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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am sure I will be going there.
  2. It's here. Likely start a new thread as I get to use it. john
  3. Greetings all, And thank you for your comments. I put my order in for the 8mm Ethos. Will be here on Friday. Will be my first Ethos, so I will be interested to see how it performs and how we get along. As the monsoons clear here in southern AZ I will doing some comparisons that should prove fun and interesting. Eyepiece comparisons will of course be on the agenda. But I will also be comparing my Tak to a Celestron 6" f/5 Newtonian I bought. I had Swayze refigure the primary, and I have a Antares secondary I will eventually put in. I suspect this scope, while not optimized fo
  4. Thank you for the photo. Another issue is size and weight. The 8mm Delos looks like a nice ergonomic option. Thanks again, john
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Back in the day I generally was one that would buy and try everything. I bought Naglers, Radians, TMB Supermonos, Brandons, Tak LE's, Panoptics and pretty much everything new and improved. I did own the 5mm Pentax XW and the 7mm. I do the recall the 7mm being a bit different than the 5mm - it did surprise me but it was not a deal breaker. Now I tend toward a more basic approach. I try to buy quality, but keep things to a minimum. Currently my deep sky kit is: 30mm Paragon 13mm Nagler Type 6 Pentax XF 8.5 Nagler Zoom 3-6 For a whil
  6. Of late I am really leaning toward an 8mm Ethos. Using it with a 13mm NT6 would give me a good deeps sky bracket for small galaxies and nebulae, I believe. 8mm Ethos, because the scope is F/8 provides a 1mm exit pupil, 1 degree actual field of view, at 100X. Seems like that should have some kind of cosmic significance. FLASH - 8mm ETHOS ACTUALLY MADE BY SAME ALIENS THAT BUILT THE PYRAMIDS!
  7. Questions, When you order from Japan, do you do it by phone or e-mail?
  8. It is. Well done. Although that one is actually more expensive than in the states. Still, nice find.
  9. Than you sir, much appreciated!
  10. OMG - too funny. I am on their website right now. I think I can send them an e-mail and try to place on order, right. They have the Nikon, but not the Doctor? THX again, john
  11. I thought about the direct from Japan approach but haven't had any luck. Either I can't find it on some of the websites discussed or the pages are in Japanese and are finicky. So for example, I tried Amazon Japan, but I think you need to create an account (my U.S. version doesn't work). Also, the Japanese Amazon keeps reverting back to Japanese and will not translate as you go deeper into the purchasing process and get towards checking out.
  12. I'm just curious, what the best travel scope over 4000 Euro?
  13. Sounds like you really like the Delos. Certainly would be less expensive. The reason I am going through all this is because I am rebuilding my collection. Just got the new scope and need a few eyepieces to complement it. I also want to avoid buying a ton of eyepieces because it really isn't necessary, maybe fun, but not necessary. So I am looking for a high quality deep sky eyepiece to the heavy lifting on medium to high power deep sky observing. Based on exit pupil, something between 8 to 12 or 13mm should fit the bill. The Nikon intrigues because it's two eyepieces in one, but pricey.
  14. Thank you very much. Ya, a well executed simple design is tough to beat for raw performance. I was thinking I might try a TOE, they get good reviews. But this Doctor eyepiece intrigues me. Good focal length for my scope and seems to get universal praise. I have not tried a Delos, also an eyepiece that seems to get good reviews, although some complain about eye placement. Compared to the Nikon the Doctor is a steal, but the Nikon is two eyepieces in one. I think it is logical however, to assume the difference in focal length between the Doctor and the Nikon is having an impact.
  15. Anyone tried the NAV 12.5/10. Pricey, but two eyepieces in one.
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