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  1. Redscouse

    Lindy CROMO USB Cables

    USB A to Micro B = Raspberry Pi.
  2. Redscouse

    sorry but a real daft question

    I have version 4 of the handset and this is not necessary. Just plug the cable in and away you go.
  3. John I believe the issue you had previously (in another thread) was the connection from PHD to the mount. As you are using the ST4 cable, you should choose the ST4 connection to the mount. Here's my connection settings. (I use a Touptek camera for guiding.) USB to serial. Serial/ST4 to handest. guide cam to ST4 on the mount.
  4. This just about sums up my feelings on the matter..
  5. The first will be clouds. They usually come prepacked with any astro gear. At least @FLOhave the decency to warn you of such impending doom by way of a sticker on the box! Nice camera choice! I'll be interested to see how you go with it as I have the 183M on my wishlist.
  6. Redscouse

    Deep Sky with ASI120MC

    Couldn't agree more with this statement!
  7. Redscouse

    Double-Rigging 130s on EQ5?

    I have two 130's (the P and PDS) and a side by side bracket. I have previously mounted both scopes on my HEQ5 along with my ST80/touptec guidecam, ASI178M & EFW. I used both counterweights and could NOT get it to balance. Needed more counterweights (or a longer pole) I'm going to hazard a guess and say you may suffer the same issue. Let me know how it goes as I'm keen to use both scopes. Pete. Edit: I also tried with a smaller TS Optics scope. That was too heavy also.
  8. Redscouse

    Polaris in transit.

    I use that too for setting up my mount. It doesn't do what I asked above though unfortunately.
  9. Redscouse

    Skywatcher 8" newt

    Hi Paul. I use the little brothers to this scope for imaging, the 130P & 130P-DS on an HEQ5. There really isn't that much difference between them, I assume the same is true for the bigger P vs P-DS scopes. I also have the 200P (this scope advertised) which I use for visual use on an EQ5. I have seen Jupiter, with its bands & four moons clearly visible and Saturn with its rings clearly visible. If I didn't already own a 200P I would certainly snap this one up! Hope that helps with your decision making. Pete.
  10. Redscouse

    Need help

    I'm guessing they have moved the county boundaries since I left home!
  11. Redscouse

    which software to use

    I use APT, fully automated. I do a test focus, then test frame. Then run a fully automated plan whilst keeping an eye on it during the night. I keep myself otherwise entertained with Netflix/Xbox or sometimes set up another scope for some visual observing. Have seen both Jupiter and Saturn over the last few sessions.
  12. Redscouse

    which software to use

    I use APT (Astro Photography Tool) as stated above, the trial version doesn't expire so you're free to test as long as you like. At just under £19 euro, the price of the full version is very reasonable. You/we don't actually need to buy the full version however I believe it's good to support the devs when you find good software.
  13. Redscouse

    Polaris in transit.

    Works a treat! Thanks again.
  14. Redscouse

    Polaris in transit.

    Hi almcl, Thanks for the response. The one I have installed looks like this. I can turn the three dials circled to change longitude but that's it. I'll take a look at the one you linked to know. Thanks for the heads up. Pete. Edit: This is what Stellarium displays. I wasn't sure if it was correct however looking at the screen shots you posted I think it's correct.
  15. Redscouse

    Polaris in transit.

    Afternoon all. I've been scouring the tinterweb for a good hour or so trying to find Polaris in transit times to no avail. I'm surprised by this, I thought this information would be readily available? Can any of you guys point me in the right direction please. Thanks for looking. Pete. Edit: I've tried Polar finder on both Android & Windows. I can set my longitude but not the time so all I'm seeing is where Polaris is now. I've got Stellarium opened and focussed on the NCP through the reticule view. I've then used the date/time to move Polaris to the top which gives me a time of 23:57 tonight. Does that sound about right to you guys?

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