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  1. All good here on latest version R1.25 - Atik320e camera and MBA with Mavericks. Now able to work with long sequences. Everything stable and no problems. The image (not very good as it was twilight with a bright moon, hazy high cloud and the object was low) is M3 - captured last night using Nick's software only - about 25 frames of 30 seconds - CPC800 in alt-az with fastar at f2. Stacked and curved in Nebulosity.
  2. Just to confirm that the version you sent me (1.23 I think) is working very reliably - I managed a sequence of 50 x 20 second exposures of M44 on the 320e in between the clouds and in twilight (so not a great image), a couple of nights ago, and had no problems at all using Nick's app. No amp glow and very nice clean images. I used Nebulosity first to align the scope (I use a fastar on my CPC800 so need the camera to align the scope), and then to do frame and focus and fine focus as I struggle a bit with Nick's app for this - the reticule is not fitted to the 320e's frame (not a problem really) for alignment and Nebulosity's fine focus routines are essential at f2 where even breathing on the focus knob can make a difference! (I think the depth of focus at the mirror is officially something like 6 microns!) Nebulosity works well (using an old version of the driver and with Atik support in beta) but I do not think the amp is switched off and the driver is not as robust as Nick's driver and software is now so there are a few crashes and hangs. Nebulosity itself is very stable (e.g. when processing and not attaching to the Atik) - I will be patient for a Nebulosity update! Thanks for the great work. For the record, I am using a 13 inch MacBook Air (mid-2013) with 8GB RAM and latest Mavericks. Running Astroplanner and Cartes du Ciel simultaneously to control the scope (so both usb ports on the MBA are in use - no hubs). Two hours with everything running (perhaps 20 minutes aligning and focusing and a couple of hundred exposures) uses about 8% of the MBA battery suggesting you could confidently do six hours unplugged. That is with wi-fi on. I save the images to my "copy" folder (like Dropbox only free) on the MBA so they magically appear on my iMac for processing. The house wifi is accessible quite happily about 4 metres down the garden!
  3. Have managed to get first part of log into the private messenger. It would not let me post the whole log: too big, I think. I think what I posted shows some 1 second exposures without disconnect and at least one 30 second exposure with a disconnect. I thought the set-up disappearing was a by-product of the disconnect. The app reconnects the camera correctly, but is obviously "starting again". If I have time, I will try exposures between 1 and 30 seconds to see when disconnects start happening. Thanks for all your work on this. Chris
  4. Good and bad news, I am afraid, with the Atik 320e. Good news. App does not crash - at all. Camera is recognised (though a filter wheel comes up as well, and I do not have one). Preview worked properly. I was able to capture 10 x 1 second sequence without problems, more than once. All working well. Amp appears to be properly off and cooler seems to be on. Bad news. Attempt to capture 10 x 30 second sequence failed. Camera disconnects at end of first 30 second period (icons disappear from app). Have to re-set folder and sequence. Same thing happens. ATIKOSXDrivers.log reports "signalling abort exit" and "abort exit signalled" each time that happens. Have posted ATIKOSDrivers.log to the private conversation.
  5. Sorry, meant to add - no apparent response to setting temperature in 1.05 either.
  6. Dear Nick, thanks for all your work on this. I am keen to get my Atik 320e OSC working on my macbook air and am using the latest version of Nebulosity with beta support from your driver. Craig asked that I post my experience here. In Nebulosity (which I think is running your 1.0 framework) things work pretty much as expected but there are three problems: 1. HUGE amp glow - I think you know about that 2. Cooling does not seem to be working, or if it does, the camera is not reporting its temperature correctly. It just shows as 9.99C 3. I have had a number of random crashes while recording series of exposures. Some work fine (I have captured several series of 50 exposures of 30 seconds and some several minute single exposures). Sometimes, the camera keeps generating and saving frames, but these are empty. Very occasionally, there is a hard crash requiring shut down and restart. As I am fairly newly returned to Nebulosity, it is possible that I am doing something stupid, but only seeing this sort of thing in relation to the camera. At Craig's suggestion, I have tried your example application. The latest one crashes (with a report) EVERY time the camera tries to download. I can't even preview. If I try to capture a series, there is a long delay, then the camera reports exposing, then the crash report as soon as the exposure ends. Version 1.05 of the example application works for me. The tiffs do not show any amp glow (tried indoors) and things seem to work reliably. I will give it a go under the stars later on tonight. Computer is MBA 13 inch (late 2013) running latest Mavericks. Hope this is helpful. Happy to send reports and images if that would help. Thanks again for all your work.
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