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  1. Nice! I've given it another go in photoshop and this is what I came up with Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. This is the first time I've tried M45 and it appears quite tricky to process! I'm not sure if my data is good enough for anything particularly special so I thought I'd give you wonderful people the chance to have a go at it... This is the link to my stacked image... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtusx9haj5rmx6j/Autosave.tif?dl=0
  3. Thanks, I eventually found MS ICE. Worked a treat! Unfortunately I didn't quite get my panels lined up enough so will be going again when I next get a good run of clear skies Here is what I managed though!
  4. Well clearly I hadn't quite got my planning setup properly for the mosaic but I'm still sort of happy with my first ever mosaic! I definitely needed more data on all the panels but I'm still pleased I got a mosaic to lineup properly!
  5. Heya, So I'm attempting my first ever mosaic. Just thinking of ways to make my life easier. Should I stack the images separately and then do the process of merging manually in Photoshop or should I stack them all together in DSS in mosaic mode and would that even work? Thanks in advance Clear skies!
  6. I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. Haven't taken any flats yet so can't do anything proper with the images as of yet. Will try stitching the mosaic together now though and see what I am missing!
  7. I really want to try shooting that again with shorter subs to get more detail on the core. Mine is currently pretty blown out but I'm still happy with it This was from a few weeks ago with 5 minute subs
  8. Well that was strange... Just lost connection to both my cameras... All connected again and back imaging. Not sure what happened there, could just be the old laptop giving me headaches again.
  9. Guiding is looking good so far
  10. Yep, that was my issue before. I guess I could just save up for a proper camera haha ASI1600mm should be good enough hahaha.
  11. Looking great! I really need to have another bash at setting it all up with a Raspberry Pi... Hopefully there have been some updates since I last tried and now my D5000 will work with it!
  12. Yep, All setup and connected, should be able to find something to get focus on shortly with any luck then I'm gonna attempt my first ever mosaic on the Veil Nebula... If that fails then the Plaiedes is my next target I think... Things may change though :)
  13. Having had these experiences on many occasions with the so called budget airlines I just don't fly with them anymore. It's a false economy as they charge you for everything! Flying with a proper airline always works out cheaper if you have hold luggage. I once went snowboarding and paid for my snowboard bag on the way out. On the way back it was 5Kg lighter than it was going out and they said it was overweight and charged me £10 per kilo even though I hadn't been charged on the way out. They just knew I would pay it just to get home so screwed me! Never again. If I'm paying for the flights I'll always pay that little bit extra up front for a better airline than sleazy jet or Ryanair. I'm hoping to have a case that will be strong enough and with enough padding that I can put it in the hold without worrying too much. Maybe taking the primary mirror out will be the best bet though, just need to find a way of securing it in my cabin bag now!
  14. Now thats a very neat solution! Love it! Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for, just a little bit bigger... Will definitely be taking the primary out of mine when flying though, makes it a much safer idea!
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