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    Skywatcher 250 px (with Lacerta 1:10 microfocuser and Telrad), BST Starguider 5mm & 15mm, Skywatcher Planetary 4mm & 6mm, Omegon Cronus 8mm, GSO Plossl 32mm, Unbranded Plossl 25mm, ES 1.25'' UHC Filter, Omegon 1.25'' OIII filter, colour filters, ToupTek Camera G-1200-KPB Color Guider.
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  1. ET cluster is NGC 457 in Cassioppiae... you'll understand the name once you see it. One of my favorite open clusters.
  2. With a refractor open clusters are really great targets. If you haven't already, try and have a look at the pleiades, the hyades, the beehive cluster, the ET cluster...
  3. You can find these zoom second hand quite easily here or on UK astro buy sell. You could definitely save a few quids that way.
  4. Actually if you use a manual dob, a widefield EP on planetary allows you to stay longer on the target without having to nudge the scope... I find this valuable.
  5. You re right! I got mixed up... I really don't use my zoom often! I still find the AFOV too narrow ... now that I got used to 70-80° EPs, it's difficult to use something else.
  6. To me the main issue is the narrow field at high power. For example, my zoom which is a basic Celestron 8-24mm provides only 40° of AFOV at 8mm.
  7. I also have a zoom EP and to be honest I barely use it. I much prefer fixed focal lengh EPs as most people do. A zoom EP is great for a travel scope as it allows you to have all required focal lengh (might need to add a Barlow) in a very small package.
  8. And another +1 for BST starguiders (I have the 5mm and the 15mm) Otherwise you could have a look at OVL Nirvana's (I have the 7mm and 16mm is on its way). Price is not crazy (69£ at FLO), you get a 82° AFOV and the general quality of the image is very good. On the other hand the range is quite limited, only 4mm, 7mm and 16mm. To me those EPs are among the best deals you can get in astronomy.
  9. Up to a 10' dob full tube fits easily on the back seats of most cars (with the base in the trunk)... I know its pushing you budget a bit but a 6' or 8' dob is really really good to start with.
  10. I ve already had a few things sent to me from the UK since Brexit and nothing has changed in that regard. It works fine.
  11. As said an 8' Dob is a big beast but a mighty one! It still fits in most cars if you want to go to a dark site and is relatively cheap for a very nice apperture.
  12. I fail to see how a 200p on EQ 5 is easier to store/move than a 200 Dob. You could add a couple of straps around the OTA to help. The EQ 5 is heavy and bulky. I would say that if a 200 dob is to big you could get the SW 150/750 flextube which you can carry in one hand and store anywhere.
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