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  1. I did see that but it doesn't fold down quite small enough being a 3 section otherwise it would have been perfect
  2. Thanks Rich. I was little nervous that I was getting too close to the upper limit with the Manfrotto. It sounds like it should be much better quality though and should be fine.
  3. I’m looking at lightweight carbon fibre tripods that are at least 4 section for a travel setup. Scope will be a 72mm frac doublet on a light Altair Mount. They weight around 4.5Kg. Adding in diagonal, finder and eyepiece I’m estimating a max weight of 6.5Kg. As per title, I’m looking at the Manfrotto Big Elements Traveller (rated at 8Kg) or the Zomei Z888C (rated at 16Kg). I’m not putting too much in the rated load of the Zomei. The Manfrotto 055 series are popular but cost over £100 more and are rated at 9Kg. Both the tripods listed have a ball head that I’ll remove and use the Altair mount. A short fold down length for airline travel is also a factor. The Zomei goes down to 45cm and 41cm for the Manfrotto Had anyone got experience of these tripods? Would they be suitable? Any other suggestions in the region of £150?
  4. I thought I was set on the Zomei tripod but then found the Manfrotto Element Big Traveller tripod. 5 section carbon fibre and rated up to 8kg. The 55 series goes up to 9kg. It’s £150 which is over £100 cheaper than the 55 series 4 section equivalent. I believe the ball head can be removed. In principle it looks like a great deal but the price makes me think I’m missing something! https://www.wexphotovideo.com/manfrotto-elements-carbon-fibre-big-traveller-kit-1640497/#prodthumb-carousel
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this @Stu. It got me going on the Moon tonight and I just officially hit 50 on the Lunar 100
  6. Another good one tonight is Wargentin. The Y shaped ridge is well illuminated.
  7. I’m learning that lesson the hard way, Dave. I went a good few months thinking I was done. I just got a TV Plossl and now I find myself thinking about others as per this thread. It may be time for an intervention
  8. First time my case has contained a TV eyepiece. Starting to look full now.... but still some space
  9. There are plenty of experienced observers who don’t have eyepieces as nice as that. I think they’ll serve you very well!
  10. I agree. There’s so much choice and quite often the biggest differentiation can be simply your personal preference. Do you have a local astronomical society? You may well find the members would be willing to let you take a look through their eyepieces to help you get a feel for what works best for you. The secondhand market is a good way to go too. You can normally buy an eyepiece, try it and sell it for pretty much what you paid for it. It gives you time for some extended testing too.
  11. Thank you. It’s proved a great set up with my dob. The ES82 30mm is superb. I mainly use it with filters to observe large diffuse Nebula such as the Veil, North American Nebula and the California. I’ve also seen the Horsehead with it but this is not the best eyepiece for this. I just recently purchased a 25mm Televue Plossl for this. The 13mm Lunt/APM is a great eyepiece and gets plenty of use. If you like your 20mm Myriad then you’ll like that. I’m currently thinking over my high power eyepiece options and am considering a 5mm/7mm Pentax XW as well as a Televue Nagler Zoom 3-6mm.
  12. Oh crickey. I might have to sell both kidneys now
  13. I hadn’t considered the Delites. Will have to give those a look.
  14. Thanks Gerry. What limitations would I notice in the 10” vs the XW’s? I keep looking at the 3.4mm Vixen HR. 350x mag may be a bit much for UK skies though.
  15. Thanks for the picture. Looks a neat set up!
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