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  1. That is a really striking result and inspired alternative and more worthy name. Thanks for sharing. Adrian
  2. I like the understated colours Adam - just a hint of blue and realistic coloured stars. Very nice. This is a target I have shied away from so far cos' I'm sure I will never do it justice. One day - maybe. Adrian
  3. Thank you Rodd. I did set out to get OIII and maybe SII but the weather went down the pan as the moon came up and that was that! I know it lacks detail but I really enjoy the wider field view that the 200mm/1600 combination offers. I also like to see these targets in relation to one another. I really value your positive feedback on the images. Thank you Adam. I know some feel Orion is a bit over-imaged but it can be so rewarding. I will have to revisit it on a clear moonless night (laughing out loud) and try to get some OIII and maybe some SII. In my dreams. I'm really pleased you like the images. I am just loving my current setup. The ASIair is great but the star of the show is the iPad app that controls it all; it is an absolute joy to use - and all from the comfort of my favourite chair in front of the fire. Marvellous! Thank you again for the kind comments. Adrian
  4. The moon was bright and clouds intervened anyway but not before I grabbed a couple of images with the Canon 200mm and ASI1600MM-Pro. Still getting to grips with the ASIair but so far it works like magic with the EFW and EAF via the iPad. NGC1499 is 19 x 120s Ha; Orion is 20 x 30s + 20 x 60s + 20 x 120s of Ha, all unguided. All processed in PI with a little bit of noise reduction in PS. Star shapes are not too bad in the extremities of the image. All the indications are the 200mm + 1600MM are an effective pairing. As always comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking. Adrian
  5. Excellent! Really interesting to see the different filter combinations revealing different aspects of the nebula. Thanks for sharing. Adrian
  6. I have a ZWI ASI1600MM-Pro, ZWO-EAF and ZWO-EFW and now control it with a ZWO-ASIair and I am loving the the ease of connectivity and control via wifi. With short focal length lens (200mm) and current mount (CEM25-EC) I am able to image without guiding, certainly for subs up to 180s; even at 300s I get no star trails.
  7. I've played around with Starnet++, Straton and AAA and the success with the latter two seems to be a function of just how non-linear the image is when you extract the stars. Starnet++ works really well as a module in PI on a PC but needs to be used in Terminal via a command line prompt on the Mac. I really like the gif - very revealing. Great job with the Eastern Veil - looks like your Epsilon is working out really well. Adrian
  8. Take care Alan. I did too much too soon and paid the price - not pleasant. The stars will shine bright another night! Adrian
  9. It certainly was for me Alan! I tried it with limited success and much frustration. As Carole says if your set up is permanent then that obviously helps but mine isn't and I reckon that two cameras is 2^2 problems - it might even be a cubic relationship! I don't use APT so had to run two instances of SGPro and although the PC could cope my brain struggled! Focussing two lenses meant using two focussing systems, plus an additional dew heater and associated usb and supply cables for the camera - it all got a bit messy for me. Good luck though! I hope you have more success that I did Adrian
  10. Thoughts abound! I've been actively taking part in this hobby now for three years during which time what impresses me has changed significantly. Suffice to say that what impresses me now is people who achieve impressive results with modest equipment in challenging circumstances and demonstrate tenacity in so doing. Perhaps a separate aspect is what "inspires" as opposed to what "impresses". I am neither inspired or impressed by Hubble images - with all that spend I expect amazing results that are 'out of this world'. I guess it would be interesting to know what impresses the editors of the two popular magazines (neither of which are scientific journals) to inspire their readers. Adrian
  11. IC1396 with Sh2-129 maybe?
  12. That might well work but then best not to upgrade at all. Of course one day my MBP may pack up and if I buy a new one it will come with Catalina installed and I will not be able to install PS CS6. Furthermore an old OS on a separate disc may not be compatible with the newer hardware. It seems to me you have been placed between and rock and hard place.
