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    Skywatcher 250 px (with Lacerta 1:10 microfocuser and Telrad), BST Starguider 5mm & 15mm, Skywatcher Planetary 4mm & 6mm, Omegon Cronus 8mm, GSO Plossl 32mm, Unbranded Plossl 25mm, ES 1.25'' UHC Filter, Omegon 1.25'' OIII filter, colour filters, ToupTek Camera G-1200-KPB Color Guider.
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  1. My advice is to look for golf clubs or model aircraft runways. They usually have nice flat, maintained land and are often quite remote.
  2. $75 sounds pretty good. If I cannot find it used, I will get the Omegon copy which seems identical but cheaper (at least for me when shipping costs are taken into account). https://www.astroshop.eu/flatteners-correctors-reducers/omegon-pro-koma-korrektor-fuer-astrograph/p,53821
  3. Just received a vintage Lumicon OIII... I hope it will be a noticable improvement from my Omegon OIII. Thank you @Saganite
  4. It might sound like a stupid question but I ve got to ask at one point or anouther... What do you call the shoulder exactly?
  5. Thanks for your answer! How can I know where the focus point of an EP is? Btw you can see what EPs I have in my signature.
  6. @Louis D @Alan White From reading other treads I beleive that you guys have the GSO CC and maybe you could help me?
  7. Hey guys, I am (still) considering buying a GSO CC to use in my SW 250px. What I understood so far is that I would need 75mm from the top lens of the CC to the focal plane of the EP. This would be achieved by adding a 25mm spacer... Am I right so far? So am I supposed to put the CC straight in the focuser ? (without the 2'' adaptater)? My second question is how do I use this with a 1.25'' EP? Am I supposed to add the 2'' to 1.25'' adaptater after the CC? Will that maintain the proper lightpass length? Many thanks for your answers Raph
  8. How long are those? The ones I might get (which are also tumb screws) are 15mm long (threaded shaft) + 2.38mm (head)... Seems allright, no?
  9. Hello, I just have a quick question. Are M4 screws the right size for a SW 250px secondary miror adjustment? How long should these be ? Many thanks, Raph
  10. Also you should download Stelarium. It shows you the sky you should be able to see from anywhere at any time. It's great to plan you evenings ahead. And you should also consider getting "Turn left at Orion". It's a great book and is beginner friendly.
  11. Hello, First thing you have to know is that Jupiter is not visible right now as it is behind the sun for us poor earthlings. Next opposition (ie. the best time to view it) will be on 14 july 2020. So it should be visible in the morning 2-3 before this date and in the evening 2-3 months after this date. Now regarding the items that would help viewing it, I would suggest a 4mm or a 5mm which should give you respectively a magnification of x150 and x120. As for what to buy, it will depend on the budget you want to allocate to this but one thing to keep in mind is that Plossl design at these focal lengh will have a very short eye relief and will not be comfortable to use. My advice would be to go a little more expensive and get either a BST starguider (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bst-starguider-eyepieces/bst-starguider-60-5mm-ed-eyepiece.html) or a skywatcher UWA Planetary (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-uwa-planetary-eyepieces.html). They offer about 60° AFOV and have comfortable eye relief. Regarding filters, I would not get any colour filter but I would get a Baader Moon & skyglow neodymium filter (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/baader-neodymium-filter.html). That's far from mandatory and I would advise not to get it right away but only later if it still makes sense.
  12. I wouldn't say its essential but it's a great help!
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