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About Me

My endless, illustrated astronomy blog where i discuss all aspects of my activities, at great lengths:  Fullerscopes Telescope Mountings

I have built complete telescopes for nearly 60 years including making mountings, OTAs, mirrors, optical flats, prisms and objective lenses. Most recently built projects include a 180mm [7"] f/12 iStar R35 straight tube and folded refractors. I preferred the straight tube form. Plus a home made, 6" f/8, internal D-ERF, Maier IF, PST modded, H-alpha solar refractor. I have built a large and very heavy, Goto GEM with 50mm SS shafts to carry both telescopes on a 14' tall pyramidal, timber pier. The pier is isolated from the structure and seems to work well.

My latest build is an iStar 6" f/10 H-alpha PST modified imaging telescope.

I have built a raised, 3m/10' plywood domed observatory on top of an octagonal, timber building. All DIY, working entirely alone. I enjoy dark, rural skies but am surrounded in trees on all sides. Hence the raised observatory to see more of the sky.

My main interest now is solar imaging and observation, particularly in H-alpha. The observatory is never quite finished and I keep modifying it to make it easier or more pleasant to use. The dome is rotated manually by a crank and a 4" rubber friction wheel driving the underside of the base ring. I am now in my early seventies but remain fit and active thanks to walking, cycling and my endless projects.

P1340898 rsz 500.JPG

P1350947 rsz.JPG

P1350755 rsz.JPG

P1350764 rsz.JPG

P1350473 rsz.JPG

P1360328 rsz.JPG

P1340169 rsz 600.JPG

P1330049 rsz 500.JPG

P1320736 rsz.JPG

P1330571 rsz 500.JPG

20_01_10 moon clavius  rgx pf7 rsz.jpg

27.09.20 14.28 B1200 2x GPC sharp.jpg

27.09.20 14.28 B1200 2x GPC sharp col.jpg

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