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  1. The unit is controlled via an app available from your app store. The unit broadcasts its own network which you connect your phone/tablet too however, in the latest update there is a new feature called 'wifi station mode'. Turning this on will allow the AsiAir to connect to your home network via wifi. This means you can be anywhere your home network signal reaches and be in full control of the unit.
  2. Fantastic little devices! Definitely changed the game when it comes to setting up/stripping down every night. I just disconnect the three cables from the mount and lift the scope off with everything still in place. I've just setup, polar aligned and started a plan running in less than twenty minutes!
  3. Yep, me too. About two days after i bought the 'scope I upgraded the focuser.
  4. Thanks for the reply Grierson. I'm currently running the AsiAir from the power supply unit with an 5a extension. (AsiAir powering mount, focuser, EAF) Hitec Astro (4 port) powering 2x heater strips. All drawing less than 2a, peaks just over 2a when slewing. I'm on the hunt for phono > 2.1mm adapter/leads but having no luck.
  5. Hi all, Received my AsiAir Pro today. Naturally, I'm over the moon! (no pun intended - or was it...) Opening the box, it looks great! Picking it up it feels good and well made. Adding a bracket to slide into the finder shoe on the scope is a nice touch! Well played ZWO! It comes with a plethora of cables and a 64GB USB stick. However there is no power adaptor/USB. There is a 2.1mm male>female extension but no cigar/plug/USB. I'll have to dig out the original cable that came with my mount which has long since been put in a box somewhere 'safe'. I have two methods of providing power to my equipment, a battery and mains fed power unit. This.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/tracer-12v-8ah-lithium-polymer-battery-pack.html and this.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/nevada-ps-08-6a-8a-regulated-linear-power-supply.html Would I be correct in assuming either of these will safely power the AsiAir via a (fused) 2.1mm>cigar adaptor lead? (don't want to turn it into a smoke machine!) Thanks for reading. Pete. Edit: Q2: Does the AsiAir bypass the Synscan controller? I normally use an RS32>USB adapter to connect the handset to my laptop and was wondering how I would go about connecting the AsiAir to the mount for guiding.
  6. Yep. I'd have to agree with this.
  7. If you haven't already, take a look at Stellarium online. https://stellarium-web.org/ I'd even go one better and download the desktop software as it's free of charge and a great little tool for planning.
  8. With the exception of a couple of dips into the second hand market, I've never bought anywhere else. The customer service you provide is fantastic, that's what keeps me loyal. Happy New Year to you all at FLO, and, of course, SGL members!
  9. Took out the 130P for some visual tonight, been a while since I used my reflectors (I'd forgotten how light they are!). Had a little scout around the sky trying to locate objects without my trusty red dot finder was fun! Anyhow I managed to see Cappela, Vega, I then looked at Pleidies and snapped a pic with my mobile through the EP. This is where the fun began... I looked around the sky and thought to myself, I can do this... So I grabbed all the necessities and whoosh, visual to image setup in around 20 mins. Came inside, fired up PHD and was guiding just fine. I then switched over to APT to set up an imaging plan when PHD began shouting at me 'star lost'.. That's odd, I thought. Walked out to check and yep, sky full of clouds... Packed up and back inside now. Good luck any of you still out. It's very wet out there, lots of fog/mist. Pete.
  10. After I posted the photos I put my coat on and went outside. Sure enough the clouds are beginning to roll in so won't bother setting up for imaging. As I've not done any visual for quite a while I'm going to have a peep through the eyepiece looking for gaps in the clouds.
  11. I'm torn now, CO says this.. Looking out the window i see Vega quite clearly. (forgive the dodgy shot with mobile phone) Decisions, decisions...
  12. This hobby (read: weather) can be so frustrating at times! It seems quite a few of you had some joy last night. Well done for persevering. I'm sat here looking out the window and would you believe it is a perfectly clear blue sky, not a single cloud in sight!
  13. No go here in Devon sadly, far too heavy cloud cover. I think it's time to hit the hay. Night all.
  14. I did have a little bit of help using a ZWO electronic focuser and auto focus in APT so I can't take all the credit. (I did do the spacing bit though with the help of a pair of calipers) Thanks vlaiv, very kind of you to say so. I'll stick with the 90s and add lots of subs. As a side note; I've seen many of your posts over the last couple of years I've been a member of this site, and if you don't mind my saying, not only are you very knowledgeable on this topic, you also have a way of delivering that information so beginners like myself understand what you are telling us. Thank you for that. Pete.
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