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  1. Do you use a Zoom and if so, why?

    The stated eyerelief of the Nagler zoom is only 10mm, but it feels shorter at the 3-4mm settings. Not great with eyeglasses, but better than Plössls or Orthos at these focal lengths. I prefer to use my 2.5x PowerMate and Delos EPs, especially on a non-tracking mount.
  2. For visual it doesn’t really matter if you are a couple of degrees off. It will still track OK. Overall you got a great deal. The eyepieces and barlow are probably worth more than what you paid for the whole kit. Free C5+!
  3. Looks great! The numbers on the wedge ARE latitudes. Just set it to your latitude and aim the arm towards Polaris. You got an excellent set of eyepieces as well. These Celestron “Halloween” Plössls are well regarded, a bit of collectors’ items. The Ortho should also be very good. The Ultima barlow is excellent - I have the same one. I don’t know what the adaptors are for. If they have 42mm threads they are probably T2 adaptors, useful for photography to get the spacing right. You can safely forget them for now. The only addition I would recommend is some kind of red dot / reticle finder, perhaps a Rigel Quickfinder or a Celestron StarPointer Pro. It makes it a lot easer to find things.
  4. There are also the K-astec tube rings from Japan. Users on CN speak highly of them, and they are a lot sleeker (and presumably lighter) than the Parallax rings. That’s what I figured I’d get when I considered an FC100.
  5. Blocket.se is a joke. There are however some sites in Sweden with more informed users/sellers/buyers. Astronet.se is one, another is Astropixlar köp och sälj on Facebook. The traffic is quite low though. For small items (eyepieces etc) postage is quite reasonable from the UK, so either SGL or http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ are good places to buy from. I’ll have a look at finn.no. Thanks!
  6. Try to figure out exactly where it wobbles and if possible tighten any screws in that area. Rather than adding weight you can also get one of those ground screws used to secure tents, dogs and gliders and use a bungee cord to pull the mount harder into the ground.
  7. If “150” is the price in GBPs then I’d say it’s more than right. If the mirrors look ok (some dust is fine, aluminium coating flaking off is not) then go for it. I’m guessing the Norwegian market is much like the Swedish - not a lot of choice. I’d buy a C5+ for £150 if available locally, even if I didn’t really need it. The C5+ is a classic. If you buy it, read up on collimating SCTs. It’s simple, and can easily make the difference between a marginal scope and a great one!
  8. Yet Another Newbie!

    Just leave it alone for now. Compared to the big black blob covering the center of the mirror it is miniscule and will not affect the views whatsoever. When next you have reason to take the primary out you’ll probably find it is easy to blow off with a rubber bulb. Optics can be surprisingly dirty before you notice anything at the eyepiece...
  9. Best IOS App for star gazing

    For iOS the best app, bar none, is SkySafari 6. Available in basic, plus or pro flavours. Plus is probably the best compromise for most users.
  10. Eye relief: nominal vs actual

    Very interesting. Your plots pretty much match my experience. My 50 degree, 10mm ER, Nagler zoom seems to offer just a touch less usable ER than my 100 degree, 15mm ER Ethoses, for example - just as your calculations predict. Orthos are definitely easier to look through than Plössls and wider designs at the same stated ER. Perhaps the minimum-glass, narrow field, aficionados are on to something after all...
  11. A new kind of Telescope

    The answer to this question is called “resource dependence” and its relation to innovation is explained by Clayton Christensen is his book “The innovator’s dilemma”. Basically, established businesses are dependent on their current customer base for sales - and these customers are conservative. Innovative technologies start out as being less refined and yet more expensive than existing offerings and so do not appeal to the established businesses’ core customer base. Startups therefor target new customers who value the few areas where the new technology excels. Over time the innovative product improves enough to challenge the traditional players - who now find themselves hopelessly behind. Remember digital cameras? A “fad”, according to Hasselblad. “Their serious customers would never be interested in low-quality digital images”. The iPhone? “Toys for rich kids” according to RIM and Nokia...
  12. A new kind of Telescope

    I think it is a great idea. No, it is not as cost-effective or flexible as a traditional EAA setup with scope, camera, computer and software as separate components. But it is a lot simpler. Probably not aimed at the people who already frequent astronomy forums, but for others it could be the difference between being overwhelmed by the complexity of the different hardware/software options and being drawn into the hobby.
  13. Yet Another Newbie!

    Why? If something you already like turns out to benefit from some adjustment, well, that can only make it better! As Charic says, once you understand collimation you wonder what all the fuss is about. Here is another well-regarded guide to collimation by the late Nils Olof Carlin: http://web.telia.com/~u41105032/kolli/kolli.html There are many guides out there - some too simplistic, some too technical. However, if you read a couple you soon figure out what is important. You basically want everything to line up. Duh...
  14. Once bitten twice shy

    The alt bolts on my CG5 were so poor that one got permanently bent. I replaced them with some stainless steel threaded rod and a couple of thumb nuts off eBay. Works perfectly, and was a lot less than £25. That said, sending poorly designed products back might be the only way to make manufacturers realise that there is a problem.
  15. Help with apps

    SkySafari 6 is currently available at half off. Either the Plus or Pro versions are great - best value astro accessory ever. The Plus version goes deep enough for most users, but the Pro version includes some additional features like a high-res moon map, which is nice.