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  1. 1CM69

    Celestron X-Cel LX 2x Barlow

    Hi Jim, there is someone who has said they want it & asked for payment details but I have not heard back from them nor received any payment for 8 hours. I’ll have to at least wait 24 hours giving them the benefit of doubt before offering the Barlow to someone else. If you send me a message about the same time tomorrow & I’ll let you know. Kind regards.., Kirk
  2. OK, back to this collimation lark - seems all was not as perfect as it seemed back-a-long. I had been trying to image Jupiter and getting nothing but blurry washed out image, I know the planet is fairly low but this niggle in the back of my mind kept on telling me that maybe my original collimation attempts weren't that great. There was nothing for it but to dispel this niggle, I had to check my collimation at the next available opportunity. It was while setting up some different equipment the other night & watching my screen while the focuser was running down to the focus point, I noticed that the Poisson Point which should be central & a single point was in fact 3 points of light forming a triangle. Last night there were clear skies forecast all night so I decided to set aside the time to get this job done. Problem 1 - my backyard has limited sky view Problem 2 - because of Problem 1 I was unable to Polar Align & hence no guiding either. So I was relying on a 2 star EQ North Align Anyway, went ahead as best as I could. I slewed my scope to Denebola, which was at 45degrees & proceeded to attempt to collimate and bring these 3 points together. No matter what I did however, nothing seemed to work. I was altering the collimation alright as the centre circle was moving away from it's central position but these 3 points of light were not coalescing to form a single point. I then set the collimation back as best I could given that my tracking was not perfect & it was a complete pain keeping the star within the circles of Al's Collimation Aid. I played around with my focuser for a bit, I started at 5000 steps above the known focus point, (previously achieved via Bahtinov), and set the focuser to run down to the focus point. I noticed that the 3 points of light didn't really form a single point as such until almost at focus. OK, I thought, what about now going 5000 steps below focus, so again, I set my focuser going & this way the Poisson Point was indeed a single point as it should be. So I recorded a short video of this process to better explain. This video starts at 5000 steps above focus & ends at 5000 steps below focus. What I found was that could run my focuser below the focus point by say 1000 steps & then it back up to the actual focus point and the Poisson Point would stay as a single point. Excuse the quality of the video above, I captured the data in a .ser file but YouTube doesn't like these and so it was converted to an .avi in PIPP before uploading to YouTube. So my original capture showed the star dancing around a bit because of tracking so I processed the video through PIPP to centralise the image. I also ran off individual image files for each frame. With these images I was able to find a good quality one and open it in Photoshop, centralise the image with the Ruler tool and then use Al's Collimation Aid overlay, much more precise than mucking around with a moving target. The image below shows the defocused star exactly centralised with the overlay in place. It is obvious that the central dark ring is slightly off in the NE direction, pretty much the same amount as the Poisson Point which is just about visible. In this next image I have removed the Rulers Guides in Photoshop, added a grid and highlighted the Poisson Point to make it easier to see. Last night I didn't think of this but the only difference to my setup from my previous seemingly good collimation, was that this time I had my Reducer fitted. Could the reducer cause the odd Poisson Point behaviour above focus? I am going to have to thoroughly go through all of this again when I am properly aligned and can keep a star centered for long periods. Just strikes me as odd that when adjusting the collimating screws, the central circle was very obviously moving although it seemed the multi Poisson Point was not. Anyone have any other ideas what should be causing this & why it's only apparent above focus and not below? Regards.., Kirk
  3. 1CM69

    COMPLETED - Eyepiece Set

    now SOLD via ABS
  4. Currently Sale Pending on ABS
  5. Here is my trusty Olympus E-510 4/3 DSLR which I purchased when first getting in to astro imaging but it has been boxed up in the loft for the past 18 months since getting my modded Canon. The camera is in mint condition & is not modded. Shutter count is only 10,951 so nothing really (shown in last image against 'R') Included are 2 lenses & accessories Olympus E-510 Olympus Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm f/4-5.6 lens OE mains charger travel charger kipon T2-4/3 adapter OE battery 2x generic batteries 32gb CF card 2gb CF card SD-CF card RC-201 remote instructions & software data cables Boxed £140 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  6. Here is a selection of photography bits & bobs including lenses, adapters & filters. This is a job lot. small dslr carry case fotga 58mm variable ND filter xtech 58mm CPL kipon m42-4/3 adapter generic m42-4/3 adapter generic Olympus OM-4/3 adapter neewer Olympus OM-EOS adapter generic m42-EOS adapter generic T2-NIKON F mount adapter zotter m42 2x teleconverter kenko m42 3x teleconverter kood pro series ND2 filter kood pro series CPL holder for above kood filters with 58mm adapter ring Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 lens Porst m42 135mm f/2.8 lens Sunagor m42 400mm f/6.3 lens £50 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  7. This is the old style non LPFC so is a little thicker than the newer version but perfectly useable. £45 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  8. Never used & surplus to requirements. Boxed £25 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  9. For sale is my Meade f/3.3 reducer complete with nut-case & also Variable T-Adapter £55 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  10. No longer required Celestron x2 Barlow #93529 £35 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  11. A selection of 1.25" eyepieces that I no longer require. 17mm Celestron Plossl 12.5mm Celestron CrossAim #93235 25mm unbranded Plossl 5mm unbranded Plossl all with cases/boxes £40 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  12. My barely used Celestron OAG #93648 complete & boxed. Plus the large SCT adapter #93652 which I have never used, ordered in error from FLO £215 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks
  13. Barely used, complete & in original aluminium carry case. £130.00 posted (UK ONLY) BANK TRANSFER ONLY thanks

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