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  1. Yeah, I'm hoping for a picture of a working one that someone has taken when they replaced their battery Nothing so far though. Fingers crossed I studied electronics at A-levels but my dad never did although he understands a fair amount as he had to for his job before he retired, just never did circuit boards like this, he was more on the consumer and industrial electronics rather than these sorts of things. Thanks
  2. Long shot I know but does anyone have either a picture or circuit diagram for either the Celestron 18774/Skywatcher power tank? My dad just replaced the battery on it and managed to wire it up in the wrong polarity and has blown a couple of resistors and a diode. We are looking to find the right values for these to get replacements and wire them up. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Just wondering how much if any pre processing people do to their subs before stacking? I'm still in decision as to what is best. I check through my files and remove the crap ones and then stack generally, but I have tried a couple of times doing some very light colour balancing and touching up of the subs before stacking but I'm just not sure if it made enough of a difference to warrant the extra time spent on the image... What are all your thoughts?
  4. Nice! I've given it another go in photoshop and this is what I came up with Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. This is the first time I've tried M45 and it appears quite tricky to process! I'm not sure if my data is good enough for anything particularly special so I thought I'd give you wonderful people the chance to have a go at it... This is the link to my stacked image... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtusx9haj5rmx6j/Autosave.tif?dl=0
  6. Thanks, I eventually found MS ICE. Worked a treat! Unfortunately I didn't quite get my panels lined up enough so will be going again when I next get a good run of clear skies Here is what I managed though!
  7. Heya, So I'm attempting my first ever mosaic. Just thinking of ways to make my life easier. Should I stack the images separately and then do the process of merging manually in Photoshop or should I stack them all together in DSS in mosaic mode and would that even work? Thanks in advance Clear skies!
  8. Having had these experiences on many occasions with the so called budget airlines I just don't fly with them anymore. It's a false economy as they charge you for everything! Flying with a proper airline always works out cheaper if you have hold luggage. I once went snowboarding and paid for my snowboard bag on the way out. On the way back it was 5Kg lighter than it was going out and they said it was overweight and charged me £10 per kilo even though I hadn't been charged on the way out. They just knew I would pay it just to get home so screwed me! Never again. If I'm paying for the flights I'l
  9. Now thats a very neat solution! Love it! Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for, just a little bit bigger... Will definitely be taking the primary out of mine when flying though, makes it a much safer idea!
  10. Ooo, I hadn't thought of that! Nice idea! I've not got any plans solidified yet but a friend of mine is hooking me up with some dark sky places that have limited access in the near future so hoping to be set and ready to go at a moments notice if needed! Yes its the 130PDS so removing the mirror is an option! Just need to make sure it's well secured in my cabin baggage! I'd definitely be going with a peli case or equivalent although they certainly aren't cheap! Hopefully I can get something custom made to fit the OTA and the mount as well as a few other bits and bobs Thanks!
  11. What are people using for packaging up their equipment when travelling to dark sites? Preferably something that is more likely to handle a flight and baggage handlers...? I was thinking about getting a large Peli case or two to hold all my equipment and then keep the tripod separate from that... Anyone come up with something innovative for this?
  12. So you still keep all your raw data then and don't trim it down once you've stacked it?
  13. Welcome! My images would be rubbish without this forum so stick around and read a lot and don't be afraid to ask questions!
  14. What do you all keep in terms of files long term? Once you have stacked and processed your images to you remove the raw data files and just keep the stacked image or do you keep any of the raw data or master files as well? My folder with all my images is over 70Gb for just 14 different targets (some targets have multiple nights of data) and I'm wanting to tidy things up a bit without losing the ability to rework the images if I change my processes... I keep everything on Dropbox as I use 3 different machines for my images, one connected to the scope setup, another to do the stac
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