  13. I don't particularly want to upgrade, although being able to use my iPad as a second screen might have it's advantages. The point of the post is that upgrading will stop a much used and popular (for AP) application from working and I for one think that is a pretty poor deal when you've spent good money on it in the first place. I have an iMac which is stuck on El Capitan simly because if I upgrade it all the music hardware I use (and apps like Cubase and Wavelab) will need upgrading and why should I have to spend more money on new version simply because Apple upgrade their OS without regard for third party applications and the investment people like me have made in them. A poor deal in my view, especially as I can run the same apps on my Win10 machine in compatibilty mode. Adrian
  14. Compared with the NEQ6-Pro I find the build quality much higher and the robustness more than adequate for my intended use. iOptron Commander is easier to use than EQMOD and needing to use the handset is not a problem for me. HTH Adrian
  15. I know this won't affect averyone but for those running Photoshop CS6 (and I presume earlier) on a MacOS machine you might like to be aware that upgrading your OS to the latest Catalina will stop PS from working. At the time of OS upgrade you will receive an on screen notification advising you CS6 (in my case) will no longer work and asking if you wish to continue with the OS upgrade. I was in one respect fortunate inasmuch that I spent the last few years of my employment in Education and so was able to purchase the full extended version of CS6 for Mac on an Education licence for just £160 - a bargain compared with the retail price of around £900. Neither Adobe or Apple have any intention to continue support for CS6 under the new Catalina OS; not only is there no support it won't even load or run. I for one cannot understand why this can be allowed to happen and I would be well p****d off if I had paid the full price - I am fairly p****d off having paid what I did. At least PC's have a compatibility mode which more often than not comes to the rescue. To add insult to injury I emailed Adobe asking if I could exchange my Mac licence for a PC licence and was advised they don't offer such a service. Affinity looks more and more attractive - although I am still really struggling to see how I can use RGB channels in the same way as I can so readily use them in PS. Adrian
  16. I recently bought the iOptron CEM25-EC (having previously owned an NEQ6-Pro) and I love it! I decided I wanted to spend the extra on EC in the hope that with my preference for short focal length imaging (135mm - 200mm) I would not have to rely on guiding. So far the results have been excellent. I mainly image at 120s or 180s but I have pushed it to 300s and there is still no evidence of star trails. My ageing hands and back also prefer the CEM25 as it is so much lighter and easier to handle than the NEQ6. Good luck with your deliberations! Adrian
  17. Thank you Geof. I contemplated getting the CEM25 set up and all the gear but decided that would put the kiss of death on it for me and everyone else for 50 miles around - at least. I feel so sorry for all those who went to so much trouble and got nothing at all. "Onward and upward" as my mother used to say. She also used to say "It won't always be dark at seven" but sometimes with AP it feels that way. Clear skies to us all. Adrian
  18. The weather gods were against here in southern Derbyshire and even when the cloud did clear the seeing was still rubbish. Taken with a Canon 70D and 70-300mm zoom lens. Thanks for looking. Adrian
  19. I like both but prefer the first one - it seems to have more depth. Thanks for sharing. Adrian
  20. Thanks @vlaiv for your very complete response. I need to try to absorb the detail and significance of this. It seems to me though that providing I don't overstretch the image then any differences will be negligable. I think I might up the number of Dark-Flats and use them. Many thanks for the time you have taken to help me with this. Adrian
  21. Thanks vlaiv for the response. The image on the left is using Bias - the one on the right is using Dark-Flat. I don't believe there is any great difference although on my MBP the Dark-Flat image appears to have a slightly darker background, but it is marginal. I cannot see any great difference in noise. Adrian
  22. Hi Everyone. I've been playing around with the Batch Processing Script in PI with Lights obtained from my ASI1600. The Master Dark is 120s at gain 139, offset 50, -20 degrees to match the Lights. One of these is calibrated with 0.3s Bias frames and one is calibrated with 1.7s Dark-Flats. I've zoomed-in by equal amounts in the top right corner of the image and then performed a STF AutoStretch and captured the screen. Is one of these better than the other? Is there no significant difference between the two images? Should there be a difference or will it only become really apparent if I reduce the Bias exposure to the minimum possible value? Any advice / help would be appreciated. Adrian
  23. Hi Göran @JamesF is correct with the lens. I have been using the Samyang a lot over the last 18 months but decided to invest in a lens I can use for AP and is more easily used on my dslr for everyday use if I wish. The Samyang is great but being fully manual it can be a bit limiting at times. Regarding the star shapes: I removed the stars to process the nebula and then put the stars back having processed them separately, taking care not to over stretch the image. I have to say the corner star shapes are better on the Canon than on the Samyang. Thanks for the kind comments. Adrian
  24. The story of my life when buying AP equipment
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