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  1. I may be in the market for a small refractor to add to the Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount, for casual observational and astro-imaging use. I have a 300mm prime lens for my DLSR and this works well but I need to get in a bit closer. On a budget so nothing too fancy but I do want reasonable quality. I note the ED80s from Orion and Skywatcher seem to come highly recommended. Anyone using these on a Star Adventurer, or any other suggestions/recommendations please/ One cheap alternative I've been pondering is to get a 500mm reflex lens for the Nikon. I used to have a Tamron years ago for use
  2. Yeah I just couldn't get the polar align to work properly. Currently I'm still waiting for a clear night to test the firmware upgrades! Thanks for the tip, I'll check out Team Celestron if the upgrades don't fix it. Mike
  3. I decided after my experience of managing the Windows 10 upgrades at work that there was no way I was letting it anywhere near my home systems. I had an older Win 7 laptop that I hadn't used for a while so that was the issue for me. Doing the firmware upgrade was a big enough technical challenge alone, without having to try to do it on the car crash of an OS that is Windows 10!
  4. Thanks for your help and patience. So let's see if I've got this right; if local time is 1600 BST, I set the time to 1600 on the mount and put DST on. So presumably, in October, when we go back to GMT, I have to set DST to off AND take an hour off the time? Just seems strange having to do a double adjustment.
  5. Ok, this is probably really dumb but I'll ask it anyway. When I set the time on a Celestron Nexstar or Star Sense controller, there's an option for DST ON/OFF. So, as we're in BST for now, do I set the local time as GMT and put DST ON or set the time to BST and put DST on? The former makes more sense to me, but putting DST on doesn't advance the time display like it would on a digital watch. Does the controller just use it to add an hour in its RA position calcs? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for that, some useful info. There were definitely some major issues with earlier firmware revs. I have now managed to get it all updated and I'll be trying it out on the first clear night we get! Again, thanks for the help folks.
  7. UPD8 It looks like firmware rev. is the issue. Looking on the net, earlier versions of the firmware were buggy and didn't support EQ mounts properly. The version currently installed is from June 2014 so it's way out of date. Clearly I need to get that up to date before any further use. Looks like I need to recommission my old laptop......
  8. Thanks for the comments. I think I do get the differences between the alignments. According to the instructions, you can only do the polar align after a star sense auto align. The sequence seems to be Roughly align the mount. Star Sense Auto Align Polar Align Do another auto align. (NB Time/date/location already done) DO more experienced users know a better way? The bit I don't understand is the NS then EW steps for Polar alignment. That just doesn't make sense as if I'm only adjusting one axis at a time, I'm unlikely to be able to actually see the alignme
  9. Hi all I'm not new to astronomy nor technology but I am new to technology-assisted astronomy. I'm having problems getting my Star Sense Auto-Align to work properly on my AV-X EQ mount. It auto-aligns perfectly and can find objects accurately but I can't get it to polar align for the purposes of accurate tracking and - hopefully - imaging. The instructions for the polar align are completely different to what the handset actually does; it asks me to align it NS first and then EW using the manual alt/az adjustments. How can this be done as two separate alignments? I've tried just centring up
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