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  1. Greg6498

    Finder Scopes

    I also use a right angle 8x50 Explore Scientific finder scope on my dob. Had a Telrad and a Rigel and just got tired of contorting myself into uncomfortable positions! Life is MUCH more pleasant now!
  2. After adding several large two-inch eyepieces and an Explore Scientific illuminated finder scope, my dob was quite top heavy. To remedy this, I added two 18” bar magnets to the bottom portion of the scope. Balance now seems nearly perfect! Got this idea from another post I read a while back on SGL!
  3. Greg6498

    New from Virginia

    Haha! British for all your stuff!
  4. Greg6498

    New from Virginia

    Hello and welcome! I live in Virginia also and LOVE my ES 18 mm wide FOV eyepiece! All of my eyepieces are 2” except one. You have made some great choices already! I currently use an 8” dob but am planning to get a nice doublet refractor this summer. Good luck with your new gear!
  5. I am thinking about a second scope to accompany my 8” dob! I would like a doublet with an EQ mount. I want it for planetary observation. I will also have to choose a reasonably priced EQ mount. I also want to be able to use my 2” eyepieces. Is that even possible? I thought maybe an 80-100 but the price really jumps as you go bigger! Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Greg6498

    Andromeda Galaxy

    Thanks Freddie! That is a big help! Can’t wait to see it!
  7. Having had such a great experience with the Orion Nebula, my next target will be the Andromeda Galaxy! My Sky Safari app tells me it should be to the west northwest near the zenith. I assumed it would be visible to the naked eye but I can’t find it. Am I just not looking hard enough?
  8. Greg6498


    It allows for "fine tuning" of the focuser.
  9. Hello all! I just installed this Lacerta 1:10 Micro Transmission focuser on my 8” Skywatcher Dobsonian. It is a direct replacement for the stock focuser and works extremely well. I was surprised at how easy it was to install! Ordered it from 365Astronomy and got fast shipping.
  10. Greg6498


    Orion Nebula was the first one I saw as well, Kronos! I was thrilled just as you are! CONGRATULATIONS!!
  11. Greg6498

    Eyepiece Deleema v.2

    Hello Kronos! I, too, have an 8” Skywatcher Dobsonian! I use Explore Scientific and Baader Morpheus wide angle eye pieces listed below in my signature. I use the 18 mm the most and find that the three listed give me a wide range of options. I have used the wide angle versions as they are great for folks wearing glasses, offering great eye relief. I also upgraded my finder scope to the Explore Scientific 8x50 illuminated scope. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Hope this helps!
  12. Hi Alan! I really like the collimating Cheshire eyepiece from first light optics that you recommended, but how do you use it? Greg
  13. Star test looks pretty good! I want a good collimator for when the need arises.
  14. I need a a really accurate,easy to use collimating tool. I have a used laser collimator but it does not fit snugly in the focuser so I feel it’s not very accurate. The idea of collimating causes me some anxiety anyway, so accurate and easy is the key! Can any of you offer any suggestions to help me out?
  15. Greg6498

    Clean secondary mirror

    Great advice guys! Lesson learned! Greg

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