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  1. Time will tell. My prediction is that very few of these new quads will sell. The worldwide market for high-end gear is small, and there is already a lot of competition.
  2. Steve: Let me make sure I understand: You believe the focusers on new FLT132's are alright? Are the retractable dew shields on new 132's still a bit floppy? I'm not finding much information about the 132's on the web. Thank you. William
  3. I am interested in purchasing a William Optics FLT 132 triplet refractor, and I would appreciate hearing opinions from any current or past users of this telescope. Thank you!! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-flt-132-2019-checked-tuned.html William
  4. One telescope for everything? A TEC 140FL or 160FL. Brilliant for visual or imaging.
  5. Chris: What is your current evaluation of the Evostar 150ED? Do you really like it and recommend it for visual? Is it a keeper, or is it just a keeper until a "better" apo comes along? Thank you! William
  6. Clearly, we are now in the first year of Naruhito's reign, which began only last May. However, what is the "D" for in your serial number? And what was the "C" for in my serial number? I strongly suspect that your scope was planned or authorized or started production in the first year of the fourth ("D") decade of Akihito's reign. That theory explains the most. Remember, if you received your scope recently, it must have left the "factory" in Japan in June or July (or even earlier), not long after Naruhito started his reign. It might actually have been manufactured -- or the serial n
  7. My TOA-130NFB was made circa January 2018. (I ordered it in January 2018 and received it in March 2018.) Its serial number is 9C030. The Takahashi salesman told me at the time that he had heard that the serial number had something to do with the year of the Emperor's reign. I concluded that my TOA was the 30th Takahashi telescope made (planned? authorized?) in the ninth year of the third ("C") decade of Emperor Akihito's reign. Akihito reigned from January 7, 1989, to April 30, 2019. The ninth year of the third decade of his reign ran from January 7, 2017, to January 6, 2018. (Is my ma
  8. Just buy another one from your Takahashi dealer.
  9. I have read three or four very positive reviews on Cloudy Nights, Ice in Space, and here, and that does not include the one by Daniel Mounsey, the one in "Astronomy" magazine (very positive), and the one in "Sky at Night" magazine (somewhat positive). These reviews can all be found on the web. One dealer in California (a reliable, confidential source) told me that sales of the 150ED were good but not great, that he had heard no complaints from buyers, and that the scope was a "niche product," i.e., that the market for such a scope was inherently small. The Esprit 150ED is an altern
  10. Condition is extremely important when selling high-end refractors such as the Astro-Physics Traveler. Are there any scuffs or scratches or other blemishes anywhere on the telescope or lens? If I were you, I would clean the telescope very carefully with a water-damp cloth, but DO NOT TOUCH THE LENS. Any dust or other marks on the lens should be left alone for the buyer to deal with.
  11. How is the Evostar 150ED on the Moon visually? Does it seem really, really sharp and contrasty, as the images above suggest it might? Thank you. William
  12. Today, on Cloudy Nights, the Sky-Watcher representative in the U.S.A. stated that his SW Esprit 150ED presented, visually, "a slightly sharper and whiter" image than did his SW Evostar 150ED, the telescope that you will be reviewing. I'd like to know what you conclude about how the images in the new Evostar 150ED compare visually (not imaging!) to those in a high-end 130mm or 150mm triplet. I'd like to purchase one of these new Evostar 150's, but not if its images are noticeably less "sharp" than the images presented by a high-end triplet of somewhat similar size. I'm not fussy about a tiny
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