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  1. Factory has to manage a single code for raw material. With same tube, make the focuser and spider holes in different position will also save time in assembly line....
  2. In this way you have free hands to elaborate the nebulosity and more stretch options. Th n you can put back stars with a maybe more light process and keep them small. Btw, great image!
  3. Good one. Try also on nebular subject. There you can have a more impactful effect.
  4. Nice? Oh, thank you! Living in a high pollution area, with really few chances of clear sky, I try to get as much as possible from my poor data. The starless version is done in pixinsight with the starnet+ process. It's a sort of plugin as it's not included in the main software but it's fantastic.
  5. Uuuuh.... This deserve really more halfa and also a lot of O3. It is beautiful now, I can just think how it will be then. Lovely details and shades.
  6. About bias, just try. I was sceptical about since I tried after a friend suggested me (I was still with a Nikon d700 stock. Once saw the result, I never went back, even with the canon baader. dither + bias has same effect as dark. There is some study around with a lot of explanation. I trust on my eyes. If you are in high light polluted area like me, flat will help a lot. Post-production will be more easy.
  7. Dither. Take bias and not dark. Do not use the light pollution filter. Keep histogram at the middle. Galaxies are emitting in the whole light spectrum. Using a light pollution filter you cut also a bunch of signal. Flat will avoid the gradients. ;)
  8. Thanks to some clear night, the luminance has been taken and some details has improved. First important target with the Newton 150/750, canon 450d for rgb and Asi 1600 for the luminance. My heart to Tiziana for the help in the color. Total time 3+3hours. Process in pixinsight.
  9. Ouch... My bad, it was a crop I should make but forget... Here the crop.
  10. Here after long time with a subject everyone has catch at least once. The Whirpool galaxy, under heavy polluted sky. Born as a test with my new eq6-r and my gso 150/750, 3 hours of light by my canon 450d modded and a LPS idas p2. I'm quite satisfy about, especially because the color balance was done by tiziana, my eyes on this. Would like to add some luminance as soon as the weather become clear. C&C are always welcome. Clear sky!
  11. Thanks Martin. Glad you like It's a team work.
  12. Wonderful images! How did you managed the stars?
  13. A detail of soul nebula HSO. 4+4 hours Ha and O3. Mix of techniques in PI and PS. This has satisfy me. As usual, a special thanks to my "eyes" Tiziana. Her suggestions on colours are invaluable.
  14. An experiment in tone map, with 4+4 hours in Ha and O3. 200mm Nikon and asi1600mm Cropped. Work in progress
  15. I'll sure give a try on this! Amazing hint! This weekend, work in progress!
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