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  1. Hi, I am interested in the lot what is your best price and would I be able to buy this with my paypal? (I see you have sold the moonlite, but I have one of those already) We would have to drive from Kent with my family have a look at the tube just incase there is a scratch, but I am sure it fine. Thanks Craig
  2. Sorry last one, this is M42 using the mono gpcam as I cant get my ASI224 to focus.
  3. Thanks this is quite hard to do for me, steep learning curve but fun
  4. Thanks, I didn't realise how hard this is with a refractor seems so sensitive to focus.
  5. Hi, Just a quick update on the 72ed, I can get focus using the 2" Diagonal with the Altair GPCAM and the GPCAM2130M, but my ASI224MC and the Skyris 618m cannot focus. Really please with the scope, here is a quick snap of the moon using a GPCAM130m
  6. Many thanks for all your replys, more things to buy and try. Craig
  7. I have emailed Skywatcher Support and I have asked what is the correct distance for back focus for DSLR and CCD, I will update with the reply from Skywatcher.
  8. Hi, Sorry for the silly questions but I am trying to find out what the correct back focus should be for a Sky-watcher 72ed, I have searched high and low on the internet for a manual thinking this would tell me. I have a few CCD's but these have been used for planets using a CPC925, I have got a skyris 618m, ASI224mc, Alatir GPcam and a Alatir GPCAM 2 mono for guiding. I would like to try my 72ED with a ASI224MC and try some DSO imaging, when I tried to focus with the ASI I could not achieve focus. 1) Do I need a 50mm 2" extension for a DSLR and a 80mm 2" extension tube for a CCD. 2) Do I need a field flattener and a smaller extension tube if the flattener is used? 3) What would be a good CCD for imaging with a 72ed refractor? Any help or advice would be great Many thanks Craig
  9. Couldnt resist, mine is in the post for tomorrow. Thanks Martin. Cheers Craig
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