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  1. Do you know what Handset you have with the CGEM? is it a Nexstar or Nexstar+ Looking at CFM in the following location http://software.celestron.com/updates/CFM/CFM/ There is a Version PDF file that has the Nextstar+ GPS fix http://software.celestron.com/updates/CFM/CFM/Firmware_Revision_History.pdf (I cannot see the Nexstar Handset listed in the PDF) Looking on the Teamcelestron beta site I can see that the Nexstar Handset has a fix available to download, you can join for free but have to wait for an admin to authorise you to be able to read and download the Nexremote beta fixes. You can request to join TeamCelestron here http://www.teamcelestron.com/ucp.php?mode=register I hope this may help. Craig
  2. Hi, I just noticed that team celestron have two GPS updates for the nexstar HC V99.22 and nexstar+ 5.31.9102 with GPS fix. Hope it might help someone.
  3. I have send you a PM (I think), I hope it has worked as I am new to this and it took a while to find how to message you via your icon.
  4. Hi, If you don't sell it to the one that would like delivery, I can come and pick it up as I live in Rainham kent. Let me know. Craig
  5. Hi, Sorry for the silly questions, is this based in Kent (just saw you are in Rochester Kent) and do you know what make the scope buggy is and weight this can carry? I am a stroke survivor, so at the end of the night moving a CPC925 back in the shed would save me a lot of time. (hence the question about weight) Regards Craig
  6. Hi, I am interested in the lot what is your best price and would I be able to buy this with my paypal? (I see you have sold the moonlite, but I have one of those already) We would have to drive from Kent with my family have a look at the tube just incase there is a scratch, but I am sure it fine. Thanks Craig
  7. Sorry last one, this is M42 using the mono gpcam as I cant get my ASI224 to focus.
  8. Thanks this is quite hard to do for me, steep learning curve but fun
  9. Thanks, I didn't realise how hard this is with a refractor seems so sensitive to focus.
  10. Hi, Just a quick update on the 72ed, I can get focus using the 2" Diagonal with the Altair GPCAM and the GPCAM2130M, but my ASI224MC and the Skyris 618m cannot focus. Really please with the scope, here is a quick snap of the moon using a GPCAM130m
  11. Many thanks for all your replys, more things to buy and try. Craig
  12. I have emailed Skywatcher Support and I have asked what is the correct distance for back focus for DSLR and CCD, I will update with the reply from Skywatcher.
  13. Hi, Sorry for the silly questions but I am trying to find out what the correct back focus should be for a Sky-watcher 72ed, I have searched high and low on the internet for a manual thinking this would tell me. I have a few CCD's but these have been used for planets using a CPC925, I have got a skyris 618m, ASI224mc, Alatir GPcam and a Alatir GPCAM 2 mono for guiding. I would like to try my 72ED with a ASI224MC and try some DSO imaging, when I tried to focus with the ASI I could not achieve focus. 1) Do I need a 50mm 2" extension for a DSLR and a 80mm 2" extension tube for a CCD. 2) Do I need a field flattener and a smaller extension tube if the flattener is used? 3) What would be a good CCD for imaging with a 72ed refractor? Any help or advice would be great Many thanks Craig
  14. Couldnt resist, mine is in the post for tomorrow. Thanks Martin. Cheers Craig
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