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  1. Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE plasma desktop, so Kubuntu...really
  2. hi, i relaise this is an old thread but just installed OACapture on my linux PC, (excellent software) and noticed the icon for OAlive, but when i click it says "could not find programe oalive" am i doing something wrong here...or is it not working yet.. regards
  3. You can run it all from an iPad, as it uses noVNC to connect to it via the web....but that way the rpi has to do all the work, which I have done, there is also a SM app....
  4. Looking at the kit in your sig you will have no issues...
  5. Well if you Have any experience with Linux, then you will have no issues at all, I had nine and got on fine. I actually use Stellarmate, I bought the OS for $49, much easier for someone like me with no Linux experience... The rpi is just an indi server mounted on the pier, so does not have much to do, then I run Kstars indoors on my Kubuntu laptop, it works really really well, the rpi does have the full SM OS on there so could do it all from there, but can be a bit slow with platesolvimg and certain camera image download. No more Ascom or USB issues since the change... If
  6. hi, well I don't have experience in what you mention, but use an rpi3 for all my imaging needs, with Kstars / Ekos and would never go back to windows...
  7. Absolutely especially on a lightweight mount with a DSLR, or piggybacked as you mention..
  8. That’s the type of review I listen too, from someone who has used the kit in anger for a while and knows the ins and outs of the product, rather than one that was done by someone who just got the item fro free to do a review online, I think the users review holds much more weight and is much more useful...
  9. So did you try This tool....?  https://www.easeus.com/data-recovery/partition-recovery-software/free-ntfs-partition-recovery.htm
  10. I think there is some type of Imaging that requires the camera to see the full light spectrum, not sure what...also some people like to use there own filters, like a LP filter that has built in IR then one less piece of glass in front of the sensor...
  11. With an Astro modded Camera, they remove one of the two filters in front of the sensor, the one that cuts the Ha signal, the second one is left in the camera as that does and excellent job of IR cut...and also helps protect the sensor, but does not cut the Ha. Now if you have a full spectrum Astro mod on a canon camera they would remove both filters, and then you would need an IR filter to image with it... HTH
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