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  1. Having just bought my 200P Dob I attached my DSLR a Canon 60D with iso100 at 250sec I managed this shot of the moon Friday night, no filters just the cameras speed control to control the light, for my first photo with this setup I am quite pleased, it can only get better as I learn more, Can't it?
  2. Hey thanks for that I'll be back checking that Double out, cheers.
  3. Snap, I was trying out my new Dob 200P started with Sirius to check my collimation, (first time I have done that task) moved up Orion to Betelgeuse, then I wanted to head over to Electra just above Mars and made the stupid mistake of moving the scope the wrong way and stumbled on what I found out later was NGC2169. For my second night out with the new scope I came back in with a big smile.
  4. Really pleased I read this thread, as a result of which I have just ordered the 8mm BST Starguider, so thanks to Wulfrun for the top tip.
  5. Well as dusk was drawing in I was outside with my camera taking photos of the moon against the purple blue sky when the phone rang, well about an hour earlier I had been chatting with a guy who lived local and he was selling a Sky-liner 200P Dobsonian, I made an offer and voila he accepted, so I jumped in the car nipped round paid and brought it home, in less than an hour I was now looking through my new purchase well happy as it was brand spanky new, he had changed his mind as he thought it was too big. As I Panned round to the West amongst all the white twinkles I notice a shade of RED,
  6. Sorry about that price now added, my daughter phoned me whilst I was posting to say her car wouldn't start and could I help.
  7. Soligor 93mm 1000mm F11 Refractor Telescope. With an EQ3 mount, Polar Scope and 6x30 Finder scope, tripod with Accessory Tray, slow controls included. In excellent condition, shows very little signs of use. The Soligor 93mm (91mmC/A) 1000mmF/L f11 This telescope can utilise magnifications up to 270x on a very calm night. Good quality 1.25" draw tube with adjustible drag (Useful if you hang a DSLR on the back!) Extends 153mm from shut. Drawtube cap. Tube rings have felt pads on the inside to allow smooth rotation of the tube during observations.
  8. Thanks for that I have looked on the website but they sell as soon as they go up for sale. You have to be quick.
  9. I managed a couple of hours outside, some looking at the moon and like Heather I spent a bit of time looking at Mars, trying out my new right angle 9x50 finder scope made life so much easier find things, trouble for me there is so much vibration on my set up any movement takes so long for the view finder to settle down. I'm definitely going to be investing in either the HEQ5 Pro with Rowan upgrade or the EQ6-R Pro when they become available and have to say The Sky Watcher Evo Star 150 is very appealing, then my wife mentions we could take a 200 DP Dobsonian away with us in the motorhome.
  10. No I don't yet have the mount hence me asking which of the two "Sky Watcher HEQ5 with the Rowan Upgrade or the NEQ6 Pro" and what software would be the best option considering I don't use a windows based system. Both mounts aren't available and there certainly aren't any 2nd hand ones up for sale, so it's a waiting game.
  11. I’m looking to buy a new mount and have narrowed it down to either the Sky Watcher HEQ5 with the Rowan Upgrade or the NEQ6 Pro, both a similar price. The HEQ5 would suit my current needs payload wise whilst the NEQ6 would allow for any future expansion, the weight difference isn’t a problem as moving the mounts is unrestricted. I would want to connect them to my Macbook Pro (it seems that most are used through a windows based system), what software would I need? Any advice much appreciated.
  12. In case you are interested I do have a 90mm Refactor for sale on a EQ3 mount that is a lot lighter than the 120mm so much easier to move around.
  13. The Op Basementboy might be interested in this scope currently on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-Watcher-Evostar-120mm-Refractor-Telescope-EQ3-2-Mount-Accessories/313423187178?hash=item48f97a4cea%3Ag%3AY88AAOSwyVBgLac9&LH_Auction=1
  14. It would be a good start, obviously I would like the mount but that's in the perfect world.
  15. Yes the steel legs are so much more stable than the Aluminium ones, hence me looking/waiting for a EQ6 to come up for sale.
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