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  1. Now that I have my new AVX Mount all set up, I realized that I have no way to power it up! Apparently, I need a power tank of some sort. The Mount came with a cigarette lighter cable but I’m no where near my car! Any suggestions??
  2. Thanks Leon! i read those stories too, but upon further research I noted that most of the problems were in 2017-18 and it seems that Celestron may have made some fixes since that time. I hope so anyway!
  3. Hello fellow stargazers! I just upgraded my mount from a motorized Mead LX70 to a Celestron Advanced VX EQ Mount. This will be my first go to mount. I’m wondering if any of you use this mount, and if so, how hard is it to learn these types of mounts?
  4. I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting the motor drive when I bought the EQ mount! It looks easy enough to add and would make viewing planets and the moon much more enjoyable! I’m really pleased with the Skywatcher Pro ED 80mm!
  5. This is my first astronomy picture ever. I took it with an iPhone 8. I know it’s not very good but it has piqued my interest in astrophotography! I use an LX70 EQ mount but don’t have the motor drive yet. Plan on getting it soon, but have no idea how to set it up! Any suggestions?
  6. Just took the Skywatcher 80mm Pro outside to align the finder scope. It was pretty easy to do. The ridge line you see in the distance has a radar site on top of it. It’s many miles away. My question is, how well do these finder scopes hold their setup? How often should I check it?
  7. I bought the dob to learn the fundamentals of amateur astronomy. I have loved the views with it, but now want to learn the refractor/EQ mount system. I don't do photography (yet!) and felt the 80mm was a good choice. I actually find the EQ easier to track objects with!
  8. Hello all! I have been using my Skywatcher 8” Dobsonian for some time now, and decided I wanted a good refractor with an EQ mount as my next scope. I chose the Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm with an LX70 EQ5 mount. This seems to be a great scope to compliment my Dob, but I'm still getting used to the EQ mount! Found some good Youtube videos and am hoping for a clear night soon to really give it a workout! Any advice is appreciated!
  9. I've only active in astronomy for a year and my collection seems to be growing!?
  10. Thank you George! I'm really excited to try it out! I guess I am used to the dob moving up/down and left/right and doing that with the EQ mount seems very different. I'm going to take it out in daylight just to get used to the controls.?
  11. Hello all! I just picked up a Skywatcher Evostar 80mm Doublett and LX70 (EQ5) mount. This is my first refractor and EQ mount so it took me a while to put it together (if you all notice anything out of place please tell me!). I still enjoy my 8” dob but wanted to learn. This type of scope. It had good reviews for general viewing, but I'm not sure what to expect. The EQ mount took quite some time to figure out and one of my questions is do I operate the scope with the counterweight horizontal to the ground? I noticed that in that position I can use the control cables to move up and down and left and right. Any advice is appreciated!
  12. Ok Freddie will do! Wee had our first week of clear skies since last July 22nd so ill have the new scope out real quick! Full report to follow! ??
  13. First, thank you all so much for your great advice! Now, this is what I purchased ? Sky-Watcher Evostar ProED 80 mm f/7.5 ED APO OTA For my mount I chose this Mead LX 70 German Equatorial Mount! ?
  14. Thanks Mike! I like the Skywatcher mount located here: https://www.highpointscientific.com/telescope-accessories/mounts/telescope-mounts/alt-azimuth-mounts/sky-watcher-az5-mount-with-steel-tripod-s20110 The price is right and the scopes I am looking at are in the 11 lb range.
  15. I am looking at various refractor telescopes (I already have a great Dobsonian!) and was wondering which mount would be best to start with. I'm not interested in computer control but not sure which type mount would be best to consider.
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