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  1. Was looking at that Skywatcher collapsible 130p dobson, but it was out of stock. Will write to them about when it will be back in stock. Hmm it seems like the official site does not show the 150p, just store pages all are out of stock, maybe this is a new model? Grandmother was a physics teacher and she had to teach some astronomy too, so i'm leaning towards a telescope. Yes, shops look cleaned out, almost as they had huge discount.
  2. Hello, A little bit of a backstory A few days ago my son came to mother and me and asked for a telescope. I was thinking about getting a telescope 3 or so years ago, but life got in the way. We live on the outskirts of a city, so light pollution is a normal thing. I live in Europe and would like to buy locally. After writing back and forth with a few telescope shops (one of them has an interesting interpretation of budget). My budget is about 250 euros. based on their suggestions here is the list: SkyWatcher SkyHawk 114/500 P EQ1 - 209eur SkyWatcher Explorer 130/900 EQ
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