. How many times I fail or didn't get satisfy by the result. This time, thanks to the help and support by Tiziana, here something I'm proud of. 10 hours of Ha, 4 of O3 and 4 of S2. 80ed in between of an eq6-r and a bortle 8 sky. Blood and years in front of the pc to find the right color balance to satisfy myself. But that's is the result. This, can satisfy me.
  14. Already great one. Take some short also. For the core. It will bring out good details
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