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  1. Thank you all for some interesting points. It seems simplest to stick with 1 1/4 inch eyepieces and use a focal reducer. Simon.
  2. Thank you. I presume the internal shade tube will be 1 1/4 inches. And I assume those eyepieces which fit both sizes of drawtube will suffer similarly.
  3. If I put a 2 inch visual back on a 6 inch SCT and use a 2 inch eyepiece, will I make full use of the e/piece, or will I lose some of the area around the edge of the field of view? Or is it better just to use a focal reducer with 1 1/4 inch e/pieces?
  4. Thank you for raising the size of the rear baffle tube, Michael. I suppose that means I should buy a 1 1/4 inch 24mm e/p. Or use a focal reducer. Simon Gale
  5. All very useful. Many thanks for your advice. Simon Gale
  6. How exactly do I put a 2" eyepiece on the back of a 6" Celestron Evolution?
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