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  1. Is this still available? If so I’d take it. I have an 8 inch newt.
  2. Hello Fellow Stargazers I have just upgraded to an 8inch F3.9 Orion newt and so with deep regret im selling the following as I dont have the space. I have for sale a SkyWatcher 150P 6" F5 750mm (£185 new) it comes with a Dual-Speed Low Profile 1.25/2" Crayford Focuser (£139 new) - its been internally flocked with this stuff (also flocked round the focuser to stop stray light entering) - It has also had a 12v fluid bearing variable controlled fan fitted with 3d printed housing(£30 ish spend) and has just been collomated using a HoTech Some of my sample photos taken with this fant
  3. Seriously amazing - an inspiration! I only just bought the 533 OSC - how did you get the different colours? different filters?
  4. Shutter count is 7432 I’ll have to look though my collection to see if I can find a photo, been using my other CCD mainly - I’m not that good btw!
  5. The time has come for me to buy a dedicated ZWO astro cam and it's expensive - so I need to clear out my current gear Lot 1: £195 - special delivery posted to UK : Sold Astro modified Canon 450D - IR Cut Filter removed USB Camera Cable AC continuous power ca-ps700 ac adapter Battery Battery Charger SKYTECH CLS-CCD CANON EOS CLIP FIT FILTER Canon t-mount adaptor 7432 Actuations 1.1.0 Firmware Lot 2: £250 - special delivery posted to UK - sold Canon EOS M (Silver) - Full Spectrum modification 16gb Class 10 San disk Me
  6. Have both filters been removed? Eg the IR and the red filter? Eg. Is this a full spectrum modification?
  7. EQ3-2 mount, tripod, RA and Dec motors, Synscan controller and goto tracking system. Recently tuned to remove backlash in gears have achieved 300second auto guided subs with this mount. Includes EQDIR cable Location Cheshire collection or half way drop off in North West £100
  8. What a fantastic technique! That makes a lot of sense. My only issue is the house is in the way due south. So I won’t pick up a star with zero dec. I guess that’s gonna matter as the target result won’t be a flat line. Any tips as I’m in the U.K. Lots of sky available north and west
  9. Thanks for the inspiration guys. I have taken the plunge and bought the ZWO ASIair and the ZWO 178MC. Appreciate this won’t fully resolve my alignment issues - but might be a bit more fun than the clunky DSLR. I was using a remote release for the photos with the SLR and mirror lockup. Thanks for the iso tips. I'm finding polar alignment a challenge. Is there any more info and drift alignment. I think I have screwed up the calibration of my polar scope.
  10. Sorry for the delay in reply and im afraid more advice needed. Finally some decent clear skies................. As advised cam attached direct to scope ! - thank you FOV looks better as I can now get in the full field of some objects - although Andromeda looks a bit small. Issues im facing DSS won't stack (as I think the image isn't sharp enough) - this is my pursuit now. Without stacking I can't hope to get decent images or move to fainter objects. The stars look like little zigzags - Tracking issue? polar alignment? - scope was steady and balanced Images attache
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