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  1. Hopefully the photo is clear enough. This is a 150i so the primary is NOT collimateable. My daughter moved the secondary quite considerably to the point it was more a sausage than a circle so it has been a learning curve! I think I have the secondary in a nice circle and centred. The doughnut on the primary is in the centre of the collimating eyepiece. Does it all look ok? The bit that is niggling is the bottom seems to have quite a wide gap but moving it up or down takes the centre off of the doughnut. What do I do!? Having dreaded doing this and it taking much longer th
  2. Hi all, I have a 150p and a 127mak. I have a nice focuser in the 150 and a 2" diagonal on the 127mak. I have the baader 8-24 zoom and the accompanying Barlow. I also have a baader solar filter for the mak and a 1.25 baader neodymium filter. How do I calculate what mm eyepiece equals what magnification each scope and also what it's maximum useful magnification is? Given the equipment, what eyepieces do you also think would be useful to get the most from these scopes? Anything else you think would be useful?
  3. I have a 150i so only need to check the secondary, does it matter whether you have a short one or a long one? I have trawled this forum and there seems nothing conclusive at all! Thanks again
  4. So, todays stupid question is regarding focuser placement on a newt Is there a correct placing for the focuser when viewing? If I put it vertical the image is sideways if I rotate the tube so it is horizontal then it is upside down (which I know is the correct way it should be) but then it feels a particularly awkward viewing position to be in. Is it me?
  5. Thanks all. A work of art it is.... I just need a short additional extension and I won't need a scope to see the moon close up, I can just stand on the eye piece instead!
  6. I got the Barlow when I purchased the baader zoom and haven't had cause to use it as yet. Whilst it all screws together nicely it does seem to extrude somewhat out of the focuser. Which leads to the embarrassing questions. I am doing it right?! First picture is how it seems to be attached and the second is on the focuser. If I am, do I then simply just screw any filters I want to use onto the bottom? Thanks
  7. As a relative newbie who has a 127mak who just last weekend got a 150i, I purchased that exact package. For ease of use in the dark and for not being sure exact what eye piece you need in the pitch black it can't be beaten in my view.
  8. Which scope would be best to view the sun? I have a 127mak and a 150i newt. Need to buy a solar filter but which scope should I get it for? Thanks
  9. Thanks John. Appreciate the fast reply. How far sticking out should it be?
  10. I am embarrassed to ask this question, but whereabout on the tube do I put the dew shield on a 127mak? If anyone has a picture that would help! (I apologise in advance). Thank you
  11. Probably don't need to do nature watching Unless there is life on the moon....
  12. Thanks again, really appreciate the help. January is quite a way away! What do you think of these types? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-125-90-degree-erecting-prism.html
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