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  1. Why does the motor at the top of the mount visibly move whilst the other motor doesn’t seem to move at all ( unless I press the buttons on the handset controller ? I’m sorry if this is an obvious question to you guys ... I know the motors are working because I can hear them .
  2. Hi Stu , I’m checking whether the motors are actually moving ... I’ve taken a photo of the controller .. including the inv dec and inv ra .. not sure if they are in the right positions y
  3. Hi , no...i haven't ...something else to learn ..and something i didnt even think about to be honest
  4. Hi Stu ... yes , good idea about the picture ...will include one tonight .. i checked the leads , when i swapped them the motors stopped working all together ! I've definitely got the Northern Hemisphere setting on ... i think it must be down to incorrect polar alignment ... and incorrect levelling of the scope . These motors have three speeds 16 , 2 & 0.5 ... And three settings , sun , moon , and stars .. i assume i should be using the settings , Stars and 0.5 (maybe i'm wrong here) By the way , the star drifted out of view within 10 minutes
  5. Hi guys , I polar aligned the scope tonight and still the stars moved out of view .. i have to say that I’m not 100% sure I aligned it correctly but it certainly was near . I am really not sure what to do next .
  6. A quick update , the dob is still with me ,although I’m reminded constantly that I’ve three scopes and only two eyes !!! I too have found a space under the stairs but currently it’s taken up with my eq5 ! What I have found is that the dob is a wonderful scope that is “up and running “ within 5-10 mins whereas my small refractors take considerably longer ( due to setting up the mounts etc) . I know the above may seem obvious but , let’s face it , the main reason we like astronomy is to see things that are normally too small or too far away to see (again , obvious). And although the refractor is small , take anywhere ... the dob is my fav scope . There rests the case for the defence for keeping all my stuff !
  7. Hi , I’ve just purchased the dual motor system , to use with my EQ5 .. i tried them out last night but when I returned to the scope , the target had disappeared from view . I know both motors are working because I can press the handset directional buttons and the cogs can be seen rotating . I know I need to polar align the scope , something I didn’t do ! Can anyone think of anything I’m not doing or should be doing ? Sorry this is a bit vague , but maybe someone can just shout the word “idiot” at me and offer some advice , as , let’s face it there are precious few instructions in the box . Thanks in advance . stu
  8. Ive just bought the 2 motor kit ... although i stupidly forgot the batteries , so , hopefully tonight i will see it all in action . For me its the perfect solution , for the EQ5 . Astronomy can be a very expensive hobby , as im finding out ( 3 scopes , and a host of accessories such as field flatteners etc) , but its a hobby that never goes out of date and lets face it the equipment will last forever if looked after . Maybe you can wait a while to save up the extra money for the "goto" .. and then , at that point you will have a choice that doesn't involve the money side .
  9. Hi Guys, sorry , i wasn't ignoring you . i was away this weekend ..fortunately it was raining at home ( thats how astronomy gets you .. you actually celebrate when you don't miss any clear nights lol) .. Great Pic with the phone Dave . Very interesting about your grandfathr too . Im giving my z73 its first light tonight ...if... i can fix the new tracking motors on my eq5 . And , i would say , Swoop ... i really am so happy that i rediscovered my enthusiasm for this hobby .. and this time im getting into photography as well . a real plus .
  10. TBH Stephen i really am getting into the photography side of astronomy although i know very little about it at present and thats why i bought my z73 . But i love the Dob for the very reasons you outline , ie the quick set up and go, and of course the great views . I want to keep it , got to convince my lovely wife .. taking her out for a meal tonight , its a good start
  11. Hi Louis ..its like a jigsaw puzzle for me , the Dob sits in the living room , watching tv with me and the wife !! , the 102mm refractor is neatly stored in a cupboard with its goto mount , and the z73 and the eq5 (in bits ) lay under the stairs ...the Dob is the prob , on show in the room , although i think it looks great , the wife doesn't share my view.
  12. Doug i'm going to submit your words as evidence , i will let you know how i get on lol
  13. Hi , thanks for all the feedback , I’m currently in negotiations with my wife regarding keeping the dob ... they are at an early stage and I’m having as much success as Theresa May in a room full of EU delegates !
  14. Damn , I was hoping you two would keep bidding lol , the z73 is a fantastic buy .. I should have stuck to refractors in the first place !
  15. Yeah , I was thinking about a shed . This astronomy is getting more and more expensive. I initially had a £500budget , now up to £1500 . At least a shed would solve the space problem .
  16. Hi all , i bought a 250p flex tube dob (sky-watcher) whilst what i really wanted was a small wide view refractor . Well , i was swayed by aperture and i very soon regretted my purchase . Don't get me wrong , the dob is a fantastic scope and i got some brilliant views from it . So, whats my problem ? Unfortunately the sheer size of this scope in a very small house makes it a problem . I have since purchased my small refractor WO Z73 and an eq5 tripod/mount so im really happy . I'm not sure how to put an ad on here , as i need to sell the Dob . Can anyone advise me please .
  17. Many thanks Rickwayne.. I actually have no experience with photography .. we bought the camera a couple of weeks ago and I just messed about with the settings a bit . But I’m really happy with the result . I actually bought a WO Z73 to use for the photography side .. I can’t wait to try it out .
  18. So , after three weeks I’ve managed to take my first photo .. I know the moon is an easy target but it’s a good starting point . This was taken on a 10” dob with a canon 100D . I’m sure some experienced people on here can give me some advice .
  19. I will echo all the other reply’s .. absolutely amazing .. I can only dream of doing this as I’m a total beginner when it comes to photography. But this has inspired me so much. Brilliant !
  20. greealilee , ive just purchased the same scope (albeit the red one as it was the only one available ).. ive yet to use it , but ive now bought a flattener ...the only thing missing was the finderscope .. did yours come with the finder or did you order it separately ? This scope looks beautiful and i cant wait to use it ... have you had chance to post any images yet ? Stu
  21. Hi , I am picking up the flattener today , hopefully ... its certainly something that i think i will need
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