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  1. LightBucket

    Bahtinov mask "Banana" spikes

    How long was the exposure as it looks like bad PA alignment....?
  2. Yes, I have an older EQ6 and it is 12mm for sure as I have recently bought the extension for it, but mine is only 8” tall, and not sure they make one any bigger for the EQ6...but they do for other mounts....
  3. The EQ6 actually used M12 centre fixing at both ends (I have one and extension) and not M10...! i think that extension is for an EQ5...or variation....
  4. LightBucket

    The Bubble Neb - Atik v Canon

    So was that with your ST8300...?.
  5. LightBucket

    Screwed up my SCT, big time :(

    Looks spot on to me with those images...
  6. LightBucket

    The Bubble Neb - Atik v Canon

    Or even the mono version...
  7. LightBucket

    The Bubble Neb - Atik v Canon

    Very nice, are you enjoying that 383...??
  8. No problem....enjoy..
  9. Use an Allen key in the hole on the knob itself, loosen and slide off a tad, and re tighten...see if that sorts it Looks like it’s been pushed on too far and made it tight..
  10. Gradient xterminator would take care of those....but a little pricey There is also a PS pluggin by Pro Digital software, that is also very good, for around £23 here, it’s called Astro flat... http://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/Products.html
  11. LightBucket

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    It was the best thing I ever did to move away from windows to Linux, with Kstars and INdI, it’s superb to have a single software package that does the lot and it’s free, (not if you buy Stellarmate OS) it’s a superb package and Jasem at INdI is superb at helping with issues... As you probably know it does all and more than the popular SG pro, and if I d it so much easier to use and a much better GUI too, and none of the USB, or Ascom glitches that used to ruin my sessions.. I for one would never go back to windows....
  12. LightBucket

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Yes the new one does work fine with that but no yet with Ubuntu Mate...it will be a while yet before they get round to the update needed.... like I say have a look at Stellarmate OS....works superbly...
  13. LightBucket

    SCT ready for lift off!

    Surely that will hinder the cool down, which is very important with SCT, as it is needed to give the best views...? Or am I missing something...
  14. LightBucket

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Hi, The 3b+ used a different variation of Ubuntu as it is slightly different, and not sure that Ubuntu has been updated yet to work with it, I use it with the Stellarmate OS software that is an all in one solution for imaging and comes with all the software already packaged (INdI, Kstars, Phd2, update software and more) that you will need, it saves having to try and load it all seperately....but on the down side it is $49...but makes life much easier, and is already set up for the B+..
  15. Hmmmm, not sure I agree with it being over capacity, BUT when you add something to the top of your scope you need to add matching weight to the bottom, (by way of a weight balance system) and slide forward or back to balance on both axis, I did this with mine and got perfect balance and it tracked beautifully... and yes you need to put on a wedge and make it equatorial, this might be what the guy means, but if you ad weight and get perfect balance the motors are not really doing anymore work...

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