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  1. Yeah, I'm hoping for a picture of a working one that someone has taken when they replaced their battery Nothing so far though. Fingers crossed I studied electronics at A-levels but my dad never did although he understands a fair amount as he had to for his job before he retired, just never did circuit boards like this, he was more on the consumer and industrial electronics rather than these sorts of things. Thanks
  2. Long shot I know but does anyone have either a picture or circuit diagram for either the Celestron 18774/Skywatcher power tank? My dad just replaced the battery on it and managed to wire it up in the wrong polarity and has blown a couple of resistors and a diode. We are looking to find the right values for these to get replacements and wire them up. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Just wondering how much if any pre processing people do to their subs before stacking? I'm still in decision as to what is best. I check through my files and remove the crap ones and then stack generally, but I have tried a couple of times doing some very light colour balancing and touching up of the subs before stacking but I'm just not sure if it made enough of a difference to warrant the extra time spent on the image... What are all your thoughts?
  4. Nice! I've given it another go in photoshop and this is what I came up with Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. This is the first time I've tried M45 and it appears quite tricky to process! I'm not sure if my data is good enough for anything particularly special so I thought I'd give you wonderful people the chance to have a go at it... This is the link to my stacked image... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtusx9haj5rmx6j/Autosave.tif?dl=0
  6. Thanks, I eventually found MS ICE. Worked a treat! Unfortunately I didn't quite get my panels lined up enough so will be going again when I next get a good run of clear skies Here is what I managed though!
  7. Well clearly I hadn't quite got my planning setup properly for the mosaic but I'm still sort of happy with my first ever mosaic! I definitely needed more data on all the panels but I'm still pleased I got a mosaic to lineup properly!
  8. Heya, So I'm attempting my first ever mosaic. Just thinking of ways to make my life easier. Should I stack the images separately and then do the process of merging manually in Photoshop or should I stack them all together in DSS in mosaic mode and would that even work? Thanks in advance Clear skies!
  9. I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. Haven't taken any flats yet so can't do anything proper with the images as of yet. Will try stitching the mosaic together now though and see what I am missing!
  10. I really want to try shooting that again with shorter subs to get more detail on the core. Mine is currently pretty blown out but I'm still happy with it This was from a few weeks ago with 5 minute subs
  11. Well that was strange... Just lost connection to both my cameras... All connected again and back imaging. Not sure what happened there, could just be the old laptop giving me headaches again.
  12. Yep, that was my issue before. I guess I could just save up for a proper camera haha ASI1600mm should be good enough hahaha.
  13. Looking great! I really need to have another bash at setting it all up with a Raspberry Pi... Hopefully there have been some updates since I last tried and now my D5000 will work with it!
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