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  1. I just bought a pair of NF Chilkats. They seem fairly good (only had one outing so far) but they still leak heat through the soles. 3h at -8C and my feet were not too happy, despite oversized boots and extra wool socks. Does anyone have an opinion on different types of insoles? Do the aluminised ones work? Felt? Sheepskin? I’d hate to go through the hassle of electrically heated insoles.
  2. Jesus! You only average 2.4 hours of observing per day? That’s it. I’m moving to Toronto!
  3. CONTRASTING is the word you’re looking for. Looks great. Excellent idea!
  4. @jock1958 Interesting. What do you use the flat for, and where did you get the angled piece?
  5. Ask, and ye shall receive: https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=598&sprache=english
  6. It should work. A few comments: 1. If your 18650s have built-in protection circuits they are slightly longer than standard 18650s. My protected cells wouldn’t fit in a similar case. 2. That BMS is for LiPos. You’ll want to double check that the over/under voltages are ok for Li-ion. 3. Charge all cells fully before before installing them to make sure they are balanced and give the BMS an easier job.
  7. Hmm... (Slowly removes finger from the “In Cart” button on the Telescope-Express Ercole page)
  8. Now that’s interesting. How did he end up with that EP before everyone else? It’s a shame they didn’t mention the connection between the moon and the Tele Vue equipment he was using. Would have made for a great story (especially for the US audience).
  9. Yes, £350 paid with bank transfer will see it delivered to the UK.
  10. In addition to bank transfer I can accept PayPal, the price would then be £365 / €430 to cover their fees and exchange rate.
  11. This beautiful 10mm Ethos is still available, including caps, box, paperwork and the all-important silver "Powered by Tele Vue" sticker. Note that the price of £370 / €430 £350 / €410 INCLUDES recorded delivery to the UK and EU.
  12. All in excellent condition, with perfect glass and minimal marks on the chrome barrels from normal use. Original caps and boxes included. Prices include recorded delivery to the UK and most of Europe. Payment by bank transfer preferred. Tele Vue Ethos 10mm - SOLD TO DAVID Tele Vue Ethos 6mm - SOLD TO MARCUS Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm - SOLD TO CARLOS Tele Vue DeLite 7mm - SOLD TO MIKE
  13. Yellow is awesome! Much easier to see to in the dark. I bought a couple of 1.875” for my Ethos/Delos/Delites and 2”ers for miscellaneous 2” fittings and ending up using the 2” ones on the eyepieces as they are a lot easier to get off but still stay on well enough over the eyeguards. I wish I’d bought more, especially 1.25” ones for all my 1.25” EPs.
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