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  1. Hello All! i am considering buying a Celestron Auto Focuser for my 180mm Maksutov. When focusing at high power the image is very sensitive to touch and wobbles when trying to focus. Have any of you used one and how do you like it?Hello all I have a Celestron 180mm Maksutov and am considering installing the Celestron Motorized Focuser. Do any of you use one and if so, how do you like it? I have found that when using high magnification the image wobbles making manual focus very difficult! difficult!
  2. I guess it could also tell me when it’s near dew Point?
  3. Hello all!I have been observing for a couple of years and just upgraded my diagonal on my Celestron 180mm Maksutov to the Williams optics 2” SCT Rotolock dielectric. The thing is, it has a thermometer on the side, but no explanation of what it’s for! Any ideas?
  4. I went out last night and tried using my iPhone XR to take some moon pix. I am currently using a Celestron NexYE phone adapter. The mechanisms are constantly coming loose and moving. So, I am considering the Tele Vue adapter, GoSky adapter or Phone Skope adapter. Do any of you use one of these adapters?
  5. Thanks Stu! I eventually want to get a starter camera for my scope. What would you suggest?
  6. Hello all! I had my first go at photographing the moon last night, using an iPhone XR with my Celestron 180mm Maksutov on an Advanced VX mount. I am fairly pleased but it was much more difficult than I had anticipated! Any pointers would be appreciated!
  7. I have decided to add a Mak to my scope collection and am really leaning towards the Skywatcher SkyMax 180mm. The reviews I have read are quite good and the new model has a 2” back and diagonal. I’m wondering, though, about my wide 100 degree two inch eyepieces. Will they work with this scope? I am using Explore Scientific and Baader Morpheus eyepieces and would like to know some comparably priced eyepieces that would also work well with this scope. What say you all?
  8. So, all...tonight I’m taking the dob out for a planet viewing on Jupiter and Saturn and, hopefully, a few Messier objects if the clouds cooperate!
  9. Haha Sunshine you are right! It means stunned or impressed! It also can mean teasing What I got frustrated with was constantly having to reorient the dob to keep everything in view! Left is right, up is down and it was making me crazy! I found later, with a little practice, it got much easier! LoL!
  10. Thanks Alan! Astronomy has certainly helped me with my frustration levels LoL! Sunshine was right. When I first started I was pretty frustrated but now I’m taking it in stride! I’ve had some really good nights and some really bad ones but now when they go bad I just pack up and look forward to another night! Everyone’s support here is a huge help!
  11. Haha Sunshine! You are so right! If Amateur astronomy has taught me one thing over the last year it’s patience! My learning curve has been big. I’m really glad I kept the dob and didn’t sell it! Now that I understand more about optics (from all of you!) I think selling would have been a big mistake! At least I try to learn from my mistakes, LoL!
  12. Thank you! That makes perfect sense! I’ve just never tried the dob on planets so I’ll give it a go!
  13. I’m in a bit of a quandary. I have 2 scopes, a Skywatcher Evostar 80mm and a Skywatcher 8” Collapsible Dobsonian. Both are good scopes. The problem is when using the the refractor to view planets the image is tiny. It’s clear, but tiny. Haven’t tried the Dobsonian yet for planets but probably the same result. Is there any way to make the image bigger? I’m using a 6.7 eyepiece now. Please excuse me if this is dumb question LoL!
  14. After receiving great advice from this group, I decided to purchase this TeleVue 2x Barlow! It's going on my Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm. I have an ES 6.7 eyepiece I want to use with it. Can’t wait to give it a go!
  15. This was a big deal for me tonight! I got a great view of Jupiter and it’s for moons for the first time! Also got a good view of Saturn and its rings! I’m using a Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm 7.5 on an Advanced VX Mount. The most powerful eyepiece I have is a 6.9 mm. If I get a 5mm will I get a better view or should I go with a 2x Barlow?
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