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  1. Yup I have a whole thread on RDF issues though mine is more related to light pollution and annoying angles I think my conclusion was to replace the RDF with a quikfinder and a 6x30 finderscope at some point! Still the issue you describe is exactly my experience with RDF, they are just to bright and it can wash out the stars, plus keeping both eyes open I find it difficult to integrate the dot and the background at times. Usually I use binoculars to hunt the area, then guess where to the put the RDF if there isn't an obvious star (or others to jump off from) and pan around with the telescope o
  2. Sounds great, look forward to hearing about it, I am currently keeping tabs on the various types of telescopes for future upgrades to my 90mm though don't tell the wife since I have only had this one a few months bwahaha
  3. Good times always good to get out especially with the new kit! Sounds like you got plenty in, I am still totally in awe of M42 and Pleiades especially since switching out my stock EP for some BST ones, surprised the difference it makes. The UHC sounds interesting will have to have a read up, I am yet to play much with filters, I have an ND polariser for the moon which has worked nicely and I have a yellow #8 to trial to see if it assists on bright objects to reduce the CA slightly. I am yet to have a proper lunar wander myself, sounds fascinating, I can only usually get at the moon when
  4. That is what I do, I leave the EP cap on but loose and point the telescope at a slight downward angle to avoid dust (and let any dew run out if needed - hasnt happened so far). Congratulations on your first session outside and here are to hopefully many more! The Skymax 127 sounds like a good telescope from the reviews I have read on here / elsewhere, I nearly ended up with a 102 instead of my current one so its always interesting to hear about how they perform
  5. I will give that a go, I was having plenty of high mag shake and some CA with the refractor to which didn't help, have tightened the tripod and got a filter to try next time to
  6. Congratulations! I have Rigel on the list to try again at splitting it I was super excited to split Castor last time out and find Andromeda (though it took a few nights!) also in previous sessions. I may have to try some of the targets you have mentioned
  7. I obsessively check my scope nights app and it basically just changes all the time. Its almost as if the weather isn't predictable at all
  8. My garden is going swampy (my chair legs sank the other day) but I'm going to go with because whilst the sky is gloriously clear now it will be 100% cloud cover +-rain +- fog +- sleet +- snow later
  9. Welcome! I have probably a similar style of telescope to the one you have purchased, mine is a 90/660 short tube. Its a pretty handy telescope so far and I have been busy checking out various things. It excels at wide field for so looking at constellations (check out pleiades) but I have had fun locating DSO (faint but rewarding when located such as andromeda galaxy), nebulas (m42 is a fave), star clusters and my current project is double stars (try Castor). I think the best bet is to have a read around and see what there is out there I have plenty of wow moments! Good luck, hope
  10. I am currently trying out various types of object to see what I can get out of my telescope and to see what I enjoy doing. I have tried a bit of everything though so far the telescope is really shining when looking at wide field objects (constellation / star clusters), DSO's can be challenging and frustrating in equal measure but amazing when I can hit them I am also hoping to get a clear night with the moon at some point! With the rubbish UK cloud cover at present I am starting to have to try to plan sessions to feel like I get the most of them! I probably need to look back throu
  11. Thats great I will have a read I picked out some targets the other night and I vaguely remember one being in Canis Major will have to consult the list! Next session notes at the moment I have: - Rigel, another go with new filter and some more knowledge see if it makes a difference - Beehive, bino sweep and then some actual time rather than squeezing it in - Almach, gold / blue double - I CAS, triple likely be to hard but will give it a go - 40 ERI, unequal double - BETA MON, white triple - 145 CMA, gold / blue double I have no idea how suitable the
  12. Thanks, thats a great list Hi Ian, Thanks, I think I was running at about 110x magnification according to the fov calculator I just ran through 90mm apeture / 660mm focal length + a BST 12mm and x2 barlow I suspect it was more down to the CA glare masking the smaller secondary, now I have done a little more research into what I am looking for I will give it another go next time and see if I can spot it! I spent last night tightening up some lose bolts across the tripod to see if that will help with the shake at high magnification with and my light yellow filter arrived to see i
  13. @Pixies hmmm I feel like I was in totally the wrong place which is odd considering I was using my phone app, will definitely swing the binos in that direction next time I am out to see, appreciated! @Bongo I will have to keep more detailed notes and plan a bit better in order to actually have more to say! Definitely going to try my hand at doubles again next light so I will try and update this thread if I do!
  14. Aye I will add it to the growing list of upgrades lol I swear I will have spent double the cost of the initial telescope by the time I am done. Still I was planning to keep the telescope for a year or two (at least) and any bits can be moved the next one I am sure (the wife will believe that right?! - this is the trouble with working from home everything comes to the door so no random sneaky purchases ) Thank you very much but don't worry overly about the PDF I am trying to collect print books for astronomy, they just seem to be more useful (and I can take it outside with me!). I will
  15. Thanks for that I will definitely check those targets out! I probably need to start keeping a list of targets so I can build up a nights set of viewing rather than just pootling up to the eyepiece (not that that isn't fun!). I have an 18mm and a 12mm, those plus a barlow gets me to 9mm and 6mm respectively or are you suggesting an 8 might be a more useful magnification for better viewing + the option to go to 4mm with barlow? I think from calculations that it probably as far as I can bump this telescope though whether it'd be a useable magnification would be interesting I have my e
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