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  1. Interesting. Never heard that expression before. Had all kinds of images flashing through my mind of coils and transformers etc. fitted to the bottom of my camera!
  2. What on earth does that mean?
  3. Just had a read of that thread and bookmarked it in case of future urge to tinker. However, the cost of the camera in the shop compared to the one from Juan's website is not a great saving when taking into account the 5.5 hours (or more) it will take me to do the mod myself. Best left to the experts I think.
  4. The camera will only be used for AP. I have an unmodded 1300D that will be left intact for daytime use. Is it easy?
  5. Yeah, the only difference to the entire texts are the word 'astro' substituted for 'baader'. To be honest, I've read this thread numerous times and the only thing I know for certain is I've saved £60
  6. You and me both my friend! This makes perfect sense to my confused brain.
  7. Thanks all for your replies. Looks like asking the question saved myself £60, remind me I owe you a pint when we meet at an astro party somewhere!
  8. Thanks for the response. So what you're saying, looking at the picture below, I can save myself £60 and go for the £399 one and it will work ok?
  9. Hi all As the title suggests, what is the difference between the two and what is better for AP? The camera will never be used for anything other than AP if that makes a difference. Thanks for looking. Pete.
  10. What is a better choice?

    Yeah I agree. When I started to look into AP. That scope just kept popping up everywhere I searched. That is until about an hour ago when I found the thread about the 130P-DS. I'm still leaning towards the ED80, unless I'm convinced otherwise, hence this thread. Looking forward to seeing what people's opinions are.
  11. Hi all Which (in your opinion) is the better scope for imaging. Skywatcher ED80 or Skywatcher 130P-DS ? I already have the 130P and I was set on the ED80 for imaging however I just found a thread here about the 130P-DS with plenty of photos that look great so now I'm torn between the two. As a side note; could I mount any of these scopes side by side on my HEQ5 with my 130P? Thanks for looking. Pete.
  12. Not sure which setting is correct.

    I couldn't find the 640x480 resolution - that is indeed what I use on mine. The penny has just dropped that this is half the resolution listed at the website - feel rather foolish now! Makes sense. Thanks.
  13. Hi all Just installed PHD2 and having a go a setting up camera etc. to get used to the GUI. During setup I hit the detect button and was presented with 7.50 pixel size. Checking the camera's website it says 3.75 pixel size. Thanks to @JemC I have an understanding of binning and paid enough attention in school to realise 3.75 is half of 7.50. What I am curious about is, is this setting in PHD2 correct? (picture 1 - picture 2 is from the manufacturers website) Thanks for looking. Pete.
  14. Binning; What is it?

    After reading the link JemC pointed me towards, what you two have said makes perfect sense. Thanks all.