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  1. QHY5ii Mono Camera

    Mono or colour..? Sorry ignore me just read the title again.....doh...
  2. SGP - credit where it is due

    Yes, meridian flip would put APT at the top of the list, i think Ivo has it on his radar for an upcoming project, well i hope he has...
  3. I really dont see what all the fuss is about, it works as it should and is not rocket science....lol..
  4. No, it actually gives you a male to female, see pictures above..
  5. My T thread that i screw into is only 3mm deep so that’s why it works for me i guess, if all the thread is going inside whatever you are attaching too, then yes it wont work for you....i dont have that issue
  6. Its does work, trust me if you follow the instructions above..
  7. When you want to alter the length loosen the top ring slightly and screw the threaded barrel up or down and then lock the top ring down again...
  8. Here you go a better picture screw the threaded part into the larger ring, and screw down till it stands 14mm high, then screw the smaller ring on the top and all the way down till it Locks against the bottom ring, making sure you don’t move the threaded barrel while you tighten
  9. Ok i will try and explain leave the bottom ring as shown in the picture, flip the top ring over and screw on to the bottom ring, screw it down far enough to get the total width to be 14mm, then screw the lock ring up to lock against the top ring... simples... thats how mine works..
  10. Which way up are you putting the top ring in the picture on..?
  11. The lock ring shown here should screw up the thread and lock against the top piece
  12. There should be 3 pieces T-2 Conversion Ring (10mm length) #2958110T-2 Locking Ring (2mm length) #2958120T-2 / T-2 Inverter #1508025 and i think you just have the top and bottom pone on the list, if you had all three it would be obvious how it works..
  13. The 2mm locking ring is missing, it goes on the thread and locks against the outer piece...