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  1. My new Berlebach 312 astro version for grab and go.
  2. Hi Dave, Always nice to hear from you. Just getting over a bout of man-flu and us guys know how bad that can be Excellent news on the Morpheus line. Nothing but good reviews all the way. We will see how the 17.5 goes in my little fast refractors and go on from there. Th 12.5 sounds the business too. Clear skies, Glen.
  3. Thank you everyone. Very useful information. Clear skies, Glen.
  4. Thank you for the fast reply. F/5 eh, very nice. Glen.
  5. Just wondered if anyone used the Morpheus line of eyepieces in fast refractors... F/5.5 to F/6.6? I have read Bill P's reviews, but nothing mentioned about fast F/5.5 systems. Looking at the 17.5mm first for widefield. Thanks you, Glen.
  6. Would it be better just buy APP instead from the start instead of learning DSS then switching? This old brain can only take so much abuse. Glen.
  7. Now the Borg adapter makes sense Glen.
  8. Thank you. I have been looking at the Skytech CLS. Glen.
  9. Perhaps the image is a little large. Glen.
  10. Thank you Pierre. At the moment I use Affinity. Still looking for software for stacking. I believe APP is good. Glen.
  11. I'm looking for a little help as I'm new to AP, in fact very new. Is it worth picking up a clip-in LP filter for my new Canon 200D unmodified camera? I know visually a Baader Moon and Skyglow really helps. Is there a AP equivalent? Thank you, Glen.
  12. Better left out and be read than in a drawer never being read. Love the hybrid scope. Glen.
  13. Thanks, David. It was the reducer I was after. I thought it worth the ask. Kind regards, Glen.
  14. If you would split the reducer from the 77ED II I would be interested. Glen.
  15. I'm not sure but it sounds like the binocular is not collimated to me. Perhaps it could be a prism out of collimation. Is it all binoculars? Glen.
  16. Prices go up every year and the margins for retailers are not huge by any means. The weak pound won't help either. A bit of a double whammy. Glen.
  17. Thanks John, but I would need it to connect to the reducer/flattener which I have for the scope. I need 55mm focal plane distance. Glen.
  18. Does anyone know the flange depth of ZWO cameras. Does it work the same as DSLR's? Do ZWO cameras have different flange depths? sorry for the silly questions I'm just a bit new at the photographic side of astronomy. Glen.
  19. Thanks for that. Glen.
  20. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I don't use Skywatcher gear. No doubt someone will be along with more help. Glen.
  21. Not in Denmark, Victor. Over here WDS is the usual place depending which cap heads you want. You could always try FLO of course. Glen.
  22. The one you have hold of looks to be a 1/4" 20 TPI, you may need a standard M6 screw. So could be different cap head screws. Glen.
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