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  1. There are beatiful indeed but I wouldn't feel safe having a cat on the same table as some Naglers... My cat has the tendency to flick things off tables!
  2. Hey guys, I recently got a Touptek Camera G-1200-KPB as part of a bundle. I tried it yesterday and took a few pictures/video of the moon. The issue is that there is a black spot in the right upper corner of every image I took (see picture attached). Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? Is there maybe something I can clean on the camera? Something I can do when I process the image? Thank oyu in advance for your help test5.bmp
  3. No worries, you can call me Susan if you like, it doen't matter I think uou re making a move you won't regret (I didn't). Looking forward for your opinion on those EPs. Once I was all set with EPs, my next move was a Telrad finder and a lacerta micro focuser uprgrade kit (which I just installed yesterday)... and now I m considering a RACI finder... Amateur astronomy is cheap to get into but once you re hooked there's no end.
  4. Sadly BST starguider doesn't exist in 6mm. They have a 5mm and a 8mm. If you really want a 6mm, I would advice for a TMB imitation (original TMBs are difficult to find) which is in the same price range and have somewhat comparable performance. I recently was in the same situation, wanting to upgrade the kit EPs. For me a range of 3-4 EPs is enought, especially coupled with a decent Barlow (Revelation/GSO/Baader Q/Celestron Ultima Japan/Orion shorty plus). So I would say BST 5mm and 15mm + 32mm plossl. The 32 mm is for widefield/finder EP, 15mm is great on many DSOs (although a 12mm would also be nice if conditions are good). The 15mm with the barlow (7.5mm) is good for planetary when conditions are average while the 5mm will be good when conditions are better. Once you have these a 9mm or/and 12mm will be useful for DSO which require higher power and will respectively give you 4.5mm and 6mm when barlowed allowing for finer adjustment when doing planetary.
  5. Hmm... I might have to add that to my list Do you also use it on DSOs?
  6. Thanks for the answer. I already have a UHC and an OIII ... So no point in buying a light pollution ... I starting to wonder why those exist if they are inferior to UHC and OIII in every situation? Maybe just because people buy them?
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if light pollution filter help for visual use. From what I understand, light pollution filter don't help for galaxies and cluster as the light emitted cover the entire spectrum and UHC/OIII are better for nebulae. Does anyone use light pollution filter for visual? If it helps, I m using a 10' Dob at a Bortle 4-5 site. Cheers, Raph
  8. Your reasons for not buying a big dob make perfect sense. I hope that you'll be happy with your Opticstar. I don't know much about refractors but this one sure looks nice It's fine to ask for advice and not follow it... the main point is to get an idea of what your getting yourself into. Anyway my bet is that you ll get a dob later (and just to tease you, did you know that a 10' dob is the same length and only marginally bulkier than an 8' but gathers 56% more light) Next step is to evaluate your EPs. I would aim for cheap but decent (about 40-50 GBP new, 20-30 GBP used) and that often means plossl design. Slightly more expensive are the BST staguiders which are highly praised on this forum. Also make sure, you have a finder and know how to use it (red dot finders are cheap and intuitive but won't magnify, whereas 6x30 or 9x50 will reverse the image most of the time but will allow you see the brighter DSOs in the finder)
  9. Sorry, I was wrong indeed... £54 is just the base and does not include the slider.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears that FLO sells the UFC base for £54 ... not £130. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-filters/baader-ufc-universal-filter-changer-system.html
  11. I easily fit my 10' Dob in my car which is on the smaller side so no problem to fit that in a van. Those dobs are solid enough not to be damaged during transportation as long as you manage to fix them (I put my dob on the backseat of the car with seatbelts and it works fine). If the road is bumpy, you ll have to collimate which isn't a big deal once you get used to it. Regarding viewing position I find that having an ajustable seat is great. You can get something designed for astronomy like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-observing-chairs/sky-watcher-anti-tip-observing-chair.html. Or you can be cheap like me and get one designed for ironing! https://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/Leifheit-multisitz-Niveau-Seat-Assistance-Standing-Ironing-Chair-Aid-Chrome/113729433696?hash=item1a7acd7060:g:j3MAAOSw4~1ck8~o that's the one I bought... you can probably find it for around 25 GBP
  12. With the right equipment you could also do planetary imaging.
  13. It should do decent job for moon, planets and DSOs (only the brighter might be visible under light polluted sky)
  14. Haha! I ve already started to sneakily disseminate information to my loved ones... I just explained yesterday to my girlfriend how convient a RACI finder is!
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