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  1. Running SGPro on a Mini PC

    Ok great, well if it does not work, just put Ubuntu mate and INDI server and drivers into the rpi3 run network cable to your laptop, load the windows version of Kstars /Ekos and log into the rpi3 and controll all your kit that way, as you have all you need, and all the software is free...
  2. Running SGPro on a Mini PC

    So may I ask, what is the difference between this and just having a powered USB hub on the mount, with a cable back to the main PC....seems the same to me. I use an rpi3 on my mount but with INDI server running and connected back to my main PC via network cable, but all the INDI drivers are on the rpi3 so no Ascom to mess about with or USB or serial issues, it just seems to work..!,
  3. NEQ6 Dec axis weirdness

    If the DEC axis it too tight, that is because you have the locking collar at the bottom where the weight shaft enters the mount too tight, this collar should just be tight enough to take out any slack in the bearings, BUT not too tight as to impede the movement t of the DEC axis....that is your issue.. so tighten the hex screws and loosen the locking collar slightly. People seem to think that these collars should be tightened with brute force...not the case, loosen the collar i mention, put your ear to the mount and rock the DEC axis, you will hear the movement, then tighten slowly the collar till the sound stops, then tighten another 1/8th of a turn, and that’s it....the axis should be nice and smooth...don’t be tempered to tighten this collar anymore, as it does not need it....
  4. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Here it is for £32.00 plus £2.50 p&p https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-3-b-plus
  5. Sesto Senso focucing motor.

    Has this motor got a built in controller, or van you use it of the Pegasus hub controller for instance..? If so I guess it would need a special cable made up..:)
  6. Sesto Senso focucing motor.

    @RayD May be able to help, as I think he has recently bought one of these...
  7. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I have guided my SCT at 1500mm focal length with an 80mm guidescope, no problem....I have never used an OAG..
  8. Platesolving in APT

    Well it would make life much easier, but no problem, just trying to help..
  9. Platesolving in APT

    If you use the blind solve option, it does not have to be near, but will take a bit longer, assuming you have both platesolve programmes installed, this is perfect for your scenario..
  10. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I assumed the only way to focus the OAG is to move the Lodestar closer or further away from prism....so if no adjustment on OAG to move Lodestar then you will need spacers..or an adjustable spacer..
  11. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Hmmm, good idea...
  12. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    No, that’s all he said, he did not elaborate on that, that’s why we are having trouble moving forward, we really need the help of SX to be honest.....
  13. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    I do have a link to the actual INDI driver code, if anyone knows what they are looking for... https://github.com/indilib/indi/blob/master/3rdparty/indi-sx/sxccdusb.cpp
  14. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    The camera is fine, I do know that as it works fine in the SX and APT software, as that was the first thing I though, that the camera was a dud.. but what you said earlier about the odd and even lines does make some sense, as Terry from SX has already said this camera has an unusual readout process...anyway I have passed you comment to the INDI driver developer to see if it helps in any way at all, so thanks for that, much appreciated, it can’t hurt to have as much info as possible...
  15. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Yes fine on windows with the SX software, and others..