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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my tripod and have been thinking of just biting the bullet and getting a Berlebach. Choice for me seems to be between this: https://www.berlebach.de/en/?bereich=details&id=248 Or the Report 112: https://www.berlebach.de/en/?bereich=details&id=173 Mount will be a Giro Ericole and main scope will be a GSO 8" Classical Cassegrain. It will also double as a photo tripod for landscape shots as well. I would rather the Franz edition but not sure if the leveling head will be impacted by the alt az mount movement. Thou
  2. Good evening all, I currently own a 102 Mak Cass with its 25mm stock plossl. Coming in the mail I have an ES 24mm 68° ep and an ES 2x focal extender. However, after much thought, I also went a bit bonkers and bought a GSO 200mm classical (2436mm FL, F/12) Cassegrain which will hopefully turn up in the next day or so. Now this scope only comes in the box with its focuser (2" with 1.25" adaptor). Now down the road I'm thinking I will invest in a Baader T2, so I can change the nosepiece and EP holders to suit whatever size I need. But for now, even the 25mm makes for a sm
  3. Looking to get a not so common Cassegrain, with the above mentioned both being possibilities. Going to be primarily used for visual but with occasional DSLR being attached to the back of it. Planetary, clusters and bright DSO's will be main targets, as I live in Bortle 5 area, with the odd trip out to darker skies. 8" is captures more light, but the TAL sounds like a good investment in optics. Thoughts and opinions welcomed. Cheers and clear skies, Gary
  4. Thanks for the feedback. May have been a mix up in communications, I had also asked about EPs that came with the scope. So it looks like I got answers to the EP question but not the mount question. That said a eq5 isn't to be sniffed at. Will definitely handle the scope it comes with Thanks again, Gary
  5. These are pics the seller has provided, hopefully they help. s-l400 (5).webp s-l400 (4).webp
  6. Hi everybody, Looking at buying a second hand scope. One of the scopes I am looking at is said to be mounted on an "Williams optics EQ5 mount"... Yet using Google to try and research I can't find any info. I can't get to view the scope yet, so am unable to verify the accuracy. Do these exist or is it just the seller is possibly mistaken? Clear skies to you all.
  7. If I may draw on some of your experience Steve. Have you used your 200k as visual only or tried AP with it? My next planned purchase was to be a 200/1000 f5 newt. I know these are totally different animals. I like the idea of the physically shorter scope but I wonder does the trade in aperture change much? Also I've included a photo. The scope comes on an EQ5 (according to the seller). But this doesn't seem to be an original mount to me? I've heard a good 6" with good quality optics can last a lifetime, and it sounds like the TAL should have better optics over a mass prod
  8. As a side thought, the pictures I can see online, there don't seem to be any decals on it... Is it possible to determine make without them? It has the spiral vanes, but I know some of the vixens may of had that too
  9. Thank you for the feedback Is a light point the easiest way to test collimation on this kind of scope? Also thank you for the manual, shall flip through that later
  10. Hey guys, I have an opportunity to potentially pick up a TAL 150K. I know these are a different style of Cassegrain. Seems to be somewhat of a rare scope, and I like the idea of having something a bit different. From what I've read they can have focuser issues but otherwise a solid Russian tank of a scope. My only other scope at the moment is an Orion 102 Mak, so I don't know if the difference in visual will be highly different. Is it worth grabbing, just for the sake of owning one? Clear skies (well not for me tonight)
  11. Thank you for the feedback guys. Part of me is thinking I may go down the Bintel (gso) route just to try it out. I wonder if the cooling fan is supplied as a trade off because it's not higher quality glass.... That said I know in the research I have been doing that Orion Optics (UK) also come with mounted cooling fans. My housemate was saying to me before that telescope shopping sounds like walking into a fish market and saying you would like a "fish"... Only to discover just how many different ones there are. I encountered a new type last night, the Klevstov Mak, oh and RC's
  12. Looking for advice as to optic comparison between the 200/1000 dual speed Newtonians I know Saxon and Skywatcher are made by Synta in China, Bintel is made by Guan Sheng in Taiwan. Bintel says it's mirror is Bak 7, but I can't find any quality on the other two aside from they are parabolic. Bintel also has a cooling fan included. However it's also the cheapest of the three in Australia All three are capable of astrophotography. Just wondering if people have experience with the Bintel and which would you choose and why? Cheers, Gary
  13. Thanks for the input guys. It turns out that my partner still has her 60d (I thought she sold it when she upgraded to the 80d) so now I have to go through the cupboard. So for now it looks like that may be my new AP camera.
  14. Hey guys, Looking at getting my first DSLR. My partner has a 80d, but I'd rather grab my own to play with in case I drop it. Looking to just do some wide field shots, but also want to attach it to my 102 mak and when I get to it a 150 or 200pds. Just curious as to opinions and pro and cons on the titled cameras (20d vs 300d) Thanks in advance
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