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  1. Hey Skipper, Have you considered the Evoguide 50mm? Fantastic little bit of kit. Pete.
  2. I used these. I was tempted to cut the RCA connectors off but thought better of it so chopped an old phono lead with female connectors and soldered these on the other end. Works a treat!
  3. Dining room I think you lost the right to call that a dining room about five telescopes ago!
  4. Hi Carole, Thanks for the response. I'll give it a whirl when it arrives and see if it leaves a pattern. If it does I'll try paper/tshirts etc. to see if I can hide it, if all else fails I'll grab one of them drawing boards from the links above. As a side note, I did actually build one of my own, (see images below - I never got around to finalising it as I wasn't convinced the leds were bright enough) it kinda works although it ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated (165mm) so hardly portable hence me still looking for one I can cart around with me. Pete.
  5. @Jkulin Thanks for the heads-up. Still getting my head around calibration frames. Darks are pretty easy, just pop the cap on and repeat the imaging schedule. Flats/Bias, I'm just getting used too. Haven't even tried Dark-Flats. (I mean, how on earth do you take a dark light image? ) The flat panel I ordered is due on Thursday so will test it out. If it shows the beehive pattern I'll be straight onto them links you've kindly provided and ordering some.
  6. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I'd hope to diffuse any oddities using a handkerchief/t-shirt.
  7. Evening all, What are your thoughts on using this for flats out in the field? Pete.
  8. The unit is controlled via an app available from your app store. The unit broadcasts its own network which you connect your phone/tablet too however, in the latest update there is a new feature called 'wifi station mode'. Turning this on will allow the AsiAir to connect to your home network via wifi. This means you can be anywhere your home network signal reaches and be in full control of the unit.
  9. Fantastic little devices! Definitely changed the game when it comes to setting up/stripping down every night. I just disconnect the three cables from the mount and lift the scope off with everything still in place. I've just setup, polar aligned and started a plan running in less than twenty minutes!
  10. Yep, me too. About two days after i bought the 'scope I upgraded the focuser.
  11. Thanks for the reply Grierson. I'm currently running the AsiAir from the power supply unit with an 5a extension. (AsiAir powering mount, focuser, EAF) Hitec Astro (4 port) powering 2x heater strips. All drawing less than 2a, peaks just over 2a when slewing. I'm on the hunt for phono > 2.1mm adapter/leads but having no luck.
  12. Hi all, Received my AsiAir Pro today. Naturally, I'm over the moon! (no pun intended - or was it...) Opening the box, it looks great! Picking it up it feels good and well made. Adding a bracket to slide into the finder shoe on the scope is a nice touch! Well played ZWO! It comes with a plethora of cables and a 64GB USB stick. However there is no power adaptor/USB. There is a 2.1mm male>female extension but no cigar/plug/USB. I'll have to dig out the original cable that came with my mount which has long since been put in a box somewhere 'safe'. I have two methods
  13. If you haven't already, take a look at Stellarium online. https://stellarium-web.org/ I'd even go one better and download the desktop software as it's free of charge and a great little tool for planning.
  14. With the exception of a couple of dips into the second hand market, I've never bought anywhere else. The customer service you provide is fantastic, that's what keeps me loyal. Happy New Year to you all at FLO, and, of course, SGL members!
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