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  1. What do you think of these? https://www.amazon.fr/Svbony-Oculaires-Astronomique-Accessoires-Asphérique/dp/B07TVJC5KR/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=svbony+20mm+oculaire&qid=1629045025&sr=8-3
  2. Hello, I was thinking buying a couple of these (https://www.amazon.fr/Svbony-Oculaires-Astronomique-Accessoires-Asphérique/dp/B07TVJC5KR/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=svbony+20mm+oculaire&qid=1629045025&sr=8-3) for the WO binoviewer I just got. I intend to use this in a 10' fulltube dob with either the x1.6 barlow provided with the bino or a x2 celestron ultima barlow. All advice welcome! Cheers, Raphael
  3. Do you think goldline plossl (also 66°) would do well in this set up? How about the Skywatcher planetary? I'm looking for a cheap option
  4. Hello, I just bought a WO bino. It came with the x1.6 barlow and I have a x2 Celestron Ultima Barlow. I intend to use the bino on a Skywatcher 10' fulltube dob (So I will have to use it with one of the barlows) My question is: will the x1.6 barlow give x1.6 and will the x2 Barlow actually give x2? And which EPs would you go for with such a set up? Cheers, Raphael
  5. ET cluster is NGC 457 in Cassioppiae... you'll understand the name once you see it. One of my favorite open clusters.
  6. With a refractor open clusters are really great targets. If you haven't already, try and have a look at the pleiades, the hyades, the beehive cluster, the ET cluster...
  7. You can find these zoom second hand quite easily here or on UK astro buy sell. You could definitely save a few quids that way.
  8. Actually if you use a manual dob, a widefield EP on planetary allows you to stay longer on the target without having to nudge the scope... I find this valuable.
  9. You re right! I got mixed up... I really don't use my zoom often! I still find the AFOV too narrow ... now that I got used to 70-80° EPs, it's difficult to use something else.
  10. To me the main issue is the narrow field at high power. For example, my zoom which is a basic Celestron 8-24mm provides only 40° of AFOV at 8mm.
  11. I also have a zoom EP and to be honest I barely use it. I much prefer fixed focal lengh EPs as most people do. A zoom EP is great for a travel scope as it allows you to have all required focal lengh (might need to add a Barlow) in a very small package.
  12. And another +1 for BST starguiders (I have the 5mm and the 15mm) Otherwise you could have a look at OVL Nirvana's (I have the 7mm and 16mm is on its way). Price is not crazy (69£ at FLO), you get a 82° AFOV and the general quality of the image is very good. On the other hand the range is quite limited, only 4mm, 7mm and 16mm. To me those EPs are among the best deals you can get in astronomy.
  13. Up to a 10' dob full tube fits easily on the back seats of most cars (with the base in the trunk)... I know its pushing you budget a bit but a 6' or 8' dob is really really good to start with.
  14. As said an 8' Dob is a big beast but a mighty one! It still fits in most cars if you want to go to a dark site and is relatively cheap for a very nice apperture.
  15. I fail to see how a 200p on EQ 5 is easier to store/move than a 200 Dob. You could add a couple of straps around the OTA to help. The EQ 5 is heavy and bulky. I would say that if a 200 dob is to big you could get the SW 150/750 flextube which you can carry in one hand and store anywhere.
  16. Thanks for all the replies. I will stay away from those Jones-bird scopes and try to find a classic newtonian optical formula. Cheers, Raph
  17. Thanks a lot! That is very helpful. I currently have a SW 250/1200 as my main scope and I had a 130/900 EQ2 in the past so any of those would be a great reference point. Regarding the Bresser, the one I might buy is an older version which is white... and I beleive shorter thus more corrected. To be honest, I found the pics of Jupiter trully awful (I'm not saying that to be mean, I trully appreciate your help). What did you use to take these pics? Is it a cell phone through one of these nice ES 82° EP? I 'll need to think about it but I may try to source a scope from another place (maybe a heritage 130) and have it shipped there as I can't find anything really satisfactory in the area.
  18. Have you used one of these? Are they that bad? Would you go for this and get a 150 apperture or gor for a 114/900 for example?
  19. Hello, I'm trying to get a cheap scope for when I spend time at my in-laws in Valencia. On local second hand websites, I see a lot of either Bresser or Seben 150/1400. Those scopes have an integrated barlow which is supposed to be really bad. My question is: for the same price, would you rather go for a classic 114/900 (or 114/500) or 130/900 or would you put more importance on apperture and get the 150/1400 despite the integrated barlow. Also do you think it would be possible to get rid of the integrated Barlow? Will I still be able to reach focus? Has anyone already use one of those scopes with integrated barlow? Is it as bad as people make it to be? Cheers, Raphael
  20. Here are are a few pics. It came with a viking 77/910 from the 60's (From what I understood its similar to a Royal Astro Japan). I don't know the ref of the mount.
  21. Hello guys, I just bought a old japanese frac but the counterweight and shaft are missing. I was wondering if I could replace it with the shaft of an EQ2 or star adventurer so if you have one and can tell me the width of the screw part of the shaft that would be very helpfull. Cheers, Raphael
  22. Hello guys, I just bought a old japanese frac but the counterweight and shaft are missing. I was wondering if I could replace it with the shaft of an EQ2 or star adventurer so if you have one and can tell me the width of the screw part of the shaft that would be very helpfull. Cheers, Raphael
  23. Hello, If you go for a full tube 150/1200 dob, collimation should hold pretty well for a few month at a time. If you grandson keeps using it, he will learn how to collimate eentually. Maybe a cheap laser that you collimate yourself beforehand would be a solution that is quite intuitive to use and eventhough it 's not gonna be precise, it should be good enough. Other than that, I think you're left with cheap achro which I wouldn't recommend. Raph
  24. I have bought a ironing chair like this one https://www.leifheit.be/product/details/multi-seat-niveau-chrom.html It's pretty cheap, comfortable enought and can be adjusted in height.
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