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  1. OK, that's a pretty unanimous answer. It's a little more than I would like to spend but it sounds like a good deal. Thanks all for the advice
  2. Hello stargazers, I'm currently contemplating buying a decent barlow (I got a dirty cheap one when I bough my telescope). From what I saw my best options are either a new Orion Shorty x2 (not the plus) for +-30 GBP, a second hand Celestron Ultima Japan x2 for +-50 GBP or a new Celestron X-cell LX x2 for +-70 GBP. If you beleive that something else could be better suited please let me know... I am planning to use it visually on different scopes. I currently have a small 114/500 nat geo dobsonian travel telescope which I use mostly with a 8-24mm Celestron zoom (This is where is need more magnification, something lifht would be a plus) and a 130/900 Eq2 skywatcher (which I might upgrade to an 8'' or 10'' Dob ... not right now) with this telescope I mostly use my 5mm and 15mm BST starguiders (I m also looking to buy a decent 32mm plossl). Obviously I am trying to keep my wallet from suffering to much. I would love to have some advice. Cheers, Raph
  3. That sounds great. Does anyone know where I can find some observation log sheets? Raph
  4. This might help too if you want a printable version. It will take a bit of math to know what is the actual FOV through each EP but once you know that it should prove helpfull. http://www.kenpress.com/messierlistobjects.pdf (To know your actual FOV take the AFOV then divide by magnification, to know magnification you must divide focal length of the scope by the focal length of the EP) Raph
  5. Wouldn’t the OIII obstruct too much light for my Skywatcher 130/900?
  6. Hello everybody, I am new to astronomy... I just got my first "real" telescope a few days ago. I'm not considering buying filters right now however I'm curious and I will probably buy filters someday. The question I wanted to ask is what are the most commonly used filters, what do they do and what are they good for? Let's stick to the ones that help observing (astrophotography is not going to be a concern for the time being) From what I understood UHC filters are great and should be the first one I get but then they are so many other filters I would like to know about...I heard about OIII, neodymium, H alpha, H beta, CSL, color filters of all kind and so on! I'm getting lost... Raph
  7. This was the first answer I got and obviously I didn't want to follow that advice blindly without careful consideration of all my options. After studying all aspects of what makes a good EP and looking at what was on the maket for my budget ... I decided to go slightly over my budget and got the 5mm and 15mm BST Starguiders as you suggested... well done sir! Anyways it was really interesting to learn the ins and outs of EPs. Again thank you everybody for your advice/teachings!
  8. What do you guys think about the 6mm Sky-Watcher UWA Planetary Eyepiece? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-uwa-planetary-eyepieces.html Would that be good on my Skywatcher 130/900?
  9. Thanks all for your help. I believe that I now have a better understanding of what matters when choosing EPs. So if I got it right, they are 3 main aspects that are important (besides focal length): - Sharpness of the image which depends on the overall quality of the lenses and the coating. Is the number of lenses connected to that too? - Apparent field of view... the wider the better. Kellner = 40 ish degrees. Plossl = 52. Bts starguider = 60. This makes viewing more comfortable and allows to see bigger objects. - Eye relief: should be about 15 mm for comfortable viewing And the conclusion is that It would be better to go straight to bts starguider which I could probably keep for a good while. Did I get all that right? Anything to add?
  10. Thanks again for the input. I think I ll be getting a 15mm plossl. What’s a good price for that? I live in Belgium. Any online retailers to suggest ?
  11. Thank very much for those answers...I guess I won’t get this kit. If I had to get only one extra EP what should it be according to you? Would I be better off with a 6 or 7mm EP and eventually barlow it or should I get a smaller EP like 4-5 mm ? Also bst starguiders seem to be mostly sold in the uk, which other brands would be good quality and affordable ?
  12. Hi all! I just discovered this community and I'm impressed! You really seem like a passionate bunch. Now for my question... I just bought a Skywatcher N130/900 EQ 2. This telescope comes with a 10mm and a 25mm eyepiece and a 2x barlow. In order to extend my eyepiece collection I was thinking of buying the Omegon Eyepieces Starter Kit (https://www.astroshop.eu/eyepieces/omegon-eyepieces-starter-kit/p,49758#tab_bar_0_select). This kit has a 15mm Kellner, a 6mm Poessl, a 2x barlow (which I hope is better than what I got with the telescope) and some filters (blue, red, moon). My idea is that the 6mm Poessl would help maximise the magnification of my telescope for planetary observations. I know that the barlowed 6mm would give me a 300x magnification which would push the limit of my telescope but I m watching in a very clear/dark place. The 15mm is not essential but would be a nice addition. Same goes for the filters. I can get that kit for 55 EUR which seems reasonable. What do you think about the quality of the EPs? Do you think it's worth buying? Thanks, Raphael
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