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  1. Northampton

    Just sent a message to join up! Hopefully see some of you soon!!
  2. What else will I need?

    Just waiting on the clear skies now so I should have some pictures in the next 10 years or so hahaha
  3. What else will I need?

    Soooo happy with my setup now! Got the scope, got the mount and almost all the adapters I need for my camera. Just need the final few bits to be able to take it to a field in the middle of nowhere to run everything from my laptop/s Thanks for all the advice everyone! Much appreciated!
  4. Lightroom capturing

    Anyone know what sort of processing power I'm gonna need from a laptop for either APT or backyard Nikon? Will a cheap netbook suffice or will I need something a bit more powerful than that? Thinking something small with good battery life will be better for taking to dark sites rather than some beast of a machine but not sure how much processing power this software needs...? I'm gonna be running everything off a deep cycle leisure battery once I get it all so want to make sure I have the right size battery for a good few hours of photography...
  5. What else will I need?

    You mean this...? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/misc/zarkov-cloud-gun.html
  6. What else will I need?

    Well I have taken delivery of my 130P-DS and will be collecting my HEQ5 Pro on Sunday... Turns out I needed an adapter ring from the T-ring to be able to mount it to the scope though. Fingers crossed that arrives today or tomorrow Looking forward to having some clear skies to get some good DSO's very soon!
  7. Lightroom capturing

    Haha, yeah I am coming to realise that
  8. Lightroom capturing

    Damn it! Now I have a decision to make! Why can't I just send money somewhere and then everything turns up on my doorstep ready to go hahaha
  9. Lightroom capturing

    I've got the D5000, just watching the 2 hour video on backyard Nikon, looks very very good to me! Gonna have to take the plunge I think! Software plus all the cables needed... Lucky I've been saving for a year for this stuff haha
  10. Lightroom capturing

    Nice one, pretty cheap for such a powerful piece of software! I've not used lightroom for it as of yet so may give it a try before going to backyard Nikon...
  11. Is anyone here using their DSLR tethered to LIghtroom to capture images for stacking? Is this advisable or should I stick with using a remote/intervalometer with my Nikon and then just download the files at the end of the session using lightroom to grab focus at the start?
  12. What else will I need?

    Already got it but not done that part before! Just put my numbers in and had a quick look around! Seems there are some nice shots I can take! Thanks for the tip! I have an IR remote for my camera so can set it to bulb for that but I will probably end up getting an intervelometer for it as well or the cable to connect it to my laptop. Thanks!
  13. What else will I need?

    Thats a little too pricy for me at the moment unfortunately
  14. Paid video courses

    WOW! Almost exactly a year ago since I started this thread and now it resurfaces just as I have ordered my very own HEQ5 Pro mount Thanks!
  15. What else will I need?

    Thanks everyone! I've already got 'Making Every Photon Count' Just haven't properly read through it yet... I collomated my Dad's Dob a few years ago so not completely new at it but I'm sure there are some differences I'll be getting the Adapter for my camera and the collomating eyepiece but I'll hold off on the comma corrector for now though Looking forward to capturing some good stuff!! Hopefully they will be a bit better than my previous attempts with a static dob! I'll be sure to post some pics in here!