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  1. So it isnt just a case of using the negative wire from the 12v supply then as we thought...?
  2. Well all I know is that 12v DC supplies for these cameras, were available, and came with crocodile clips for battery connection, so I guess it is possible to do..!
  3. So your original thoughts are still correct yes, or has something now changed....?
  4. Like I said many thanks for your help it is much appreciated, and I have now just gotten past 500 posts.... ??
  5. That's great, many thanks for your time on this so i just connect as shown with pin 3 left empty, and the 5v- on pin 5, and as it's 12v dc there is no earth is that correct ? I don't connect one of the - to the case too...? Or do i
  6. It's the ST7 it's an old one, and had a 5 pin Din socket, with pins wired as shown above, but that diagram is from the 240v AC supply that comes with the cameras, which are not available anymore, so though I would make a 12v DC one, so maybe that complicates things...as there is no earth I guess....!
  7. Thanks it will be a single 12v supply and an inline 12v to 5v converter in two of the cable cores, (4 cores in all) and the socket it is for an SBIG CCD camera, so can't alter that, but the pins for the camera are shown in the picture above, but I will only have 12v - 12+ and 5v- 5V+ so as you see in the picture the 12v - & + are shown but only the 5v+ is shown and no -, so I wondered where that went, and what I should connect to the common pin... hope that explains a bit better i need to make one as I have no working power supply for the camera and I use 12v on all my kit,
  8. No I am more confused, sorry but electronics is not my strong point, hence the original question..
  9. So can I just put one of the negative wires on there..?
  10. Hi, am making a new power lead, and wondered if anyone can help, I will have 4 core cable carrying +12v -12v +5v -5v and it will be wired into a 5 pin Din plug as the picture shows, but my question is where does the -5v go and what goes onto the "common" pin.. ? Anybody...
  11. Can I ask if this PA alignment feature will work with a wedge mounted SCT... or does it have to be an actual equatorial moun..?
  12. I am off to Hawaii in three weeks, three days stop over in San Fransisco, three days in Honolulu (Waikiki beach) and then ten days on the island of Maui, and also not sure what to take, I am going on an organised trip to a group of obsys high up in the mountains so that should be good, also the hotel next door to where we are staying has a 14" scope on the roof top for people to use...so may just take my DSLR... Sorry a little of topic
  13. I had the same issue and built a switch box like you describe, it worked well, so don't see any issues there...obviously a more complicated way would be to have it switch via software.... ? Not something I could do...
  14. Hi All i have this mono IS DMK 41AF02.AS camera for sale, bought to do some mono solar work but funds never allowed me to buy a dedicated solar scope, so this is just sitting around, and I could used the funds for other kit. Its the less popular FireWire version I bought as the frame transfer speed is faster than USB 2.0, I can supply a PC FireWire internal card if one is required at no extra cost. loads of info available online so I won't bore you, it's the 1/2" mono sensor. Drivers and software available on the imaging source website As for cost am looking for £160 f
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