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  1. Thats an interesting thought I guess now the SW and Bresser are not so far apart in price now. I vaguely remember some negative point on the Bresser being to do with mounting brackets and positioning for say RACI but I'd have to research it. Ah good point on the 102, I think that was my original choice for a telescope before the stock problems happened! That could be a good way to go if I get to the business end of the year and decide I can't afford the Dobsonian route. I was thinking though is there that much difference between a refractor and Mak at such small apertures, do I want to sp
  2. Thanks for the info both! Yeah zenith viewing on my refractor is a pain mostly because of the mount head as it tends to overbalance. I need to build a custom counterweight really to help stop that! To be honest I can probably cutdown my moves by planning better but thatll come with experience of what I can see when.
  3. I have been leaning towards that purely since it’ll cost a lot less (even with the new prices) as I wont have to also buy a new mount. The 90 is a very good grab and go with no to little cooldown so its good for throwing out on iffy nights as well! My main questions would be - How do Dobs behave looking upward? Zenith happens alot at present! - Are they massively portable? I would want to be repositioning it several times a night I guess. It would also be good if they fit through a standard doorway though I can always wheel out of the garage front if needs be - Whats the
  4. Alas my telescope hasn't had much light since mid April with one thing and another getting in the way and not having the time (nor enthusiasm at present alas!) to stay up very late / get up super early to catch what little darkness there is at present. I am hoping to catch the occasional moongazing night or get a good Fri / Sat session planned in (another limiting factor at the moment!) in the near future! That said I am reviewing my notes and playing with the idea of what would I get if I was to get a new telescope (observing only astrophotography is far to expensive for my blood!) towar
  5. Yeah I had already done the wind forward time a bit with Stellarium and Skyview (I think I checked at the end of Aug and into Sept) hence why I think there "may" be a window through various obstacles in the direction but I have found that your mileage often does vary with the mobile app positioning sadly! I like the idea of the custom landscaping etc so might have to look into that with the various apps I have and see what is possible Failing that this year I will at least know for next year that I maybe have to go to another site if needs be, I am also going to check the same positioni
  6. @Stu appreciated, I am hoping there might be a window of time in August where I can grab a view of both planets from my garden at some silly small angle between a house and a tree lol guess I'll have to wait and see, Stellarium and Skyview disagree slightly on the exact angle as per where I point the phone If not I'll have to work on getting something a little more portable next year and driving out somewhere of an evening
  7. Forgive me the noobish question but I am currently trying to work out if and when I will be able to try and see Jupiter and Saturn as I am quite constrained in the directions Stellarium is telling me about sadly ... would these dates be when they will likely reach the highest points in the sky?
  8. Appreciate the comments all I will just continue to find some time late evening when I can and hope the clouds work in my favour!
  9. Since I got my telescope back in Nov last year I have been enjoying the sights on the regular basis (when the cloud permits!) but at the moment I find myself in a bit of an ebb with it due to either unfavorable conditions or to little dark (yesterday didn't get anywhere near proper dark nights till 11pm). I am also restricted to only really having Friday / Saturday nights to play with at the moment and due to small kids and work during the week means I don't want to be up super late! What does everyone else do in these lighter months, are you staying up later to do the odd hour around mi
  10. My apps are all over the place, suggesting clear when its been cloudy the whole day. Unfortunately I missed the good week or so we had a couple of weeks back as I am currently restricted to Fri / Sat nights Hoping for something soon so I can get the dust sheets off the scope been a good month or so!
  11. An unexpectedly and superbly clear night (best of what has been a poor one for observing thus far in 2021) brought a couple of DSOs during a quick hour session. With my neighbours recent blitz on felling most of the tall trees on our boundary Hercules is now visible earlier in the evenings. I chanced a look at M13 and very easily located the globular cluster. It appeared as a very bright, diffuse grey patch between two stars. I tried several different resolutions down to 4mm but only got a hint of starting to resolve any detail on individual stars. As with other globulars I have trie
  12. Interestingly I have a similar problem with my short tube refractor but I assumed it was related to that telescope design. I find if I have to much glass (usually barlow lens and then a filter) I cant bring it to focus. Have you tried bringing either the barlow (or the EP or both) back a little? Being careful not to have it to loose and risk falling / damage but you can sometimes not insert everything fully and that may help? Did your 130p come with any little extension tubes to add? I vaguely recall someone mentioning this on another thread about this type of telescope.
  13. Skyview if you want something that lets you just wave your phone at the sky. You can’t zoom in though which can be annoying. There is a free version to which just has slightly less objects in the search. Stellarium+ also does that to a slightly worse extent but has lots more information and is zoomable / scrollable. Tried Sky Safari as everyone seems to use it but not really impressed with it so far compared to the other two (and its more expensive I think). It might just be I need to sit with it and play with it which is what I found with Stellarium+ as I didnt get on with that at f
  14. Since it was showing as close to the cheapest its been on Amazon for a few years I decided to splash on a complement to my Pocket Sky Atlas ... I appreciate phone apps are probably better but I am enjoying paper maps!
  15. Is it this one, looks like its $80 retail for the basic package here: https://www.celestron.com/pages/celestron-starry-night-software If it is just generic skymaps there are many free ones to be had on your phone / computer or some that are pretty good but not so expensive on iOS I use Skyview and Stellarium+ at present. I am sure others will be able to chime in with different platforms / options if that is what you are looking for
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