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  1. simondodd

    Horse head nebula

    Ooo I like that idea! Might have to give it a go when I get some more data on this region! Great photo, thanks!
  2. simondodd

    First Successful Autoguiding!!

    Managed to get clearer skies tonight! Currently at 100 minutes of 5 minute exposures Plus they are all looking good so far...
  3. simondodd

    First Successful Autoguiding!!

    Yep, Thats probably the next thing on the list... Then a 365 cover so I don't have to set it up all the time... Then the big spend of a proper camera and filter wheel haha It's a never ending list of things to buy!
  4. Well last night I had my first ever successful autoguiding session... The only problem was that the clouds rolled i15 minutes after setup Still got my first ever 5 minute exposure so pretty happy with that
  5. I'd definitely say mount first but it won't be long before you will want to add guiding to the setup to get more data in your images with longer exposures. Then it's probably time for a scope and then upgrade the imaging camera but that's probably a way off yet Great images already though! Much better than my attempts so far as I keep forgetting something in my process! haha
  6. simondodd

    HEQ5 Pro & Rain...

    Yeah that was my thought as well. It's been inside next to a radiator for a few days now. I literally had the thought of the airing cupboard while I was writing this post and moved it there a couple of minutes ago Thanks.
  7. simondodd

    HEQ5 Pro & Rain...

    Hey everyone... I had a bit of a mishap the other night... I put a cover on my mount (scope was removed) and during the night we had some strong winds that took the cover off during rain... I wanted to image the next night but decided to take it all inside to dry out. My question is, how resilient are these mounts? Can they handle some rain or should I strip it down, dry it out, give it a service, re grease it etc? According to the weather apps I've got at least a week before the next clear skies so if I'm having to do a strip down and rebuild I'd rather get it done sooner than later.. Thanks in advance! Clear skies.
  8. Brilliant! Thanks for that. Looks like my trusty D5000 is supported as well! Thanks.
  9. Looking at this briefly I noticed you mentioned not even attempting this if you have a DSLR camera for your imaging rig... Is this still the case or are there now workarounds and drivers that enable this? It probably doesn't help that I have a Nikon camera as well! haha. I'd really like to get a setup like this though as it saves leaving a laptop outside all night just as a headless setup. Would be much nicer with all the cables going into a pi and running that instead!
  10. simondodd

    Dark sky apps on Android

    Why didn't I think of that! haha. Sorry for wasting your time Looked through there and found pretty much everything I need thanks!
  11. Not sure where to put this so figured this was the best spot... I currently have an iPhone with the following apps. solar walk, sky live, star walk, scope nights & polar align... My question is are there android versions of these or android equivalents...? I'm tempted to change but really don't want to lose these apps as I use them for every imaging session... Thanks in advance
  12. simondodd

    My Andromeda progress

    Figured some of you might like to see my progress with Andromeda so far... 3 separate nights, some better than others... Unfortunately the one with the most amount of subs (3 hours worth) the scope wasn't properly colomated and was out of focus and the one with the best image (IMHO) I had the camera orientated the wrong way so clipped the edges
  13. simondodd

    Sorry for the clouds over the next few weeks...

    That has been playing in my mind for a while But it is currently filled with engine parts and an engine crane! Need to extend my garage to be able to empty it and convert it Maybe next year! haha
  14. I've not had much experience imaging with mono cameras, I use my ASI120mm as a guide camera but I may well end up getting a filter wheel for it to do some planetary imaging in the future... From what I've read a mono camera will give you much better images if you are using the right filters... A colour camera makes it easier to take pictures as you only have to take one set of light frames rather than 3 or 4 with different filters... I'm no expert though so I'm sure others will have some helpful advice as well Clear skies!
  15. Apologies in advance for the next few weeks of cloudy skies... I just got a nice sturdy base installed for my scope...

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