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  1. LightBucket

    Power Management

    Three... one was hard enough to smuggle past the boss..
  2. Well that’s not the best design I have ever seen for fastening a scope foot mount... good luck what do you do about the holes once removed, as stray light would enter...??
  3. LightBucket

    Power Management

    The Pegasus hub will give up to 15amps total across all outputs, but each 12v output will give a max of 7 amps I think, and one of the USB ports will give a constant 3 Amps at 5v... so probably not enough for all your kit...you must have one massive set up to need all those power outputs and USB ports...
  4. LightBucket

    Power Management

    well, I use a Pegasus Ultimate power hub, but at a cost of around £500 it may well be too much.. but it really is superb, small compact and does all you will need and more and the software is really good too...
  5. LightBucket

    Reduced by £100 - Trutek motorised 8x1.25" filter wheel

    Excuse me for asking, but what is this 2/3 rule that you mention....??? I dont understand why that seems to determine the price..I have a few Astro items to sell myself..
  6. LightBucket

    mono to colour?

    Simple answer is no....
  7. LightBucket

    mono to colour?

    You can only take single images through coloured filters for still images, the OP wants to do colour AVI, so not sure how that is achieved with a mono camera, easiest option buy a colour camera....
  8. LightBucket

    Which Frac

    I will follow this thread with interests as I am pondering exactly the same thing between these two scopes, I currently have an 80mm f6 triplet and the 100mm Espirit, although larger is only an f5.5 so the 80mm I Have would be redundant really, hence wondering about the 120 espirit at f7....decisions decisions.... good luck.....
  9. Have a look at the ad for the SXVR M25c on here, it’s the best large sensor OSC available and it’s CCD ....! i am bias as I have one and it really is superb..
  10. LightBucket

    Starlight Xpress SXVR-25MC Colour Camera

    To be fair I think the price is good, this is one of, if not the best OSC large sensor CCD camera available...your price is well under 50% of the new price...be patient it should sell...
  11. LightBucket

    Finally got back to the fold.

    Welcome back fro me too..
  12. LightBucket

    For those using Win 10....

    If they are that good at keeping an eye on your system to see when to update, then what can’t they sort the dam problems out when it goes wrong.... using telemetry
  13. I wouldnt really think that you would need any more lenses, as f6 is quite fast and with a small chip like that of the 314 you should not suffer from any curvature..
  14. LightBucket

    For those using Win 10....

    Well talk about big brother watching....telemetry....unbelievable...
  15. LightBucket

    For those using Win 10....

    Hmmm, scrap that then, windows 10 is just rubbish and that’s the end of it, I am done finding excuses for it....lol...

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