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  1. LightBucket

    Receive an item from service or a reply at least

    I see no reason why you are not covered by the distance selling consumer rights act, but he may reply and ask you to send the mount back so he can put right...so that would probably be acceptable by law... To be honest I don’t think they run the tests, they just do the mod and hope that it performs...like I said before I have had dealings with them, and would not touch them with a barge pole....don’t believe a word they advertise...But that is just my opinion..
  2. LightBucket

    Receive an item from service or a reply at least

    Well I never rated them before I saw this thread.... Sorry mods if that is harsh, please remove if so..
  3. LightBucket

    Receive an item from service or a reply at least

    To be honest to have to make adjustments like that when it has just been tuned, is a disgrace.....sorry but true..
  4. LightBucket

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Well as for frame rates, my cameras are for long exposures, so frame rates don’t come into it...I don’t use it for planetary imaging on,y deep sky... noVNC runs from the web browser..! So would RealVNC be faster..?? I store images on my client machine..
  5. LightBucket

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Yes, sorry to but in... Well i use two Starlight Xpress Cameras, My OSC is an SXVR M25c which runs really well, and my mono is an SX H18 which has the popular mono KAF 8300 sensor and agin it runs really well, plus a lodestar autoguider.. They are the only Cameras I Have used on my rpi3b.. Also just been trying out using teamviewer host on the rpi but find noVNC much better, what is the difference between RealVNC and noVNC...??
  6. LightBucket

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Using skysafari, is really useful if you need to go out to the mount, and slew to an object as you can see in real time... The rpi is more than fast enough when used this way as it’s onlt a server, there is no power Hungary software running on it, that’s all done form ones laptop or PC indoors.. I found that the noVNC is superb, I have never had a problem with connection or with any dropouts, it just works..never tried RealVNC though..
  7. LightBucket

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Totally agree with all of the above, and exactly how I run my set up..
  8. LightBucket

    Is this a good deal?

    If interested PM as I have a spare Meade 6.3 reducer I can let go...
  9. LightBucket

    Is this a good deal?

    Well obviously at f10 you will only get the smallest in full, but it performs very well, I have even autoguided mine with 15 min subs having it mounted on a wedge with piggybacked guide scope..I use mainly at f6.3 using a Meade focal reducer / flattener.. Great for galaxies too though..
  10. LightBucket

    Is this a good deal?

    Yes that’s not a bad deal at all, with all the accessories included... go for it.. i have one and it’s a great scope and would never get rid... p.s. long way to travel to collect..!!
  11. LightBucket

    2" filter with a 1.25" eye piece/Diagonal

    £80 back to China... , that’s ridiculous...
  12. LightBucket

    Problem with remote control of Intel compu stick

    Yes I realise that, but it also works with win 10,(have done that also) but I was using teamviewer host and not real VNC....
  13. LightBucket

    Problem with remote control of Intel compu stick

    Yes they work fine without a HDMI attached, and no need for dummy plug....I have used one headless with Linux Ubuntu and Kstars / Ekos for image capture...
  14. LightBucket

    William Optics guide scope.

    Any pictures...?
  15. Oh, and yes that cable is fine, not sure you would need a 3m one though.

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