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  1. Request if you have used any of these models and you could review them. Regards
  2. Thank you Tiny Clanger for your response. I stay in a city with considerable light pollution. I'm a beginner and have short listed two models. Skywatcher BK 1025eq1 refractor and Skywatcher BK 1309eq2 reflector. Priority is ease of use, portability and low maintenance. Interested in both seeing both planets and deep sky objects.
  3. Thank you for your response. I live in a city. Plan to keep the telescope in store room with no stairs. Plan to use the telescope in a dark area near my location. Would like to view both planets and Deep sky objects....
  4. Thank you Dark Vader and Philip R for your response. I'm looking at only visual astronomy and the budget is about 350 to 400 USD. Regards
  5. Hi! I'm planning to buy my first telescope for amateur usage. I'm torn between a refractor a reflector. Which would be better choice between a skywatcher 1025eq1 model and Skywatcher 1309 eq 2 model? I value easy portability, low maintenance and ease of use! Please advise.
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