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  1. Latest update: I've still not got round to doing the mods or buying a mains power adapter. The rechargeable batteries seem to be coping OK so far for a few nights of around 1-1.5hrs usage per night. I then top them up. I did find it suddenly move of target (Jupiter) the other night though, in the middle of observing which was odd. After I realigned it was OK again. I recently got the SVBONY 7-21mm from ebay, besides a distorted rubber on the cap and around the eyepiece (for which the seller offered a partial refund) the optics are thankfully OK. I could make out the banding on Jupiter and see the rings on Saturn better with this at 7mm compared to the stock 10mm. Wanting to see more I've gone ahead and ordered the BST 5mm. Seeing conditions haven't been great over the past week so I've not been able to put it through its paces I have no other scope to compare it to but still very pleased with this overall and feel I made the right decision getting this. I want to start exploring DSOs once conditions improve. Thinking of ordering Turn Left at Orion for help on that subject. Any recommendations on some DSO targets which a beginner could explore with the Heritage 150p? Thanks!
  2. I hadn't thought about rebalancing the scope at the dovetail clamp after I added a heavier lens. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thought I’d share my progress on how I’m getting on with the 150P Virtuoso. I managed to use the telescope briefly on the first night but had issues trying to get the alignment to work correctly - I thought the app would be more intuitive. Thankfully @Astro_Dad pointed me to the instructions for the app but I didn’t have clear enough skies to try it out. That was until today! It was a reasonably clear night so I went out to give it another crack. I should mention first that I was using rechargeable batteries as I’ve not got round to purchasing the mains adapter or decided between a power tank or something like a car battery jump starter which a lot of people seem to use as its cheaper. Following the instructions this time and now understanding what the flashing up/right arrows on the app mean I managed to get the alignment correct and working. I was able to observe Jupiter, including the 4 Galilean moons with the included 10mm. If I looked carefully I was just able to make out the banding. I then moved over to Saturn, with the 10mm still on it was visible in the eye piece which I then cantered with a bit of fine tuning. I was able to make out the rings around Saturn which was super exciting, I know my daughter would be thrilled to bits to see the rings as it’s her second favourite planet (after earth of course). I then turned my attention to M31 where I was able to make out the fuzzy patch in the sky with the included 25mm, I think I needed it to be darker to make it out more clearly. Overall I’m super happy with my first real experience using my first telescope, I’m so glad I finally took the plunge. Thank you to all for the tips and recommendations. Its already got me wanting more, I’m already thinking about adding an alternative to the 10mm eye piece so I can get closer up to Jupiter and Saturn to make out more definition on Jupiter or even the Cassini division. I see the BST StarGuiders come up consistently in the recommendations on this forum, has anyone had any experience with the 5mm on the Heritage 150p or is that a stretch too far for this scope? Or would the 8mm be sufficient and/or with a Barlow? Another recommendation has been the Svbony SV135 zoom 7-21mm. Again any advice from anyone with any experience using this eyepiece on the 150p would be hugely appreciated. I also now realise I have a lot to learn about DSO's, what I should be looking for and what I should be able to make out. Now I have the tools I look forward to this.
  4. Mine arrived this morning, can't wait to give it a go tonight There is a port for an optional syncScan hand controller. I can understand the concern about app support, e.g. I'm on android and the play store app doesn't work with the the latest OS but there is a notice in the box to install the latest version from the skywatcher website directly and that installed and started up fine. I imagine there'll be some second hand hand controllers in a few years time which could be useful as a backup if needs must.
  5. Thanks all for your advice, really appreciated. The recommendation from @Astro_Dad tipped the balance and I purchased the scope yesterday via a local photography telescope store who price matched Harrisons - glad to support a local business esp in these difficult times for them. Been staring at the FedEx tracking all day with excitement as it was meant to be arriving today but sadly its not turned up, the parcel seems to have gone backwards Hopefully it arrives tomorrow, can't wait to give a try
  6. I'm begining to understand why everyone says the costs mount up - even before you purchase anything I suspect 95% of the time it would be used in the garden so i would be able to use a mains power source. It would be interesting to see if the rechargable batteries do work given the minimum voltage requirement of 7.5V, I have tended to buy the Varta range more recently as they seem to do a good job. Also the power bank option with the 5v->12v cable sounds like a possibility as i only recently purchased a 20000mAh power bank which i believe has a high enough amp output.. I get the impression that the 150p is looking like the scope to go for, and having the tracking and a form of goto is useful especially for the children. I cannot find a review or opinion on the new Virtuoso mount, to determine if its worth that investement
  7. I hadn't even thought about a power bank. I presume you can use the standard ones for phones etc. Would 8 pre charged rechargeable batteries work or do you have to go down the house alarm sealed acid battery route? The specs have listed External Power Supply (DC 7.5~14V, 1A)
  8. Thanks @wulfrun for the detailed response. From what I was reading before I could see photography was a whole different ball game so I knew I wouldn't be able to find a one size fits all solution. The take away from my research to date was to look for something as an observation scope first and later look into something I could use for photography. Thanks for the link as well, I'll give it a good read through.
  9. Hello I am new to the forum and I’ve been looking at getting my first scope for observing planets and DSO's. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long while now and a few evenings ago i was lucky enough to come across a gentleman in a field on my walk home who was observing Jupiter and Saturn through his telescope. I was very grateful that he didn't mind me interrupting his observing and let me have a look through his scope, I was amazed at seeing Jupiter and clearly seeing the banding on the planet as well as Saturn's rings and this has pushed me to finally take the plunge and get one for myself. As amazing as it was, the telescope he used is well out of my budget for my first one (Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25). My main criteria for a telescope is: I would like to observe the planets of the solar system, mainly Saturn and Jupiter. Being able to clearly see Saturn’s rings, the banding on Jupiter and the red spot and to share these observations with my young kids. I would also like to observe DSO's, some galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. It needs to be something I can easily store in the house and take out to the garden or a nearby darker spot when there is a clear night Something I can take in the car on our staycations - if I can squeeze it in between all the kid’s things. I am keen to try some Astrophotography, having taken pictures of the Milky Way, some easy to spot constellations and even an image of Jupiter on a 300mm telephoto lens where I could make out 4 of its moons (if I zoomed in a lot!). But I appreciate it’s better to have a separate kit for observing vs photography so starting off with observing. I was initially thinking about getting the Sky-Watcher Heritage 150P FlexTube after some heavy research as it seems to fit the bill but have now come across the VIRTUOSO GTI WIFI version which appears to be a new addition to the range. Having the GoTo style is very appealing for ease of observing and especially with the kids wanting to have a look through it as well. I haven't been able to find any reviews of this telescope and was wondering if there were any observers out there who had this telescope and could give me some feedback on how they find using it and if they would recommend it. Or from anyone who has an opinion if it is or would be worth the extra cost over the standard 150P FlexTube or are there better options out there? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, New to the form and i've been looking at getting my first scope for observing planets and DSO's. I wanted something i can easily store in the house and take out to the garden or a nearby darker spot when there is a clear night or even take in the car on our staycations - if i can squeeze it in between all the kids things. I was initially thinking about getting the Sky-Watcher Heritage 150P FlexTube but came across this online. I haven't been able to find any reviews of it so wondering what your thoughts are @Astrodad now you've had it for a few months or from anyone else who has this scope. Is it worth the extra cost over the standard 150P FlexTube or are there better options out there? Thanks in advance!
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