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  1. LightBucket

    Filter Question

    I think there is some type of Imaging that requires the camera to see the full light spectrum, not sure what...also some people like to use there own filters, like a LP filter that has built in IR then one less piece of glass in front of the sensor...
  2. LightBucket

    Filter Question

    With an Astro modded Camera, they remove one of the two filters in front of the sensor, the one that cuts the Ha signal, the second one is left in the camera as that does and excellent job of IR cut...and also helps protect the sensor, but does not cut the Ha. Now if you have a full spectrum Astro mod on a canon camera they would remove both filters, and then you would need an IR filter to image with it... HTH
  3. LightBucket

    OK i Want the Redcat Now!

    What was not honest about it...? I assume you own one so please enlighten us...
  4. LightBucket

    OK i Want the Redcat Now!

    Available at £650, hmmmm seems a bit pricey..
  5. LightBucket

    Never say never 🤪 bespoke wedge.

    Yes spot on, I have the 8” LX90 and only ever used one central bolt to hold on my wedge, worked fine with no issue at all, mi Es now deforked and used on an EQ6 Pro...
  6. LightBucket

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    Try the software I linked to above it really is good, what you got to lose...
  7. LightBucket

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hi and welcome..
  8. LightBucket

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    This tool is very good I have used it myself and it worked, worth a try ....assuming it was an NTFS partition, although I think there is one for FAT32 to... https://www.easeus.com/data-recovery/partition-recovery-software/free-ntfs-partition-recovery.htm
  9. LightBucket

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    That does look like it’s already been wiped unfortunately, maybe by an error...
  10. LightBucket

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    Just use the disk manager built into windows 10, to re partition the drive and then allocate the space and then format....job done Just type “disk” into the search box and the tool will be near the top of the list.... Click on the correct drive in the list, then delete the partition, then create partition, and it should sort it for you...
  11. LightBucket

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    Yes, your situation is different, and by the way a superb construction :), I have heard they the FG domes are notorious for condensation, but not really sure why, and with heat from your warm room then escaping into the dome, once shut up will create a bigger problem so yes, a dehumidifier is probably your only option..... one day I hope to have a build like yours, when I am in my forever home, which is not this one...
  12. LightBucket

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    Like I have said as much ventilation as sensibly possible, works fine in a wooden scope shed, I don’t have any heat or dehumidifiers, it’s just a shed with plenty of air gaps, no fancy lining inside or waterproof membrane on the frame just a bog standard garden shed with all the air gaps that come with. £200 shed... my scope and computer has been In there for four years, without issues, no damp no condensation no rust on anything....so that’s my perfect design, an off the shelf unmodified WATERTIGHT garden shed as it comes...simples..
  13. LightBucket

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    It is not impossible at all, if the design is right, BUT fibreglass does seem to create a lot of condensation. My obsy is full of electronics and also full of ventilation and I have no dehumidifier and never have, but mine is wood, during a session it obviously gets cold in there, but I just close up after open all vents and in the AM all is as dry as a bone....but like I have said a few small vents here and there are not going g to do it, my shed also has a full slit all the way round where the roof meets the sides, plus vents at the bottom, I don’t think people realise how much ventilation is needed to move air around and create airflow even in a small space...
  14. LightBucket

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    Top and bottom you need them...
  15. LightBucket

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    Insulating an already condensation Hungary shed is the worse thing you can do unless you really get some airflow in and out, as the warm air will be trapped and produce condensation on metal and glass...and you don’t want that.. And if you Ha eva heater on too, the warm air will rise to the colder roof area and condense and run down the walls....it’s really not a good idea for heat in an enclosed area with Telescope kit, but rather that just take out the wet air with a dehumidifier, stop it forming at all...

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