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  1. Redscouse

    ZWO ASiair Incoming

    Ohhh, nice! @FLOI have a couple of Raspberry Pi's knocking around as I like to tinker with them and see what daft idea I can come up with next! (I even have the official 7" touchscreen ) Anyway, my question is; Will ASI be releasing the OS as a standalone? if so, any ideas when that will be?
  2. Hi Gina, Not sure if this will help, It's called Blender. It's a neat little program. A friend gave me the heads-up a while back when I was looking to redesign the kitchen. Hope it helps. Pete.
  3. Redscouse

    First light optics

    Martin over at FLO has been my goto guy since I received my telescope at Christmas. I've asked all kinds of questions and been given the best advice for my needs even if that meant I was directed to another supplier from time to time. Not many retailers these days would send you to a competitor because they didn't have an item in stock! All emails are answered the same day (with the exception of late Friday nights which I've done on a couple of occasions) however there has been a response usually by mid Monday morning.) Top class service at FLO!
  4. Redscouse

    migration windows to linux

    Been using dual boot for years on several systems. Never had any issues turning off/on fast/secure boot. (and the newer versions are UEFI friendly) I agree with all of the above. For someone wishing to have a first look I think Mate is one of the friendliest for the user. Once they get to know the basics, as you and I both know, there are a plethora of flavours available depending upon what the user wants to achieve.
  5. Redscouse

    migration windows to linux

    I probably wouldn't choose Cinnamon for my first attempt. Try Linux Mint Mate. The GUI is much more user friendly.
  6. Redscouse

    migration windows to linux

    +1 for Mint. Very much Windows-ish, without the Windows bit that causes so many headaches!
  7. Redscouse

    migration windows to linux

    Dual boot is the answer for you my friend.
  8. Redscouse

    Should it stay, or should it go?.

    Stop it, you're making me jealous!
  9. Redscouse

    First go at planets.

    Thanks for the tips everyone, much appreciated. I wanted to go out last night Steve as I knew it was clear. I came home, had some dinner then sat on the sofa to watch the football. Next thing I know is the wife waking me up around 12:45 to go to bed. I'm hoping there will be some clear skies tonight. I have checked all the sites and they all say it's cloudy however I'm here and it's not too bad. Getting setup. Then will have to play the waiting game and see how it pans out. Worst case scenario, the moon is nice and bright.
  10. Redscouse

    First go at planets.

    @Demonperformer Thank you Edit: If no guiding is required I may try the 200P, see how the mount handles it.
  11. Redscouse

    Should it stay, or should it go?.

    My wife would answer that in the affirmative! I have five 'scopes now. When the third arrived in the post. With a part puzzled, part annoyed expression on her face, and a sprinkling of sarcasm, the wife asked me; "why do you need another telescope, you only have two eyes?" - I tried to explain it was a guide scope. She thinks I'm bonkers! To answer to OP; Keep it! You know the day after it's gone you'll find a use for it.
  12. Afternoon all. I have just been looking at Stellarium to see where to point the scope tonight when I noticed Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Mars will all be putting in an appearance over the course of the night so thought I'd have a go at imaging one or two of them. (weather & light depending..) I've never tried planets before so after a few tips if you don't mind. 1. I believe it's video rather than photos I shoot. Correct me if I'm wrong please. 2. Do I need to guide to shoot planets? 3. Does the mount tracking speed need to be changed? 4. Is a barlow required? 5. Anything else I should be aware of? Equipment: -- 130PDS - ZWO ASI178MM - EFW & LRGB. (ST80 & Toup cam for guiding.) I do have a 200P but I'm not sure my HEQ5 would handle that along with the cameras and guiding etc. Thanks in advance guys and gals. Pete.
  13. Wow! That's one of the coolest things I've seen yet in this hobby! Nice one Grant.
  14. I just stumbled across this and wondered what ya'll think? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/evscope-100x-more-powerful-than-normal-telescopes-design-community#/
  15. Congratulations Alan!

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