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  1. Hey buddy - im so sorry I didnt drop you a credit on this(edited my post) - the design you did is wicked - I had planned to post the remix
  2. Iv moved to a 294MM Pro - hope I wont regret it. the 533 is my baby and im genuinly sad that its got to go. If I had the money I'd keep it. SLT Attached - the print is a bit "tight" - inner circle might need sanding down / scaling 533MC.stl
  3. Less than a year old, owned from new, an amazing camera - have moved to mono so can't justify keeping two. In excellent condition, with all the bits inside the box, although the parts list which can be found on the ZWO website seems to list 2 x USB 2.0 cables but I've neither needed one let alone two and nor do I recall a second one in there, so maybe the parts list isn't 100%. £750 including fully insured RMSD and Paypal fee. PS : Just want to call out @tooth_dr for the awesome design work for the 3d print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4790073
  4. High quality Brand New Farpoint 2" Cheshire Collimator and Farpoint colimation stickers/alignment guide £40 posted
  5. Hi All To release some funds for a new camera and also decided to change my astro photography direction - im selling the following which are all less than a month old ! Howie Glatter tuBlug - 2" inch - £130 SOLD Howie Glatter Single-Beam 2-inch Laser - 635nm with single beam attachment £225 Howie Glatter Laser Concentric Circle Holographic Attachment £60 SOLD Bargin considering I paid £593 less than a month ago for all of it. P+P included
  6. As the topic says HoTech Advanced CT Laser Collimator or if someone has one and is in Cheshire then I need a RC scope collimating- thank you !
  7. Is this still available? If so I’d take it. I have an 8 inch newt.
  8. Hello Fellow Stargazers I have just upgraded to an 8inch F3.9 Orion newt and so with deep regret im selling the following as I dont have the space. I have for sale a SkyWatcher 150P 6" F5 750mm (£185 new) it comes with a Dual-Speed Low Profile 1.25/2" Crayford Focuser (£139 new) - its been internally flocked with this stuff (also flocked round the focuser to stop stray light entering) - It has also had a 12v fluid bearing variable controlled fan fitted with 3d printed housing(£30 ish spend) and has just been collomated using a HoTech Some of my sample photos taken with this fant
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